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Bad dizzy spells after drinking water

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Does anyone else get this? i'm not really sure when it's happening to me at least twice a day now. Yesterday it happened to me the worst I've ever experienced it, though, which is why i'm posting. when I took a drink of water yesterday afternoon, I got extremely dizzy and disoriented, and I had a sensation of blood rushing to my head (not sure if that's what's really happening). I swayed, seriously thought I was going to just lose my balance and fall over, and my vision was a mix of black and flickering. after maybe 1 full minute it faded.

Why does this happen?? it's really disturbing and unpleasant

I drink a lot of water, always as much as I can stomach comfortably with all meals and snacks and then like an extra 4 oz throughout the day. I walk around a lot but I'm 95% sedentary (its finals week). I'm eating 1500 calories a day with a lot of fiber protein and complex carb.

edit; sorry that was a typo/mistake..I meant 4 cups not 4oz.

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Define "a lot of water". How much is a lot? Are you drinking a gallon of water with a meal?

I am wondering if when you drank the water and felt dizzy if you drank it really fast or if you might have been dehydrated before you drank it. Or perhaps you have been really hot lately and when you drank the water, it was really cold water that made you feel flushed because you drank it too fast? I know when I'm dehydrated (or down a bottle of water), if I drink really quickly I get light headed and feel sick.

I would suggest you drink the water slowly and maybe space it out a bit. Don't drink only when you're eating - make sure you're drinking water all day long. And make sure you're not drinking too much water. There's a lot of issues that can happen when you're drinking too much. And if it seems to stay bad, go see a doctor.

EDIT: You might also want to try adding some electrolytes to your water.  Maybe get some blood work done by a doctor to make sure you're not low on something?

I think I am in a normal range, thats why I'm confused. let me try to break it down...and then I might know how much water I am really drinking...

1 cup at breakfast

1.5 cups at lunch

1.5 cups at dinner

2 cups throughout rest of evening

.5 cup with each snack (usually about 2 snacks maybe 3 per day)

And sips throughout the rest of the day, but only when I'm actually thirsty. (3 cups or maybe 4 if I've been walking or its hot..)

and I eat a lot of rice that soaks up water so I don't know if that should be factored in. I don't drink many other liquids besides the water (tap water).

I force myself to drink a couple large sips of water before my meals so I can fill up easier..but by the time the meal is over I'm truly thirsty again so I drink more. I tend to gulp it down when I'm thirsty but even sipping can sometimes trigger the dizzyness. I don't know if that helped..

ps when I say cup i mean like a measuring cup type of cup.

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You're drinking too much water - dizziness is a classic sign of water intoxication, which can be deadly.  Body cramps all over, a sensation of being choked, and pain in your chest - like a heart attack, will be your next signs you're in deep trouble.

What you need to do is get a couple of bottles of Gatorade in you over the next 24-48 hours, and always keep a spare or two in the house.  You must consume salt because you've diluted it out with too much water.  Also eat some spinach, bananas, and a little chicken as these will help to rebalance you. 

At this point, screw your diet and the scale results - your body's in trouble and screaming as loudly as possible at you something is very wrong.  A diet won't help you one bit if you die.

Eat slowly - nurse it because quick wolfing will make the situation much worse than it already is.  You've flushed too much salt, potassium, and magnesium out of your system.  A quick fix is to lick salt out of the palm of your hand and sip enough water to get it into your system.  Get someone to go to the store for you if you don't have these things in your house. 

Water is not a diet, but people tend to abuse it like it's another diet pill.  Water intoxication can lead to seizures, coma, and death.  It's NOTHING to be toyed with.

Do you drink so much because you're thirsty or simply because you think it's a good thing to do?  I ask because one of the symptoms of diabetes is excessive thirst and the effects you describe sound a lot like low blood-sugars.  Stress, a poor diet, nutritional deficiencies and fatigue (you're doing finals and you're dieting?) can also lead to lightheadedness and other physical symptoms.  You should really go to see your doctor rather than guessing.

In the meantime, cut back on the water intake to just 1 or 2 litres per day.
It seems like your body's electrolytes may be kind of messed up, as texmez pointed out. Scroll to the bottom of this link to find a chart of foods high in potassium, which you need: &dbid=90

However, no one on this site can give you an accurate diagnosis. If this behavior continues, definately see your doctor.

I didn't really THINK it could be too much water because while I did "make" myself have a sip here and there, most of my drinking is because of thirst.. I just get thirsty a lot ever since I stopped eating so much junk food (I used to eat a lot of junk food and soda.) It's not like I'm trying to do any sort of water diet.

texmez kinda scared me enough that I went out and ate stuff I don't normally... it wasn't too bad though, 1 cheeseburger, 4oz of roasted chicken breast, and a mini carton of orange juice (which did have a lot of potassium..) I have no idea if that had any effect yet.

There's no history of diabetes in my family...I wonder if a normal doctor checkup would be able to detect that. I had one like 9 months ago. probably going to have another one soon.

For now i will eat some bananas every day, and I'll also get some cucumber and broccoli...and see how that goes. thanks everyone. :)

Yea you must define how much is too much water. Too much water can flush the nutritients out of your body that you normally need.

