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Black stuff in nose & throat...gross but please help!

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Does anyone know what might be wrong with me? The past two days I have had black mucus in my nose at night and in my throat in the morning. It is pure black...doesn't look bloody.

I feel no symptoms, except I  have been having a few headaches a week...but thought they may be due to stress at work. real environment changes...any ideas? I googled it and found some terrible rare disease and that's it...agh. any ideas are welcome.

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it's probably just something you inhaled.  i've had black snot after doing dirty work.  if you can't think of any source, though, you should probably call your doctor.  you could be bleeding somewhere (old blood is pretty black).

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Have you been around a lot of dust or kicked up dirt (if that makes sense)?

I remember one year after Warped Tour I had the same thing happen to me. It was pretty much in a dirt pit.

My vote is for environmental stuff in the air also, like smoke from a fire? Dried blood can sometimes be black as well. If it continues see your doctor.

Have you taken any Pepto? I took Pepto once, didn't drink enough water, and woke up with a black tongue... Tongue out

Don't know where you live but if you've recently had to turn to on the heater in your home due to weather change, inhaling this at night could potentially cause black stuff to build up in your nose from the fumes.  If it's not that, I don't know what it could be. Thus, SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION!

Thanks for everyone's responses.

I haven't turned on the heater yet, and I am never around dirt. I DO live in a downtown area and it has been rainy the past couple of days. I don't spend much time outside (work in an office 10 hours per day) but maybe that is having some kind of impact. also maybe the heater is on in our office? Not sure.

I'm going to wait until it stops raining (probably three more days) & if it hasn't cleared up by then, then go to the doctor. thanks again for helping.

Do you light candles at home? The other day my whole sinus system was black....I thought maybe it's cuz I am a smoker and must have exhaled through my nose. But then I was talking to my b/f and HE mentioned it happened to him. We realized that he has a few candles that burn really 'dirty', and the glass around the candles was black w it being charred by the candle. We think it's that and were just inhaling it too long.

That happens to me when my sinus's are aggrivated. Basically my nose bleeds, dries out and turns all black in there, and then it's black grossness. Does it hurt or feel sore up your nose? I'm sure you're fine, but if it doesn't heal i'd ask the doc.

Headaches from sinuses are usually above the eyebrows.  It doesn't sound like environmental.  Do you or have you ever used a nettie pot?  They work wonders for the sinuses.  However, I have horrible sinuses and have never experienced black.  If the nettie pot doesn't provide relief and you have good insurance, I would go and have it looked at.  Better safe than sorry.  All the best to you!

Does it look more like dust/dirt or does it look like clotted blood? If it's dust/dirt, have you worn any new clothes or old clothes that have been stored? I've gotten black snot from wearing a black t-shirt that had disinigrated a bit...also from new unwashed clothes.

As a medical professional I think anything black coming from top or bottom should be checked.  The above posts are right old blood is black and  does not neccessarily shows as clots.  Have it checked out and if possible before it goes away.  That way you will know what it is and not be in the same position the next time.  Good luck, probably insignificant but you have to know!


The candle idea is definitely a possibility. I have been burning a candle that is near the end & is a little smoky.

I probably will get it checked as some of you suggested..better safe than sorry, and I always enjoy a good afternoon out of work Laughing

Thanks again for everyone's good advice.

Did you ever go to the doctor and find out what it was?

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