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Bruised Ribs

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I had an accident at work on friday night, which then involved a lovley trip to A&E. After sitting around in searing pain, i get told I've bruised my ribs and it'll be sore for a while. What i didn't expected would be for the pain to still be constant no matter how may painkillers i take.

My problem is, i've just started going back to the gym. This last 20lb is really depressing me, i just want it to go away. Also, i've decided to take up a fitness instructor course since i'm really interested in health and fitness. My fitness test is on 9th January.

I hurt to move, breath, sleep, laugh and cough. I sneezed last night and i swear i thought my chest was going to explode with pain. I cant even walk my dog. I feel pathetic.

I've been trying so hard the past few weeks to get back on track, i don't want this injury to set me back. I'm also an emotional eater, i suffer from depression.

I was wonder if anyone had any advice. Has this happened to anyone before? How long before i can exercise again? Will the pain ever stop?


Thanks for reading

Malkavian x


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You're not pathetic, you're injured. There's a big difference. Please rest and let your ribs heal up properly - and if they continue to hurt this badly, go back to the doctor and get checked out again. There might be a hairline crack somewhere that didn't show up on the original x-rays.

I didn't get an x-ray. The great thing about the NHS (Scotland) is if they can get away with not doing something they will always pick that option. I had my breathing checked and the doctor quickly checked my ribs, she didn't even touch the bits that actually hurt. Since we can't really access doctors at the weekend i'm having to wait til tomorrow to phone my own doctors surgery, to maybe get an appointment, if their not to busy. Stupid NHS.

Meanwhile i'm in pain. All i want to do is curl up and cry but i know that if i do it'll hurt more. I'm supposed to take deep breaths to make sure i don't cause a lung infection but it hurts when i do.

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When I hurt my ribs, my doctor chose not to do an xray. The reason? There's not much they can do for ribs anyway. They'll do exactly the same thing for a cracked rib as they will for a bruised rib.  So my doctor chose not to waste my money and our time doing something that wouldn't make a difference anyway. The biggest thing that helped me was to wrap it in an ace bandage (an elastic bandage) that was pretty wide. This helped keep the movement of the ribs down, which helped with the pain.

I was trying to open the window above my kitchen sink, the stool I was on went flying out from under my feet and I landed on my ribs on the corner of the countertop.  Pretty sure I probably cracked at least one rib.  If I remember correctly, it took about a week before I started feeling a little better.


I've bruised my ribs, and my friend actually broke one of his (slipped on ice and fell on his back). There's not really any treatment except to rest. Stop going to the gym for a while. I don't think it took very long for the pain to go away.

xcetra- that sounds so painful!

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