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Blood Pressure?

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Just wondering what is considered "too low" of a blood pressure- I got mine measured a few days ago, and the doctor was a little concerned but said not to worry about it. And as I know absolutely nothing about it, is 90/50 too low and what does that mean?

Thank you!
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If you've been restricting your calories too much, say if you have an ED, it's a sign that your heart is becoming weak.
If you've been doing some hardcore training, it's a sign that your heart is becoming stronger.
Mind you, some people's hearts are naturally like that; but don't kid yourself if you're not being healthy. =)

Were you dehydrated?  That always pushes my blood pressure too low, but I do have a heart defect and a pacemaker/defribrillator.

I'm sure your doc will keep an eye on it.  If you ever feel dizzy when you stand up, or have a rapid pulse with it, call the doctor right away.

I don't count/restrict my calories at all, and I've been running a lot more, but I wouldn't necessarily count my workouts as "hardcore." I wasn't dehydrated or anything, as I felt the same as normal, but I'm not sure? Err... So this isn't a problem or anything?

Thank you very much for the advice!

I have very low blood pressure and the doctor has never been concerned. There was one occasion where my mother was with me and said "Oh my God- is that healthy?" The doctor said not to worry that it was fine for me. I do occasionally feel the effects and have to sit down to clear my vision but otherwise I'm okay. Go with what your doctor says.

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Low is definitely better than high.  The guidelines were recently adjusted and now systolic pressure of 115 is considered pre-hypertensive. One third of adults in the U.S. have hypertension. I'll spare you the rest of the stats.....consider yourself fortunate.  It'll go up after you turn 50 or so..

I too have chronically low blood pressure. I went to give blood today and my blood pressure was 86/63, so I couldn't donate. I felt bad, but at least I don't have to worry so much about sodium intake.

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My blood pressure is usually low.  I run a few times a week and am a recovering ed, so im not sure if both of those factors have to do with a lower blood pressure.  last week it was about 92/60-something..and my pulse was about that seemed fine to me. 

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