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So... Im on 1200 cal a day.  For just over 6 weeks.  Its been going fine, I've lost 12.8 pounds so far.  I also burn about 600 cals 4 times a week when I work out.   Recently (last 2 weeks) I seem to get groggy, sleepy, dizzy, cranky, and super hungry at times.  I dont know much about blood sugar - but this seems like a blood sugar thing.  So I think I'll try to eat little things through out the day. 

Can this effect my weight loss? 

Should I go see a doctor? 

Why is this suddenly happening?

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Need your stats - age, height, weight...

I'm 35, 5'10 and 192 pounds.

1200 is way way way too low. And again. WAY too low. I'm not an expert, at all, but from what I've read and studied, you should have at least 1550 a day. nd more some days. But with your height, I wouldn't drop below that. It may have been ok for a couple weeks, but now it's just plain unhealthy. You should eat at least 1600-1700 on days you burn 600 calories, I think.

you know...I seem to be stuck at this 12.8 pound loss. for a few weeks now.... its annoying.  My Husband thinks I stoped losing because Im eating too few calories, and that my body is in starvation mode.  can that be true too?  Maybe I'll step it up a little with the food. My stomach certainly would't mind.

Yeah, I definitely think he may be right! From the symptoms you're having, it sounds like you're setting yourself up for blood sugar problems, possibly hypoglycemia. Which I have - it's not fun, it's serious, and not eating enough can start it up. So be careful! 

I would suggest giving your body a rest for at least a few days. Eat at least 1800 and only do light exercise, then go back to your normal exercise and slightly lower calories WHEN you feel better. It may take longer. 

 Sounds like it'll mess up your weight loss, but it will make it better in the long run. After losing 12 pounds, your body will love just a little R and R time. And then you can start losing again.

Thanks!  Its worth a shot!

Let me know how it goes!

1800kcal is a good advice though I'm not sure if that will cut it. I'd go for around 2000-2200 if I was you for a few days and then down to 1800 for a LONG period of time. That way your body has a chance to get back on track after that you can go for the 1600 kcal a day for a healthy and still quick weight loss..

Also remember: 600Kcals burned by exercising should mean at least +400 kcal intake for you. Trying to fill that gap with fruits and vegetables would be best. If you've eaten 1200 kcal and then exercised for 600 kcal, then your body had to function with only 600 kcal that day, that's not only unhealthy, it's almost as if you're really trying to starve yourself ;)

Oh good, I'm glad you caught that. My bad!

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