Also, what are you drinking water out of? Straws, water bottles and sports caps will pull moisture into your ears causing nausea and dizziness. :) I need to go to the dr for this today actually. Darn you sports caps!

Cutting out red meat (due to fat content if you are dieting.. you may have done this) could cause an iron deficiency. Could be lots of things! But def don't go chugging the ocean, you'll get sick.

There are lots of reasons why someone would faint and, rather than guessing or waiting for another check-up, you should consult your doctor straight away.

If you're really only having seven eight-ounce  glasses of water in a day and no other liquids of note, that is NOT too much by any means... if anything it's a little on the low side (I drink twice that!). You shouldn't have to worry about water intoxication at that level of water-consumption unless you're a three-year-old. Do you get dizzy when the water is really cold? How about if it's at room temperature? It could be a temperature thing... it shouldn't be happening though - go and see a doctor to make sure there's not some kind of problem... but don't have a nervous breakdown about it.

Have you been tested for diabetes, it's usually a urine test?  There are a number of things that being thirsty is a signal of and probably a ton more that being dizzy when drinking water is a symptom for.  This is not a normal for most people, so I recommend seeing your doctor to get tested for obvious conditions.  It may be nothing, it may be a problem that is easily treated, please go see your doctor.

Hey cel301, you are definitely drinking too much water!  I have those same problems and in fact, have had horrible reactions from it (almost past out, etc.)... this is very bad and deserves immediate attention.  As mentioned above, this is due to water intoxication - hyponytremia (sp?).  I know bc I've suffered with it.

How are your sodium levels?  Mine were/are really low and whenever I feel dizzy, I immediately drink/eat things with high sodium counts.  Salt is key.  Please limit your water intake.  Too much water can lead to seizures, heart failure, and even death.  Not trying to scare you but want to stress the importance of making immediate changes.  It will pass but do something now.  I can't stand gatorade/powerade but it really does work.  Just check the labels of the beverages you take in.  Also, you may want to re-assess why you are drinking too much water?  Is it physical or psychological?  If it's the former, you may want to see a doctor.

Good luck and let me know if I can be of help!!

I am having dizzy spells after drinking water, for about a year.  I was also having headaches until I stopped drinking out of plastic.  I drink a normal amount of water.  I am starting to experiment with electrolytes - though I have not seen the results that I hoped for.  I am still working with the ratios: honey, salt,baking soda.  I got this off of 'Breaking the Vicious Cycle' web page.   I need to go and buy some baking soda.  Also, a yoga teacher suggested honey, salt, lemon.

Interestingly,  I have started adding oil and olives into my eating.  I am able to go to the bathroom more easily. Better rest at night.  My sense of things tells me I may be onto something.

FYI, I eat very healthy; organic(mostly local), no processed foods, Vita-Mix. No microwaving.  My brain functioning/memory is probably better now than when in my early 20s. Except when I get dizzy.

So, just for grins, do u have any fat or oil in your diet?  I have been told all my life 'cut out the fat'.  AND there are good fats and bad fats.  I seem to be making progress with eating flounder(wild, of course) and doing the European thing of dipping a whole grain bread in olive oil.  I'm still getting acquainted with the olives:).

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there is nothing wrong with drinking lots of water. our bodies is constantly losing water throughout the day and while we sleep and there are tons of benefits to doing so. But moderation in all things and to know your body. Everyone is different. For me, water is must. I have to drink it even under doctors orders and holistic doctors orders. I fight chronic dehydration which means i have to constantly supply myself with water and moderate sodium. The keys are to make sure you up on your minerals also such as potassium which balances water and sodium. Our brain uses 85 percent water, blood 83 percent. Death cases for too much water are rare and there are usually underlying problems behind it. another thing, make sure you are not drinking water too fast at once as that will make you dizzy. And make sure you are replacing sodium. When sodium is lost, one symptom is dizziness also.

I was rushed to hospital because of water intoxication, and my symptoms were identical to yours.

Generally speaking, water is good way to hydrate. We all need it, and those exercising need more. A large amount of water may not cause water intoxication but it depends on how quickly you consume it.

Quick consumption + large amount = possible danger

If you really want to drink lots of water throughout the day  then balance them with some sports drinks to rebalance your electrolytes - because when you saturate your body with water, the kidneys cannot filter it all and so it is sent to other vital organs, i.e the brain - which is why you felt dizzy. The brains electrolytes are swelled, which can cause

  • Light-headed feelings
  • Black spots / blurry vision
  • Slurred speech
  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Bad co-ordination
  • Coma's
  • And, in untreated cases, death

It may also help you if you consume some salty foods (i.e soft process cheese)

Obviously i don't know all about this condition, apart from experiencing it myself, so you're best to talk to your doctor - just remember DON'T DRINK COPIOUS AMOUNTS IN A SHORT SPACE OF TIME!

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I've also had this problem for about 2 weeks.  Everytime I drank water I would get light headed.  The room would feel like it's swaying.  At first I thought it was the water I was drinking.  But soon I discovered there was black mold in my water bottle/container.  Yuck!  Check to see if your water bottle has any black mold growing on it's wall.  After I washed out the mold, I don't get those dizzy spells anymore.  Hope this helps.

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