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bloated face???

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Has anyone experienced off and on facial bloating? I think it happens to me from not eating enough. I hate it , it's awful feeling. This started happening to me after years and years of under eating. I ate 1500- 2000 calories per day for years and exercised heavily. I am trying to get over this by eating at least 3000 + calories a day.  My face getting bloated off and on is  placing a toll on my life. I stay home when I am bloated . Seems to not only be my face , my stomach , etc.. Hope this will go away . It's been happening on and off for years. I even thought food allergies , but no luck. I also had hormone issues from my low calorie intake.

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I get quite severe facial bloating, quite regularly. Usually it's when I wake up in the morning, my eyes and face are super puffy, sometimes it subsides throughout the day. Other times it stays for a few days. As for why it happens, I really don't know! I am on high tech meds and I thought it was a side effect of those but my dr assures me it's not. Then, I considered it was an interaction of alcohol with the meds (as sometimes worse if I've had a drink, but not always!!) however I have also had an ed for the last few years and lost quite a lot of weight so reading your post about under eating being the cause interested me.. I never thought of that! I know I had the obligatory chipmunk cheeks after purging but the swelling around my eyes couldn't be explained by this. I don't know about you, but I personally have never really found anything to prevent/ help it... But I know how annoying it is : (

If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated here too : )

this happens to me too! usually in the face, upper arms, thighs and breasts (haha waterboobs!) mornings are definitely the worst D: from the information i've gathered though, it could be caused by water retention. i know when you starve your body for too long but then start eating more, your body begins to hoard water in order for it to make cellular repairs. also, there is the extra sodium you could be intaking on a higher calorie diet since salt is in pretty much everything. anyway, you'll probably have to endure the bloating until your body is finished with repairs and starts to 'let go' of some of the water. sucks cause my self-esteem is low enough as it is without having to feel like a whale D:

Hi ... had to add to this thread ... Ive been going through the same thing! I hate this puffy face that comes and goes, it deffo knocks your confidence! I have looked into it so much but never really found the answer! Im trying a new thing right now, just cutting down my sodium levels especially in the eves! I find so many miracle foods to eat but then they always seem to have a bad side too...Im sick of it! You eat carbs ... they call it "carb face" theres loads on this if you research it! I then eat Cottage Cheese fat free as an evening treat ... find out its high in Sodium! I dont even eat pre packed turkey/chicken as a treat now as it contains salt! What can we eat without consequences! SO... I started yesterday, 2litres of water a day minimum, fresh green salads and grilled chicken breast, cottage cheese at lunch time and a bowl of porridge made with water in the morning, treats are apples, fat free greek yoghurt and pineapple...gonna see how it goes! I do suffer with BED though and for me its usually those episodes where I eat WAY too much sugar that my face suffers, even my upper arms have been feeling strange lately, like swollen and tight? Its day 2 today so I will get back to you and let you know how its going! I did think of taking water retention pills but theres no point, once you stop it will all come back, so natural remedies it shall be ;) speak soon H x

Hi i have been experiencing some of the same things now for a couple of months, i wake up and my eyes are so swollen underneath that they almost look black and i have been waking up sweaty for a few months, I drink plenty of water and my sodium intake is only high a couple of times .I dont know what it could be but it is annoying.

If you go to a GP, have your doctor due lab work and check for your proteins.  I'm currently recovering from anorexia--over a year of super restricting and over exercising.  When I decided to seek professional help in recovery, my GP ran tons of labs.  My face was really bloated in the mornings.  My legs, ankles, knees, and feet were so bloated by the end of the day I could barely walk.  It got progressively worse.  My GP did labs and I was severly under in proteins.  This causes the massive swelling.  Once I started adding protein to my diet (and I mean a lot--like protein shakes, chicken, fish, eggs--something at every meal) the bloating went away.  When you lack sufficient protein your cells cannot do osmosis of bodily fluids effectively and it leads to severe edema. 

