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Does BIRTH CONTROL make you gain weight?

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I was put on birth control maintain my period and make it regular and help with PMS...

But I'v heard it makes you gain weight!!!

Is this true?!

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My doctor said that was a myth.
It completely depends on the birth control and, perhaps more importantly, your body.

I actually lost weight on the pill. But I'm a freak :)
Ooh, also- they usually make you go in for a check-up a few months later and take your weight. That way if there is a significant weight change, they may consider switching brands or levels.
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The thing is doctors dont pay attention to the patients body and why its doing what its doing.

Birth control pill is not a good idea to regulate your periods because it does not solve the underlying problem.

If and when a person with irregular periods on birth control pill try getting pregnant, it is difficult  because the ovulation is messed up since your body was relying on the pill and off the pill you go back to the same irregular cycle!!

I am going to advice you to go ask your doctor why your period is not regular and ask for a way that you could contribute to your health.
weight gain IS a side effect. Birth control tells your body that it is pregnant so it wont drop your eggies. So your body gains weight just like a soon to be mommy would.  The average if I remember correctly is 8-12 pounds in the first year.  That is why they make all that low dose hormone stuff now. Yasmine.. and those. I think less weight is brought on by those because its less hormones.

I was on the Depo for a year, and oh man.. yes i gained lol. Or maybe it was the mc donalds.... :oD
Star- Depo I've heard does make you gain weight, however, for the pills, that is a myth, as was said earlier.

I have 1) talked to the doctor about this and 2) not experienced any weight gain myself.

It doesn't make you gain weight in the way that a pregnant mother would and there have been no true studies to back this up either.  The low dose pills are low dose for the effects of the hormones, not for the weight gain.  Some hormones do not react well to people ( myself) and make them experience more side effects, thus, they create lower hormone pills with less negative side effects.
Hey guys

More specifically, I am on a low kind "Yaz" I believe it is called. My period were burdensome because they were so irregular, cramps were uncontrollable and so was PMS but the period it's self was only a 3 days long at most, if at all. So my doctor said birth control would just help regulate everything and get my schedule on track. . .

He said gaining weight was a myth too, in most cases (not sure what that means..)

The weight gain some of you spoke of, was it from experience mainly or research..?
My girlfriend gained like 10 pounds in the first two weeks of getting the patch, they switched her brands, and she lost 15 pounds. So i don't know, I think the type has an effect.
I take a birth control pill..But mine I only take it 7 days out of each month... thank god only 7 days... it makes me feel like im pregnant and hate it...  it makes me SOOOO HUNGRY !! I feel like when im taking it those 7 days i eat more and so therefore i gain weight.      &n bsp;     :(       & nbsp;      &nbs p; If u dont want to gain weight tell ur doctor and if u just eat regularly, u shouldnt gain weight. just dont go crazy eating.
Read the insert of the type of pill your Dr. wants to put you on.  Most birth control inserts list weight gain as a possible side effect. 

IF it is listed on the packaging insert then it is not a myth, rather when it was tested enough subjects gained weight to warrant listing weight gain as a side effect.

Until you try it you will not know how YOUR body will react.  Some people are able to take birth control without gaining weight.  Myself, I gained 15 lbs in 6 months which resulted in my Dr. taking me off of hormonal birth control. 

Read all of the information, educate yourself, and then you will be able to make an imformed decision as to what is best for you.
i completely agree with ocdl!! pill doesn't solve the problem. and can even make it worse.

as for weight gain -- my experiance is, i started taking yasmine over 3 yrs ago and during the first two weeks i gained 12 lbs which i've been trying to lose since then with absolutely no effect. last week i finally decided to go off the pill and in the first three days of not taking it i lost 1.5 lb (even though i was over my calorie limit).

