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Breaking it to my parents

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This is my first post, and I hope that this is the right forum for this.

I am a college student, and I am 20 years old. I have been in treatment for anorexia since I was pretty young (15), and have gotten to a healthy weight (130 pounds, 5'6", my lowest BMI was around 15.

I exercise around 2 hours a day at college (treadmill and strength training) but at the end of the semester my doctor referred me to a trainer who wants me doing 45 minutes 3 times a week and 1 hour of cardio 1 time a week.

I told my nutritionist about it, and she knows that I am really afraid of gaining, I was 120 at the beginning of the school year and then I injured my leg from overtraining and couldn't exercise as much, and gained ten pounds in about 3 months.

The meal plan she gave me is small, and I am worried that I am going to have a hard time explaining to my parents why I can't eat the same lunch as them (sandwich on normal bread with tortilla chips; turkey burger on a bun and baked potato fries) stuff like that.

My meal plan

6 breads/cereals (down from 10 in April) (1 piece bread, 1/2 c oatmeal, etc)

6 proteins (1 oz meat, 1 TB Peanut Butter)

3 oil (1 tsp mayo, 1 TB salad dressing)

3-4 fruits

4 vegetables

Ensure Plus every other day

Dessert item 3 times a week

I am used to eating a lot more, and I am worried about getting hungry. I want to lose weight, too, and would like some suggestions on that.


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Can you discuss with your dietitian how to work the lunches you'd normally have into your meal plan? Part of a good and sustainable meal plan is one that allows you to engage in normal social eating.

If you need the comfort and rigid structure of the current plan in order to progress in recovery then that's a different matter and you'd need to have a heart to heart with your parents to hopefully gain their support.

The plan does look small, but maybe your dietitian planned it in such a way thinking that would make it easier for you to complete by offering nutrient dense items like the ensure plus. Discuss it with her if you feel something else would wrk better for you. Also, if you try the plan and you are hungry, that is important feedback for you and her. You are not doing as much training as you used to, but you are an active 20 year old and your nutrition needs may be higher than what the plan calls for.

Yeah, I have been admittedly kind of grouchy because I am really hungry a lot of the time, and I have started restricting already, eating even less than the plan. :/ I e-mailed my nutritionist saying that I was having a hard time sticking to only 3 fats, and if I should switch back to fat free dressings and stuff like I had when I was actively eating disordered, and she said that  I need to increase my fats by 2, making it 5 a day.

I am having a hard time lowering my exercise, today I walked for 2 hours, about 3 miles, and did training stuff for an hour.

I am just so frustrated in so many ways. If I actually eat the whole plan I do not seem too hungry, but I am worried that I am underestimating things so I can eat what I am hungry for. I do not count calories, but I think that I get around 1800, or maybe 2100 if I take the Ensure Plus? Ensure Plus is a weird thing for me, when I was gaining I was drinking 3 a day.

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Why the hell are you trying to  lose weight ? You are clearly disordered and need some help. More than you have now. You are so young and you're only going to eat less? You could just walk for 30 mins a day and do no other exercise and eat the foods you want and love and spend time with family and not obsess and be FINE.

You are young and you need alot of calories (even if you jusst sat all day). Get more help.

I can't see a therapist because money is tight, although my therapist from college says that I should try. I need to make an appointment with a specialist my doctor referred me to, I feel so weird

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