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As the book would say "Everybody Poops"

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hahaha okay so this is going to be really strange and i apologize in advance... but since i've started this whole thing ive had my fair share of poop problems...

what i am asking is:

How often do you poop?


p.s. my answer is... once every 2.5/3 days right now.
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Eat  more fruit.. works for me.. more fruit and plenty of water!  LOL!  Different post for sure...

Coffee helps me too sometimes???
now that im eating more fibre (diet is mostly veggies) once everyday or 2.. so... 6 times a week? haha

but until this summer Ive always did it once every 2-3 days... that may seem not a lot.. but it's what was normal for me (even asked the doc)

so...  i guess whatever works for you?
MY TITLE WAS FUNNY... its the name of a book...


Anyhow... thanks for your replies... i just sorta was wondering.

i would still like a cc consensus on this...

p.s. i am a she


At least once, usually twice, a day.

My husband, however, had some issues in that department when he started eating a ton of fibre a day so he had to resort to a pill. He's been fine since taking the pills that one time, or so he leads me to believe. He drinks 3 litres of water and gets around 45-50mg of fibre a day so we put the problem up to a shock to the system after upping the daily intake by a hefty margin.


Those were some very helpful tips from united.

I have found that when I get the proper amount of fiber I cannot go to the bathroom for days.  I contribute this to the fact that for years I probably had very little fiber in my diet so it is a shock to my system.

I don't like laxatives and I agree with united on the colon cleansing. 

My suggestion would be to get some over the counter stool softeners until your body gets used to the increased fiber intake.  This has helped me. 

(Kinda embarassing to talk about bowel movements lol)

edit*  The increase in fruits is very helpful also but if you are feeling uncomfortable the stool softeners usually help a lot. 
Manic, adding more fiber to the diet can bind you up if you don't drink enough water.  I found that out the hard way!  More fiber is great, and many of us don't get enough, but up your water intake as well.  Now that I eat more fiber and drink even more water, I'm a very regular girl. 

They say a healthy person poops 1-2 times a day.  If it's taking 3-4 days, that's not often enough!  More fiber and more water is what works for me.
If I dont eat enough. I dont poop enough. I try for once a day. My dog poops, My cat poops, even my Husband Poops! I love that book for Toilet training!
I poop every morning after my coffee and cigarette. That always gets things moving. I don't poo again until the next morning. My boyfriend thinks that I never poop because he's always asleep when it happens! :-)
3-5 times a day!

My friends call me "super pooper."

A bowl of All-bran (with extra fiber) every day and running a bunch and being a vegetarian does the trick!
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Many of you recommend upping your fiber intake, which is good (25 grams per day is recommended). However, if you don't eat a sufficient amount of water, you will bind up.

 I additionally find that eating at least one yogurt a day (although I usually have two) helps to keep the stool softer. I originally started eating yogurt (which has the "good for you gut bacteria") to help get me regular because I have trouble digesting proteins. I usually eat the Dannon Lite N Fit because it is low in sugar, and is actually the best tasting one I've found.

Oh, and I poop at least once a day; usually twice a day.
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errr... sorry... if you don't DRINK a sufficient amount of water a day, you will bind up :).
Three times a week can certainly be normal. There is no rule that you must poop once a day. Do some googling on "normal bowel movement frequency" if you don't believe me.

My kids will kill me if they ever read this, but, as an infant DD#1 pooped after every meal. DD#2 pooped only once a week... and then we'd better be at home because it would get everywhere and be time for a bath!

They grew up and DD#1 is now a once-a-dayer and DD#2 is a few times a week. The doctor has always said this is completely normal. It's just her own natural rhythym!

It's only abnormal if you have to strain, or if it's loose, or if it is not in one solid piece... google Dr Oz he goes into graphic detail about this on the site.
Ok, whoever says it's ABNORMAL to poop every 2.5 to 3 days hasn't taken something into consideration, in my opinion... 1- Our bodies are all different, they're gonna poop differently! 2- Are you poos soft and easy to pass? Or hard and pebbly? (If they're the latter, you probably are constipated..) 3- If you're eating well, and your poos are easy to get out, soft, etc... then you're likely just FINE! ;) That's my 2 1/100 of a dollar..
Er, I poo at least once a day. I was actually surprised to learn that people didn't, but I don't think it's that unhealthy as long as you go every two or three days or so. If anything, most of people I know (that I've talked to) usually poo every few days. Quite impossible for me as I have frequent diarrhea (I know! sorry for the details!!) since I was a babe. =\

If you guys don't mind me asking.. how long does it take you to poo? Usually, I'm done within 5 min but some people take 15~ 30 min or even longer.. And that is rather unhealthy habit, imo. Or is it fine?

-Lemon Jello
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once read "meal in, meal out" is the healthiest frequency.  problems can occur when it is slower because it is more dense and harder for the intenstines and colon to move things along. 

my doctor explained in the office that over time, harder stools may cause a type of holes (interior pushing through exterior to create a pocket) in the walls leading to food getting stuck and infections like diverticulitis. 

seems he also said that longer exposure may effect colon cancer and that eating enough fiber may actually reduce the risk of developing the cancer and development of the holes/diverticulitis.
Up until I started eating healthy three weeks ago, it was once or twice a day.

I never ate fruits or vegetables and ate at least 2500-3000 calories a day. Now I'm eating about 1200. I eat tons of fruit and have cut out almost all the bad things that I used to eat constantly, but now things are messed up. I go once every few days, and when I do... it's just not like it was before. And there's hardly any of it. Is this normal for a while? How much water should I be drinking? Whatever the amount is, I know I don't drink enough. I find it hard enough just to drink 4 cups a day. Before when I was eating a whole lot, and mostly a whole lot of bad food, I drank maybe 2 cups a day and it didn't seem to cause any problems in that area.

Besides enough fiber and water don't forget good fats.  Laughing

I had some severe issues in this dept and my dr recommends 3 oz of water for each gram of fiber you consume.  This is over and above the 48 oz you should drink anyway.  Also the good fats help keep things sliding thru so to speak.   

2-3 times a day. I cant believe I just answered that....but reading this I feel like the only one!

Since I've changed my diet and lost the weight [well most of it}, I find myself going about 3 or more times a day sometimes. No I don't have the runs. I do eat about 40 or more g of fiber a day though easy.

If you aren't used to a high fiber diet, work your way up slowly so your intestinal flora and your digestive system can adjust with out going into a tizzy. also make sure to drink LOTS of water, other wise fiber can cause problems.

I also find fruit, especially things like figs, dates and prunes can be helpful on those rare occasions where I might want to speed things along.

Exercise can also help believe it or not. especially exercises that target the stomach area {just don't get carried away}.


Keep in mind also that what is normal for one person may not be for another. some people are just naturally poopier than others. {in more ways than one heheeh}

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