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Caffeine and potassium levels?

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Does anyone know if caffeine depletes potassium levels? And if it does, how quickly does it get removed/and returned to normal levels?

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In addition to poor dietary intake, overuse of muscles, as might occur in excessive physical activity, is a factor that can increase a person's need for potassium. Any events that draw excessive fluid out of the body - including excessive sweating, diarrhea, overuse of diuretics (including caffeine-containing beverages), poor water intake, or adherence to a ketogenic diet - can increase the need for potassium. ( &dbid=90)

Caffeine does not deplete the potassium levels, but it contributes to dehydration, which then creates a higher need for potassium in the body. Potassium helps regulate the electrolytes in your body to keep you well hydrated.

I drink a large mug of coffee every morning. However, I also drink a lot of water in the morning, too. So for every caffeine drink you have, try to have a cup of water to balance it out. Also, opt for foods from the link provided, such as spinach, bananas, and beans.
when my potassium levels were low i was told black coffee and bananas!!

coffee actually contains potassium and provided you drink enough water to stay hydrated (as muttlover said) it can help!!
Too much caffeine can deplete potassium levels somewhat; it stimulates an ion transporter in the cell that sucks potassium from the blood into cells.  Usual safe intake levels are 500 mg a day, which is about six eight-ounce cups of coffee. You can correct low potassium pretty quickly by eating potassium-rich foods like bananas.

Depleted potassium probably won't cause any severe effects - but if you get muscle weakness, muscle cramps, and pain, see a doctor.
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