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Binging when tired?

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I have been trying to break my binging habits for a while now.  I think I have healthy instincts, but my binging is what has both put on the pounds and prevents me from losing them easily. I discovered that too few calories makes me want to binge.

What I realized this week is that so does exhaustion.  When I am tired, I eat like crazy, enough that I have "gained" 6 lbs in three days (i know some of it is bloat, etc), but I have been eating everything in sight for the last few days. I see a lot for people who eat emotionally, but I haven't heard of this before. 

Does anyone suffer the same thing, and how do you handle it?

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I know that personally I tend to binge eat when stressed, but that's not the entire cycle.

Usually when I'm stressed I end up eating very minimally during the day as I work through different projects and whatnot and then by the time I arrive home I'm running on empty and want to eat whatever I can (and usually higher sugar/fat items because my body knows it can get some quick energy from those types of foods).  
If I don't eat enough during the day I end up waking up during the night and eat a bunch of crap to make up for the missed food I didn't eat, and usually all of this is whilst in a zombie-like state (except instead of 'braaaaaiiinnns' I'm usually after the peanutbutter)

I've been trying to conscientiously eat more food during the day and find that when I do I am less apt to binge eat at night.  Also, ditching the 'good' and 'bad' food labels has helped immensely - sure there are foods that are better nutritionally, but labeling a food as 'good' or 'bad' only makes you want the bad foods more.  Kind of like that big red 'Do NOT push' button you always see in cartoons; don't you just want to push it?  If only for the fact it tells you not to?

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I guess I want to clarify--I'm not stressed, just immensely tired.  I have had some long days, but I have been well-prepared for them, so they are not stressing me out.  I have just not been getting enough sleep and I feel like it is triggering these binges.  When I am stressed, it doesn't necessarily incline me to eat differently.  

This - tiredness as a trigger to bingeing - has definitely been part of my experience, and I'm afraid the only ways around it that I've found have been removing myself from sources of food (going out dancing, for example, or for a walk, which usually suppresses my appetite), or, more often, going straight to bed. Coffee and other stimulants don't help because they just keep me up for longer, increasing the time that I have to fight temptation.

I eat like crazy when I am exhausted. It also doesn't help that on these "long days" where you aren't sleeping enough you are awake for more hours and I generally get hungry again. But yeah, I know how you feel. I have been trying to figure out a way to handle it myself because it definitely derails my great days when I binge because I'm overtired... anyway, sorry I can't really offer any great advice. Just wanted to say that it happens to me too.

i struggle with the same problem... plus, i'm an emotional eater. what i found helps me is a small glass of warm milk or a yogurt heated in the microwave for a few seconds. i've always thought that warm milk has some weird instinctual connection to childhood so... i assume that's why it helps.

also.. yoga. (try binging after you've spent 10 mins to an hour treating your body like a temple! ha)

as well... try eating spicy foods during the day. i find that helps suppress my evening appetite, as well.

I think a practical solution would be to trade your binging time for napping time.  Your body/brain is most likely seeking fulfillment that can be satisfied with rest vs. food. Give it what it needs ! I know when youre tired it is hard to make a sound/practical judgement call.

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Thanks for the support guys.  I'm glad I'm not the only one...I might try some of these tricks.  Sandyear, that does make logical sense, but usually the reason I'm exhausted is because I have too many deadlines to sleep enough.  I would gladly nap if I had the option :)

mmm this may not appeal to everyone, buuuuut... get a vibrator! (im not kidding)

If I can't fall asleep I spend some "quality time" with myself, and usually end up passing out almost immediately afterwards. I know that this works for guys, but I never knew it would work for me (aka a girl). 

I'm not sure why it works exactly, but it has something to do with releasing tension and stress. It also gives you something to do (and look forward to) before bed, and keeps your mind off of food. 

A little unorthodox, but worth a try, right? 

(sorry if this is TMI hahahaha!)


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