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blood sugar level 31 -how bad is that?

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Hello , my name is angela and i have been a member since jan this website.Now i have a ? I went to the dr. last week to get routine blood work done that i am to have done every month.But i haven't had it done for about 7 months due to being so busy with my father,new grandchild and at the time working 2 jobs.So i had the test results come back with a blood sugar level of 55.The tech told me that wasn't very good.Thats all that was really said,i talked to the dr.last friday and told him of having headaches everyday.Waking up with them and after taking way to much medication during the day they would finally go away around 7 or 8 pm.Well the dr. called today and said my blood sugar level was down to 31 last friday.He asked me if i had eaten , i told him eaten and eaten well.Told him i have gained in the neighborhood of about 18 pounds in the last month.I haven't been doing well on my healthy life style.I kept trying but i just didn't have it under control.I told the dr. i had started back today and had done well.He then asked me what i had eaten today.When i told him he told me not good enough.He said this is probably why i have had such a big weight gain in the last 3 or 4 weeks.Even though i wasn't doing to good with my food i did continue to exercise.Which is basically just walking.I know nothing and i mean nothing about this stuff can someone please help me understand what is going on with my body?In my family there are 6 people with high blood sugar.They take diabetic med.
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Hypoglycemia is a bit different than diabetes - but diabetics can get hpoglycemic if they don't eat enough.  Has the dr suggested a diabetic test?  My oldest daughter has hypoglycemia.  Her blood sugar drops like a lead balloon and she has to eat small frequent meals to keep it level. 

Might want to look into glycemic index of foods and choose ones that maintain their levels.  Foods that are high GI will cause your blood level to spike and then drop quickly - find foods that are slow to release. 

thanks dbackerfank,yes the dr. told me today to eat small meals every 2 hrs.I know a lot about the gi effect.thats how i lost the first 50 pounds i lost.started back in oct of 06 .i will be going fri morning for tests.he told me i would have to drink something and then be checked every 30 minutes to see how my body is processing it.Is this normal ? and how worried should i be about the number of 31 that was last fridays reading?
My son has a Type 1 diabetes and gets low at times.  Although I haven't been formally diagnosed with hypoglycemia, I also have a tendency towards low blood sugar.  Drinking juice and then rechecking in 15 minutes is exactly what both of us do when we are low.  I buy the small Minute Maid apple juice boxes that have 14 carbs, although 15 carbs of candy works also.  We were told the fastest way to treat a low is to start off with juice or candy that does NOT contain fat or protein.... this will slow down the rate of absorption .... then follow up with a snack that can have protein and fat and will maintain blood sugar longer.

Are you on a low-carb diet?  I can't go on those without getting extremely low.
I am a diabetic and I test my blood sugar on regular basis. While 100-150 is normal for me, anywhere between 70 and 100 are normal for people without blood sugar problems. However, there was one time that I tested my blood sugar and it read 35. I didn't do anything about it, but eat some sugar. After telling my doctor during my next visit, he insisted that if that ever happens again to call him because 35 is almost low enough to drive yourself insane. He said that people have gone as low as below 20 and after that they are nearly unconscious and some have hallucinations when they drop that low. So, I'd definately be concerned if yours is dropping too low and definately go with the whole juice/candy deal that was mentioned above. Also, cereal and fruits can help a lot!
I'm hypoglycemic and believe me, you would know it if you are. Without eating frequently I get so sick to the point I can not function. Try eating at least every two hours and consuming lots of protein. For me, I feel horrible after eating lots of sugar, that brings my b.s level right down. My doctor also told me to try to stay away from an all-carb diet.  Hopefully that helps somewhat.
i'm so tickled that so many people gave me such great info.I talked with the dr. again today and he told me to eat every 2 hrs. and to try to eat fruit for a natural rise in my leve.I will be getting a machine this afternoon to start checking it before and after meals . this may also help me stay on my healthy way of trying to live.I was just so shocked when he told me the #'s i've never had anything close to low blood sugar.I will be doing more searching on the net this afternoon,the dr also told me to dring half a glass of oj when i felt it drop.Heres my problem i don't know when its dropped.the only reason i went to the doc was because of the headaches.does this mean that is my symptom?other people have told me there are other things i should feel .....i'm just not sure....again thanks for the info.
many Type 2 diabetics produce large amounts of insulin; over time the receptors for insulin on their cells become less sensitive to insulin (which acts to help the cell take in sugar for energy and lower the blood sugar level) and  so their blood sugar levels rise, however, before they are diabetic they will often have big fluctuations of blood sugars levels, shooting up high then crashing to very low after eating.  You can ask your Doc to check an insulin level and an "HgBA1C" level; if you are "pre-diabetic" these may both be high. Another test would be a "glucose tolerance test" to see if you handle sugar appropriately. The good news would be that early Type 2 diabetes can improved a lot with appropriate diet and exercise.
The headache could be your blood sugar dropping. I get bad headaches when my blood sugar level drops and I know I HAVE to eat ASAP. As soon as I eat something substancial my headache will go away and I'll feel instantly better. Hope that helps!
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