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what do you do when you are bored or can't sleep?

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i dont really know where to post this. im interested to know what do YOU do when:

1. you cant sleep (ideas for getting to sleep, and also ideas of things to do at night when you've given up trying to get to sleep)

2. you have literally nothing to do for a whole day except for sit and stare at the walls

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-listen to music


-look through cc forums

-read webcomics

-watch a movie/show/anime

-run around, excersize, jump around

-take a long warm bath (actually dont own a bath, but would be nice)

-surf the net, learn something new

-take a walk

-call a friend

-go somewhere. do something. movies? amusement park? picnic? museum? (ok i lie i dont really do this. but would like to)

When I'm totally bored and have nothing really to do, I hop on my bike and go on a bike ride. It's very enjoyable and get me out and moving. It's a plus when it's really beautiful outside.

When I can't sleep I put on some nature music and lay in bed with my eyes closed. Very relaxing and eventually it puts me to sleep.

When I can't sleep I concentrate on my breathing - I'm usually asleep pretty soon.

When I have nothing to do I play piano, read a magazine, read, read CC, go for a run, go for a walk (easier when it's not winter), go rollerblading (only at home, not at school), bake something low cal (also an "at home" activity, I experiment with low cal high fiber muffins and stuff like that - I only use real ingredients, no splenda or anything, just trying to make things healthier with egg whites and pumpkin :-P), look through old pictures/edit them, try and find fun stuff to do this weekend, plan out menus for the week, etc

Sounds like two issues, insomnia and boredom. Two different things.

I sleep at funny times with a swing shift-type schedule (sometimes work nights, sometimes days, sometimes 36 hours straight). I find just laying down and relaxing helps even if you can't sleep. But "sleep hygiene" (medical term) is important for restful sleep. Google it and you'll find some tips that help insomnia. If you're lazy, here's the first link that showed up for me:

I actually counsel people on insomnia (ironically) so please feel free to be annoyed by too much advice (or ask for more) ;)

As for boredom. I'd suggest making a list of things you can do and putting it up somewhere. Like on the fridge if you find you're trying to avoid bored snacking. That way you can just take a look at the list and don't have to come up with anything when you're not totally awake but can't sleep! If you can't sleep because your brain is too busy, journaling those thoughts help a lot.

My list of things to do is pretty diverse and includes things like "make an origami crane", "play with my cat", "clean the toilet" or "respond to an email I've been avoiding" ;)


k i went to see my doctor a few years ago b/c i used to suffer from insomnia and i REALLY didn't want to get into the habit of taking sleeping pills b/c they are so dangerous

here are the pointers he gave me:

1. go to sleep at the SAME TIME EVERY NIGHT. soooo the time this was hard for me b/c i was 18 and i would go out so late on the weekends but try to aim for the same time...i'm now in a routine of going to sleep 11pm everynight and waking up at 7am...and on weekends i try to be in bed at latest by 1.30.

2. if you can't sleep and you want to get up make sure you are doing something unstimulating (reading a book counts as stimulating)...he actually handed me a book of boring medical advertisements...haha

3. only assosiate your bed with sleep....don't watch tv in bed...don't use your computer in bed...dont do homework in bed! your body needs to condition itself and learn your bed is only for sleep.

as for being bored maybe you can start writing?? when i can't sleep it's because i'm stressed and have a lot of my mind...maybe if you keep a journal it can be cathartic.

I want to know what everyone else does because when I cannot sleep @ night I toss and turn for HOURS until I get finally get some shut eye, except that typically happens about a 1/2 hour before I actually have to wake up in the morning! 

1. On nights when I sleep "magically" typically I will read before going to bed or do a cross word puzzle... Also when I do not get super bloated from dinner, I tend to sleep better to - so try not to eat such a large meal at night. 

2. Today is one of those days where I really don't have much to do. My weather reporting class was canceled so I got up at around 9:30... went to the gym until about noon... then I ate lunch, did a bit of homework & now I am thinking about going to see a movie. This is a rare occasion for me but it is quite yucky outside, perfect MOVIE watching weather & since I have no good movies at my apartment and need to GET OUT OF my apartment in general, why not go see one! I will probably go fill my car with gas, buy a few things @ The Vitamin Shoppe & Target... and well, maybe take a nap? On these days I also plan on cooking a elaborate & delicious meal because the cooking takes at least an hour to do (woo, one hour wasted!)... If I am really bored though, I will make collages from old magazines, actually catch up on some homework & school work so I don't feel overwhelmed come next week, take a nap, paint my toe nails, shave my legs, clean my kitchen/bathroom, vacuum, watch FRIENDs DVDs... stuff like that...

When I have to sleep and can't, I read. I've also found that drinking chamomile tea helps. Recently I've discovered Moon Drops and LOVE THEM. 

When I'm bored and just kill'n time, I do what I am doing now. Computer.

I also might

  • take the dog for a long walk (weather dependant)
  • Art; draw, paint, origami challenges
  • read
  • write
  • window shop
  • watch a movie
  • paint my nails
  • clean/organize something

Original Post by giasbash6260:

I want to know what everyone else does because when I cannot sleep @ night I toss and turn for HOURS until I get finally get some shut eye, except that typically happens about a 1/2 hour before I actually have to wake up in the morning! 

 I find eating properly helps. Seriously, from your profile page, you need to see a doctor.

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