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I dont need to lose weight, nor do i want to gain weight just maintain weight. I am 5'7 about 113lbs its says i should eat about 2200 calories a day. I do 2hrs of cardio every day plus pilates and weights i can eat up to 3300 calories a day i never even come close to that.i eat about 1000 calories a day and keep it in the range of 33/33/33 with low works for me! Does anyone think this is a weird technique!

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You are eating below the bare minimum for a sedentary adult woman should be eating to lose weight.

It's not a weird technique, it's simply under-eating.

You are also mildly underweight, so perhaps gaining a little bit of weight would be a good idea, especially if you are having to under-eat to maintain your current weight.

If you lost one more pound, you would meet criteria to be diagnosed with anorexia. You need to gain at least five pounds. Eating 1000 calories per day is starvation, especially if you are working out that much. You probably aren't going to get many positive reponses about your "technique" on these forums, especially since this particular forum is mostly recovering anorexics.

I eat all day..i just get so full off of pasta and carbs ...i feel bloated and sick...I am just real high energy ! i dont think i even come close to an eating disorder i just think my food choices are really healthy i am forty i have the skin of a 25 year old by eating mostly raw foods...didnt mean to offend..i guess different strokes for different folks!

You didn't offend me, I am just concerned. If you have to restrict to 1000 calories per day to maintain that weight, it is not a healthy weight for your body. You don't have to eat pasta and carbs to get enough calories. I eat low carb and do not generally eat grains and I still get enough calories. Things like healthy oils, avocados, nuts and nut butters are good for you and can get your calories up. Your skin might look good now but if you continue to restrict like this, it won't last. That's why celebrities get fillers. Starving yourself makes you age more quickly. There was actually a post the other day by someone recovering from an eating disorder and she was talking about how she looks beyond her years due to restricting.

You don't have to eat pasta and carbs to increase your calories. Eating foods with higher fat content (like nuts) is an easy way to increase your calories without feeling stuffed.

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