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3000 calories too much?

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I have heard many times on this site that teens recovering from anorexia should eat 3000 calories. But doesn't this seem a little extreme? I just can't eat this much without feelings of sever guilt! :\ Isn't 2300-2500 enough?! I struggle to get past 2200 most of the time
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2500 is a minimum amount for an adult to gain on who is recovering so, as a teenager who has a body that is still growing, you have to remember that you need more calories in general right now.  Not only for the growth/changes occurring both internally and externally (although more likely the prior), but also for the internal repair on your organs and muscles, damage caused by the anorexia. 21532.html
Hedgren explains it very thoroughly in her journal here.

You do really need 3000 calories as a teen to fully repair the damage to your body. Perrhaps I coul help you alter what you eat, so yor eating more calories but it wont b too noticable? Give me a mail if this would be useful! Hannah  x

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Is it okay to eat some junk food to make up the 3000, such as a few pieces of dark chocolate per day or a rice pudding every so often?

Ofcourse, no food is "junk" in recovery! You should enjoy whatever you want to eat as right now food is your medicine! You could post a sample of what you eat in the day and then we could try to increase the calories without adding in too much bulk?

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Okay :)

Breakfast: 2 or 3 weet bix or all bran serving or Cheerios etc. with almond milk A piece of fruit

Snack: yogurt tub and piece of fruit

Lunch: tin of salmon,

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Sorry I accidentally did that

Lunch: tin of salmon, garden salad, piece of fruit

Snack: serve of cottage cheese, a few rice cakes,

Dinner: veggie omelet with salad Or salad with tuna/salmon on top and a glass I milk

Snack: natural yogurt and strawberries

Breakfast: 2 or 3 weet bix or all bran serving or Cheerios etc.  with almond milk A piece of fruit and a slice of toast with butter & jam/PB

Snack: full fat yogurt tub and piece of fruit

Lunch: tin of salmon on a pita bread, garden salad, piece of fruit dried fruit & nuts

Snack: serve of cottage cheese, a few rice cakes, chocolate bar/ piece of cake/ scone/ granola bar etc and a glass of milk/juice/hot chocolate

Dinner: veggie omelet with salad Or salad with tuna/salmon on top with pasta/rice/couscous and a glass I milk

Snack: full fat natural yogurt topped with granola and strawberries

i've made some changes in bold, let me know what you think? and we can always change more things around? :)

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Oh god, full fat yogurt, nuts and granola are MAJOR fear foods for me! :\

Okay, lets try making the foods a little more managable for now... how about you replace the granola with cereal? the dried fruit & nuts with a chocolate/cereal bar and yogurt-wise don't use fat free, even low fat is better?

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Thanks, I will try this :) also, is 2500cals okay? Or do I really need 3000?

By the way my stats are 14year Old girl, 107lbs, 5'7,

You really do need 3000, it shouldn't make you gain faster but will help repair the internal damage to your heart etc. Are you getting any help in your recovery?

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I just can't seem to get my ED voice to shut up and let me recover. And yes I have a phsyciatrist (don't know how to spell it ahah) helping me and a nutritionist but I haven't seen here in several weeks due to being busy and she is always overbooked
The beauty of recovery- nothing is ever too much ;)

Okay, I hate to say it, but I don't see 2500 calories in that log of yours, unless those are really big servings.  Each fruit item would be around 100 calories, almond milk is very low calorie.  I'm seeing MAYBE 500 calories for breakfast, but I'm betting not.  I'm not seeing where this is adding up to anywhere near 2500 calories.  Are you sure you're getting enough?

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Well I haven't yet been able to eat 2500, that's the problem. Can anyone tell me something about eating and recovery that will reassure me a bit and hopefully make me feel as if I won't turn into an out of control obese woman in a month !

I am just so scared that if I try and eat a lot, that I won't be able to stop and I'll end up addicted to junk food and fat :(

Well, I wouldn't call myself the model child of recovery because I have definitely had my slip ups, but I can assure you that you won't become anything near obese based on my experience. For the first few months of my recovery I think I ate copious amounts frozen yogurt and granola. every. single. night. And I can assure you, while I did put on some much needed pounds (it did take a while though), I did not balloon up. I still have a few pounds to go and it's been nearly a year since I began recovery. Okay, so I haven't stuck to eating quite as much as I should (not encouraging this!), but I can assure you that I am not completely addicted to all things unhealthy now. Do I allow myself treats? Yep! Do I eat the same quantities of yogurt and granola, etc. as I did at the beginning? Nope.

Moral: You'll be okay. Relax and just enjoy this phase where you can eat to your hearts content (even if you mind doesn't like it).  With time it will get easier, you just have to dive in. :)

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Thankyou so much this made me feel a lot better :) congrats on your recovery so far and good luck in the future :) I definitely feel like I need to recover as soon as possible, last night I got 10 hours sleep, got up, and was back to bed 2 an a half hours later that's how tired my body is :\

Thank you for your help once again :) also how long do you think it will take for me to have my energy back and not feel the need to take a nap twice a day!
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