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And how much do your Boobs weigh???????

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OK - this might be a silly question.... but I have always wanted to know so I could deduct it from my actualy weight!! They are a 36DD and heavy so would that be fair of me to knock that off my body weight... haha- well lets just see where this post goes :) If anyone has the same size and you know what they weigh... do tell!
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man, that's just not as much fun though!
okay, so i'm not sure about the accuracy of the density...

i tested it out, and my right boob came out to be about 1/3 of what i was expecting it to be....BUT then i remembered what lilborykuamami said about how her boobs increased a TOTAL of 2.5 pounds after the boob maybe i just thought they weighed more than they did.  

I actually know this one. A good sized pair of Ds weigh about 19 pounds. TOGETHER. (Separate, it's about 9.5)

AA(about a pound together), A(4.75 together, 2.375 separate), B(9.5 together, 4.75 separate), C(14.25 together,7.125 separate), D(19, 9.5), DD(23.75,11.875), DDD/E(28.5,14.25), F(33.25,16.625) Basically you just keep adding a cup size(the A cup, natuarlly, 4.75) and if you want the separate single boob measurement, just divide the total amount by 2. I'm actually a 32 FF.

(Something to keep in mind is your band size. the smaller the band size, the smaller the cups. and it would naturally be the same idea with bigger band sizes. A 32 FF would translate to 34 F, 36 E/DDD, 38 DD, 40 D, etc. My cup size would sound pretty darn huge on it's own. But compared to my friend Mesa, (who's a 36 DD) our boobs actually match up to the about the same size(mine are still a bit bigger). It's all about your band size. This scale of measurement is based on a 34-36 range. So take your band size, translate it, and there's your breast weight. (EX. 32FF=34F=36E/DDD=33.25lbs.) 

And another thing about the band size. Naturally a bigger band means more weight. A bigger band will have a bigger cup because there's a bigger boob to cover. Don't feel bad about that. It just means you have more weight on your chest that you can subtract from the scale(i do that religiously lol it does wonders for your self esteem, i swear.)

this conversation is hilarious.

sadly, my boobs are small enough that I really wouldn't be encouraged by "deducting them" from my weight.


I have an extremely large head. I wonder if that counts for anything! 


I estimate mine to be about 0.00001 lbs :P I've never been lucky in the boobs department, especially right now..dang it.

hmm...maybe the weight I'm gaining will all go to my chest...boy will I be a happy bunny :)


hahahaha i had a lot of fun reading this thread!

my boobs.. hmm. well i have an old bra that is probably kinda stretched out but it's a 34B and i can still fit into it without it being too snug. but then i have 2 newer bras that are 32 or 34Cs that also fit perfectly. hmmm lol.

Haha, wow. Never even thought of that. My boobs are probably too small to make much of a difference. XP

i did the test and only got 2.6 pounds. i wear a 36 dd and according to aaya_gurly a d cup alone weighs 9.5 i'm confused. it must be my calculations

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lol, everybody, but there is an easier way.  For those of you with a husband (or other willing partner) stand on the scale and have them hold your boobs.  Then the math is simple. lol!

:D I used my food scale. Course, you have to have floppy mommy boobies for that to work.

Original Post by abracadabra_1990:

i did the test and only got 2.6 pounds. i wear a 36 dd and according to aaya_gurly a d cup alone weighs 9.5 i'm confused. it must be my calculations

Density. For instance, I'm a 36F and mine were only about 2lbs (each :D). But they're very empty feeling at the moment. They change all the time with my cycle, dd's nursing, how much water I'm retaining or not.

thats what occured to me at the taco bell drive through. lol. theres more than just fat in there and that was a calculation using only fat density. its hard to know exactly what percentage of that is fat. i just had a baby so there;s milk in mine, probably making them heavier than ever before

What method is best for measuring the weight of your breasts?

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I smell dead threads... and under-bridge dwellers.

zombie boobz!

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Don't worry laylasaur.  A lot of these posts are rubbish. I have frequently weighed my last 3 gfs boobs and a good DD or E cup weighs just over a pound. Those girls that are saying a D cup is 9 pounds are just living in cloud-cuckoo land! Of course there is some variation - my last gfs felt more dense that they are usually and I could definitely feel the difference holding them. This is why the emersion method is not really accurate. But neither is using scales either. Unless the boobs are really big and heavy their own weight cannot be considered independent of the body even if the girl rests them completely on the scales. The scales in that case still will not be holding the weight of the upper part of the boob attached to her chest. The best way  and the only way to do this accurately in my opinion is to do a density measurement AND an emersion test. I am slowly compiling a table of values after doing these tests (its fairly scientific as I have done physics and work with physicists) so that I have a matrix showing density and volumes and the resulting weights. Basically you get your partner to support your boobs in his hands and look for density indicators (ie 1) if you flick the top of the boob lightly does it a)ripple? b) quiver once c) do nothing. 2) can you support under the boob a) a pencil b) a small diary c) a paperback etc) and then combine this with the weight and volume to get the true weight.

Its an important thing to know for dietiatary targets. its not easy to know how much to deduct from your body weight and also breast weight/density is a good indicator of overall body fat.

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This is quite the old post but if anyone is still wondering, try this: on/720520

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