that's my two cents ;)
Never made me gain weight. I don't believe it. I personally wouldn't take those things unless you REALLY HAD to though. I don't trust them. Doctors are so quick to put you on something. Well, pills are a money maker, that's all. Blech!
I've been on the pill, the low hormone pill, and depo, at different times in my life.  Yes, one of the side effects listed is weight gain, but studies show that in most women who gain weight on these methods, they lose it again once their bodies get used to the hormones.  In any case, if you keep counting your calories and get some exercise then you should not gain weight.  The pill doesn't make you gain, but changes in appetite do.  The pill also doesn't keep you from losing weight.  Keep on your regular lyfestyle plan and you should be fine.
I know it is different for everyone and different brands and hormones can all be variables but I definately agree that the pill does make you gain weight.  Me and my two girl friends all gained weight when we were on birth control.  We all were on it at different times and had different brands and we all gained weight and then lost it almost immediately after we stopped using it. 
I have been on Depo for the last 7 years (on and off) to help regulate my irregular cycle (period for 1-1/2 to 2 weeks of the month). Depo did not fix the problem, but rather gave me a temporary solution. (Keep in mind that birth control, such as Depo does NOT work the same way for everyone.) I tried going off of it for 2 years in that 6 year time period, my cycle came back irregular. However, it's my understanding there aren't any other solutions than other forms of birth control, short of a historectomy (I am only 22, don't want my body cut up already).

And yes, I did gain weight, about 60 lbs over 2 years, but I figure most of that came from consuming somewhere in the range of 2500-2750 cal per day when I started munching in college, quit playing sports, and quit a job I had that required me to be on my feet all day. When I got off of it for a couple of years (on the advice of my therapist interestingly enough) I didn't lose any weight.

I've heard that dieting helps a little bit, how long have you been on eating healthy?
It depends entirely on your body. I have been on the birth control pill on and off for 8 years and have not had any problems at all, but I also had a close friend gain a large amount of weight from it. However, she will be the first to admit that her weight gain was due largely to the fact that she ate a lot more while on the pill. She was always hungry and she ate a lot of junk.

Some people lose weight while they are on it too. It just depends on how your body handles the hormones.

Regarding what it lists as side effects on the leaflet; It usually lists weight fluxuations, or weight gain OR loss. Basically when they test for these things, the FDA requires the company to list ALL physical changes noticed when people are on the drug. There is no testing done to see if the drug actually causes the changes. That's why all drugs come with a rediculously enormous list of possible side effects. It doesn't necessarily mean the drug can cause that stuff. It just means that when the testing group of usually hundreds of people were administered the drug, these symptoms were noticed in some of them. It doesn't necessarily mean the drug caused it.

I would recommend calling your pharmacist or Doctor if it really concerns you, or if you notice a significant gain that shouldn't have been caused by your eating habits.

I just started again on the BC pill after a year off of it and I've been losing the way I should be.
thanks aliciamala, that really helped. I thnk you are right, and the more research I do, the more I see it doesn't always make people gain weight.

I found this article if anyone is interested: mentID=1203
I went on bc when I was 16 years old, and it made me lose A LOT of weight -- 30 pounds pretty quickly, in maybe 5 or 6 months. I didn't change my eating or exercising (Non-exercising! at the time) habits at all in that period, so I definitely attribute the weight loss to the pills. I know other people who have lost weight from bc, but I know some who have gained as well. You can never tell what it is going to do to you.
Birth control can make you gian weight, but that's only in about 5% of people who tale the pill. Additionally, that weight is most often located in the hands or feet. For the most part, the weight that is gained is water weight which should dissipate during the 3 month trial period.

Talk to your doctor about the differences between high dose and low dose options, and try and decide whether a high estrogen or low estrogen pill is right for you. Also, BC can be divided into tri-phasal or mono-phasal so you should also talk to your doctor about that.

I'm currently on my third kind in about a year. The first one (Marvelon) was veryyyyyy high dose. I have a small build and I went up almost 2 cup sizes and gained around 15 pounds in about a month and a half. I then switched to a low dose tri-phasal (tri-cylcen lo) which was alright, but it actually made my period worse. Currently I'm on Yasmine, it's a low dose mono-phasal. I think it's pretty stellar. Yes stellar. My doctor told me that in some instances it causes people to lose weight - no complaints there.
One of the reasons I am using this site is to get the weight off that I gained on one kind of birth control. 

I didn't believe that b/c would influence weight that much, because I was on one kind for two years with no changes in weight.

But then I switched to a different pharmacy 6 or 7 months ago and needed to switch b/c to something they carried. On this new brand, I immediately gained weight (10 pounds) and got incredibly depressed and anxious.  I had really bad PMS -- cramps and depression.  It took me awhile to realize how much the new hormones were affecting me -- I attributed the change to stress and other outside influences.   

I switched to Yaz a month ago and feel so much better, and the weight is coming off quickly. 
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