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Broken or just bruised? My little toe?

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So I bumped into a table yesterday
My pinky toe hurts a lot, it's red & purple and very, very swollen
I can't put on any shoes or tight socks because it hurts too much & I can't walk very well (or at least not without a lot of pain)
It hurts when I try to move it too, or if I touch it
But it doesn't look crooked, bumpy, etc.
Though I've fractured a bone in another toe a few years ago - I somehow don't remember it being quite so painful

Should I go to the doctor or wait a few days to see if the swelling & the pain go away?

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Even if you have broken your toe there really isn't much that they could do about it.  Use the next toe along as a rudimentary splint and tape them together with sticking plaster so that the little toe is immobilised.  Wait a few days for the swelling to go down and then judge.

Thanks... yeah, that's pretty much what my doctor did the last time (but my toe was sticking out weirdly then)

I guess I'll see if it feels any better in a few days *nods*

I broke my pinky toe two years ago, and your situation sounds similar. Mine wasn't crooked or bumpy either, just swolen, colorful, and extremely painful. The doctor had me "buddy tape" it to the toe next to it, like GI Jane suggested. The doctor did have me go see a podiatrist though, to make sure that everything was in place to heel corrrectly.

The doctor had me get an x ray - and then I had the toe taped for a while  (2+ months because the damn thing kept hurting) Didn't have any check ups afterwards though...

I'm supposed to go out and walk across the town tomorrow - I hope I can find some shoes that fit right now, lol

Ice, Ice, Baby.

I put on some ice after I bumped into the table - didn't seem to help much, lol

Eeh, it looks like it's gonna take a while
Still red, swollen and painful.. my left toe is almost double it's normal sizeEmbarassed

Tried walking around a bit today - ouch

I have broken many parts of my body, many times. There is a bit of a trick to ice, make sure you are doing it properly. Too cold (actual frozen ice) is bad, use a cold pack if you have one. You want to apply the cold pack for 15-20 mins at least 3-4 times a day until the swelling goes down. It takes time and is not much fun, just be patient. Applying ice just once or twice immediately after the injury wont really do much.

It is broken! You should have it x-rayed.  It is possible to chip the bones, and if a fragment is in or near the joint, it could require surgery to fix.  Otherwise, as others said, the doctors will tell you to tape your toe to its buddy, and keep applying ice for the next few weeks. 

I've been through it twice (big toe and little toe).  Once was four days before my wedding.  I hobbled down the isle in a designer gown and sneakers.  Foot in mouth

It will hurt a lot for weeks, depending upon how much you are on it.  Keep it elevated and on ice a lot!

I'm seriously thinking about going to the doctorFrown

I tried cold water & ice - and the swelling still won't go away... The pain is still the same and the toe seems very stiff
Actually, it's so swollen the skin feels really tight

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