Urgghh yes I know the feeling! In fact, I've had a chubby face my whole life :l Its not even a cute chubby face in my opinion its just so unhealthy looking to me and especially after I go out to eat or eat alot of sodium I feel like poop. I make sure I drink at least 5 water bottles a day, and it makes me feel better for some raeson like more confident. I'm trying to lose weight now and I sure hope when I start eating better and working out I'll notice my face getting less chubby, although I have a feeling its just genetics in my case. :/

I always had a thin face. This started after semi starving for years .
Being health conscious has destroyed my life. I followed the so called healthy diets for years. The egg whites, chicken breast , sweet potatoes , oatmeal , lettuce, diet what every fitness buff recommends . Little did I know I was starving myself. Eating that way gives you around 1500- to 2000 max per day and the amount of food is unbearable . I got all kind of problems from under eating that I am trying to over come. I continue to eat 3000- 4500 everyday hoping to get out of this deficit I am in. I now eat whatever I can as long as I meet my high caloric needs.
Mar 25 2013 20:49
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Im the same way and finally ive read someone going through the same thing.
I've always had a define jaw, not such a thin face but...i literally feel like a MOON after i eat sometimes...the way i find my face bloats is not normal! And of course its more noticeable to me but i dont know what to do. I avoid foods with added sodium, i try and drink a lot of a major health foodie but i dont know what to do about it. 

Mar 25 2013 20:52
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Being so conscious has destroyed my life too.
If only i could go back in time to have learned the right way.
I went so extreme right away to this really light weight slim figure that now i'll compare anything i am to THAT time period and just feel fat. 
A "clean" diet led to more rules and now im just stuck in a nutshell.
I also find one day my face is fine and the next its so bloated i dont even want to go out.  

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I experience this too but it is so random!

I've recently drastically cut out exercise, but and barely able to reach 1800 cal/ day because I'm afraid I'm going to keep gaining gaining.

Petemia... How has the increase in calories effected you so far?!

Hey, its been a while, but I am back. to eliminate the facial bloating your going to have to eat alot for a while. get your metabolism back up and so your body get the point that there is enough food coming in continiously. Its not an easy task , but if you want to live like that your whole life thats awful. I find myself needing 3500+ every day. If I eat like this every day , my face starts to lose the bloat and go back to how I used to be. Eat up !!!!!! It can take along time, but you have to do it!

Oh by the way undereating can make you age faster. around your eyes the skin gets thin with fine lines, dry skin , etc.. to avoid this please start eating. you might gain lots of weight at first, but it will eventually level off. start eating 3000+ everyday.

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@petemia... Can you elaborate on how your body reacted to the eating changes you made? I have no idea what to expect. I know I need to gain, and I'm excited about the prospect of recovering my life, energy, and metabolism, but for some reason I don't think it will actually happen to me... Maybe you can personal message me?
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Btw I am molls880 from the previous post :)

When you start to eat more your going to get really bloated and hold alot of water for a while. I thought I had a sorts of food allergies when I started eating like a normal human being. Yes you arent going to look as attractive as you used to when skinny, but its something you need to hack out for a while till you beat this demon. We all want that nice lean look, I know what you want. Your going to have to put that aside for a while till you are eating sufficiently for a long time...... The good news is if you eat like a pig for a while your metabolism will speed back up and if you cut calories again someday you will immediately get lean again. Your probably stuck right now and not even eating enough to sustain life , but you still arent losing much and possibly gaining. your body is holding water and all the fat it can just in case you no longer get any type of food and you can live longer. Any questions ?? let me know.. I am here for who ever needs me. I can tell you thats its been like close to a year and I still need to continously eat alot so I dont get that ugly bloated apperance. Just because you hardly eat doesnt mean you are going to look thin . This thin look I attained at first when I started low calorie eating and lasted about a year or so then I never looked that skinny again even though I was undereating. I started looking bloated and weird, its the bodys response to malnutrition. there is probably a host of things going on from hormone loss, electrolyte imbalances and god knows.

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I am going through everything that has been described here! I know I don't eat enough but I'm so scared to gain! My bloatedness is around my jaw and its soo not attractive! Trying to make some changes slowly and surely! I have had a binge day where I know I ate over 3000 calories cause my body needed food - but I felt SOOO crap after it I'm afraid to consciously do it! I want to be able to eat like a normal person. And not feel guilty every time I eat food!

please excuse my spelling errors, I just type so fast I notice it after I already sent it. Thanks..


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I know it's been a few years, but if you have anymore experience with recovering from this, I would love to know.  I'm 21, had anorexia when I was 19, ever since my face and whole body puffy, my eyelids are really swollen.  Every time I drink water I feel like I'm going to explode.  I've noticed it is slightly better when I eat more, so I think you may be right.  Is it completely gone for you now?  I've been suffering with this for almost 2 years, and I really want to get through it.  I've been eating regularly for about 4 months, but I may need to eat even more.  I hope you've gotten through this and I hope I can too.  Thanks, Dani

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