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Binging when having bad days.

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I tend to binge when I am really sad, like yesterday I was really sad and I was able to overcome the binge but it was really close. Anyone else have this problem??

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Yes! I totally hear you! I binge when anything bad happens, and have to deal with the weight gain! Lol but I have gained 5 unintentional pounds in the last few months due to binging. It really sucks right?

Yea! I've been able to control it lately. The weight gain only makes the situation worse right?? Whenever I binge I usually gain like 1-2 pounds but it's usually water weight.

I totally hear you on this one!  This past week has been terrible for me!  There is three weeks left until I graduate college and it's the oh so fun, super stressful, crunch time...  I haven't had a full nights sleep at all!

Every time I wake up, I get up and go to the kitchen for a snack - often spoonfuls of peanut butter, handfuls of granola and dried fruits, and lots of other high calorie 'treats'. 

I've gained 7lbs since this semester started and I know if this keeps up I'm be looking at double that before it's over.  I just want it to stop and eat normally again! :(

Yep. I binge before a test because of the stress. I also binge when I'm angry or upset. I found the best thing you can do is let out your feelings. Get out of the house and odor a walk. Find somewhere quiet and scream, cry and let everything out. Take a shower, a nice hot one, and calm down. Do your nails, your hair, makeup, read a book and have a diet hot cocoa (2 tablespoons cocoa, 1 cup cow skim or almond milk and Splenda) and an apple. Watch a movie with air popped popcorn. Do something you enjoy, stay out of the kitchen and don't le those nasty feelings bring you down. I do this when I'm angry or upset. As for stress I drink tons of iced coffee and eat apple ornages and grapes (keeps my blood sugar up for energy lol), egg whites and oatmeal all day long. Haha.

I hope you feel better today :)
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