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And how much do your Boobs weigh???????

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OK - this might be a silly question.... but I have always wanted to know so I could deduct it from my actualy weight!! They are a 36DD and heavy so would that be fair of me to knock that off my body weight... haha- well lets just see where this post goes :) If anyone has the same size and you know what they weigh... do tell!
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It's funny because I know this answer! My boobs weight about 2.5 lbs because thats how much my weight increased after the boob job!! LOL

I don't have the same size as you so I can't help you there. But mine were getting bigger and I did not want to have to go shopping for bras with my wife. That's part of the reason I decided to diet and excercise! Hee hee.
Well before I lost weight (Oct of last year) when I went to the doctor. they weighed each when i was tested for breast cancer ( my mom was 39 and had it,they started us young) and the genetic gene.... The lay your boobs on a flat surface.... In this surface they have a scale for some kind of density screening, and its sounds like alot but I was a 44 DDD and one weighed 8.6 lb, and the other was 9.2 lb, my hubby said I was lop sided.... Now I wear a 38-40 D  I wonder too!

Sorry to here about the breast cancer in the family I hope everything went ok for your mom and yourself. See i don't have a scale but from holding them I'd say they are atleast 6 pounds each... to me in my book then i tecnically only way 162 lbs- lol atleast that's how I want to handle the matter. They have always been that way and even when I lose my weight they will be there as usual. So I don't think they should count! I obviously have to much time to think :)
okay, my friends and I were just talking about this the other day‚?¶we were wondering if we could use some 9th grade science to figure it out.

remember: density equals mass over volume

the density, we googled ‚??fat density‚?Ě and found it to be 0.9 g/ml.  SO, we can change the equation to:

0.9 = M(in grams)/ V (in ml)

you can do a water displacement test to see the volume of each boob, and then plug it into the equation to figure out the mass.

once you have the mass, you can easily convert it into pounds by multiplying it by 0.0022 (1 gram = 0.0022 lbs).  The number you get should be the weight of each boob in pounds.
i doubt that mine weigh a pound between them.  really, it's sad.
Same here :-(
I like the scientific approach aasil... but I just couldn't help giggling a the image of someone trying to get their boob into a water displacement type procedure! Lol!
aasil, i love that you know that!  and i was thinking the same thing, trvlta - while you're leaning over with your tit in a graduated cylinder, how are you supposed to read the volume?  do i have to do this with a partner?
hey trvlta..u certainly set my imagination on wild run..he he he  cudn't stop giggling..well i m 36b..any idea how much it would guess is abt a lb ?
yeah, i think you definitely need a partner to read the volume...and yes, the idea of leaning over someone doing this totally cracks me up.
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Omg I thought I was going to die laughing reading this post and the replies. Yep a lot of time on your hand guys but very good humuor :) I never ever thought to weigh my boobs LOL!!
nah, you can do it without a partner :)  fill up your container to the top.  measure the volume of water.  insert boob, spilling out all excess water.  measure the remain water volume.  subtract second measurement from the first (this is the volume of water that you have now spilled all over the place :) and you have the volume of the boob :)

partner sounds like more fun, though.
Well I knew what my boobs weighed and how much they weigh now. I had a breast reduction 2 1/2 years ago. I was 23 and in a 36 GGG!!! I'm 5'3'' and very thin legs and arms and I had a very poor back and I was thisclose to having a blown disc in my back. Anyway, after surgery I was told they removed 9.8 pounds out of right breast and 8.9 pounds out of my left, so that was a total of about 18 pounds! So I guess now, my breasts are about 3.5 pounds each because I'm a D now.
Well since there is so much excitement over the water displacement I'm going to have to try this later!! :) Besides I really want to know what they weigh!! I'll let you know how it goes... I love this website- you guys crack me up on here.
I hope mine weigh 50 pounds, so I wouldn't feel so bad about being so overweight!
I'm a 36D myself and I was curious a few weeks ago so I did some research.  I read on 2 sources that an average set of D breasts weigh a combined 6-8lbs. I wish I had saved the links!
zhowe - good call.  thanks!  in my head, i can picture a whole bunch of ladies in a high school science lab leaning over large buckets of water and writing down figures....for some reason they all have swimming cap
omg... XD 

i sooo have to try the volume thing...
lol, everybody, but there is an easier way.  For those of you with a husband (or other willing partner) stand on the scale and have them hold your boobs.  Then the math is simple. lol!
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