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BAD Constipation...Help Me?

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What a great subject for my very first real post (I really hope this isn't a repeat. I looked, but I've been known to miss obvious things.)


Um, right. So.  I'm am very, very constipated and I have been for a while now. Every once in a while I manage to go to the toilet, but I'm nowhere near relief. I just feel so gross.

I've decided to cut wheat gluten from my diet, and replace it with even more fruit, but I'm getting kind of worried and uncomfortable and I'd really just like this whole ordeal to end. Can anyone recommend some effective-and-not-too-brutal laxatives or other tricks that I could use? I've tried Exlax but to no avail =(

I'm also curious about something - I've noticed a bit of a pattern in Issues, and it seems to happen right around the time that I'm ovulating (I have Mittelschmerz, so I can't really help but notice). Could it have something to do with hormones?

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While I admit that I was never in the state you're in, I used Benefiber when I used to do the South Beach Diet.  It stirs into a cup of tea or whatever until you can't tell it's there.  I would start with a full dose to get things moving, and then maybe add some fiber each day, but not necessarily the whole dose.

Hi gwynne, I feel your pain and I know many others here do too.  Pooping in general is a conversation many of us have had here at CC but I for one am always glad to keep up with the latest recommendations and ruminations on the subject.  Given that 70% (or close to that) of our immune system is located in our digestive system, it is important to keep it operating at optimal levels. 

That said, if I do not have at least 2 glasses of psyllium husks per day I end up with problems.  When I am "stopped up" I find that drinking prune juice is one of the only things that "get me going" It may feel odd and you'll get some rumbling but it's not harsh like laxitives.  In fact, please avoid the laxatives,  they are really unhealthy.  Go buy some prune juice and see if it works.  Drink about 4 to 6 ounces and see how you feel in 1/2 hour.  STay close to a bathroom cause when it work, it's fast. 

Things that can cause the constipation are bananas and cheese.  If you want to have a lenghtier discussion, I'm always available to for poop talk!!  Good luck and I hope everything comes out allright HEEHEE!!

Hi ^^; I suffer from constipation quite frequently, and have been having to take in a fair bit of fibre to counteract that and it has helped me massively. If you up your fibre intake, though, make sure to drink more fluids alongside to help it as too much fibre and not enough water can worsen constipation. D; I know you mentioned gluten, but have you considered dairy? o: I found cutting out dairy has alleviated problems too.

Prunes are a brilliant natural laxative, juiced or whole, like bintzp said. And yes, stay away from stimulant laxatives as much as you can. ;x If you're badly plugged up and it's causing you any pain, speak to your doctor.

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I've bought some prune juice which I plan to drink after dinner, and some fiber supplement powder to try out as well. I do eat quite a lot of dairy (I'm a cottage cheese addict) but hey, if it could help I may as well cut back on it as well during my week of no wheat :)

Lol. If this doesn't work, I'm definitely going to pay a visit to my doctor.

Thanks very much for your help, everyone!

you mentioned being constipated the worse during ovulation and that's definitely normal.  i don't know why--but i've talked to my doctor and a lot of woman become constipated during ovulation/right before their period.  My advice would be to try to keep pushing water, chances are you're not drinking as much as you think you are/should.  good luck! :)

Hi guys,

I prefer to sort things like this naturally, so every now again I have tea with sennae, but it hasnt worked this time so well, I've decided to introduce some prunes into the equation, does anyone know how many might do the trick? man they are gross, but it'll be worth it if it works..

Carolally: Prunes are lovely! :< Though, in fairness, I used to think they were gross - apparently, my tastes have changed! I like eating them either slightly warmed in the microwave as they are, or with a dollop of yoghurt. :] In terms of how many... five large ones are usually enough for me, but it'll probably vary from person to person.

interesting, have no yogurt to hand, i've already eaten 3 and nothing yet, so I will have 3 more, would eating them in separate snacks make any difference or do they have to be consumed all at once, I feel like I sound like a complete nut, ha!

i suggest the following


long term solution

  • EAT yogurt every day (i prefer High Mountain  yogurt) it contains live cultures(friendly bacteria) that promotes regularity, and a healthy immune system.
  • drink plenty of water and eat foods high in fiber aim for 35 grams a day
  • STAY AWAY from white bread its like ingesting glue and will make you even more costipated. only eat breads with high fiber content 4 grams or more.
  • lastly go  when you have to go because you dont want to hold toxins in your body.

heres a list of high fiber foods:






steel cut oatmeal

cracklin oatbran (my favorite cereal of all time)


any kind of bean


I'm not sure if you've mentioned it or not, but if you're following a low/no carb diet, that would definately be a factor.  These diets are very hard on your digestive system.  Try eating the recommended 5-6 servings of whole grains a day (also try to find breads with high fibre counts).  If you eat a well balanced diet with lots of vegtables, fruits and grains and drink lots of water, constipation should not be an issue, and it if does persist - talk to your doctor. 

i avoid gluten and dairy. but what helps me the most is taking miralax and magnesium pills daily. wait a few days and then you'll be regular as long as you keep on taking them.


Buttermilk! yogurt is good, buttermilk is even better. drink on empty stomach in the morning, or as part of your breakfast.

Try drink lots and lots of water and also herbal/fruit non-caff teas. With ice and lemon they are a good summer drink too.

And finally, exercise. Swimming and aquafit and most cardioclasses get it going.

Hope you feel better soon.

Senna works well--either tea, or they also have laxatives.  I didn't have any problems with it, it was very gentle on me.  Feel better!

My doctor recommended flax meal to me a couple of months ago for two purposes: help with constipation and lower my cholesterol levels. I'm waiting until September to have my cholesterol re-checked. But the constipation problem is completely solved. And the flax is great for you, unlike laxatives. I put one scoop (about 2 tablespoons or 15 grams) in my cereal in the morning and another scoop in yogurt or a salad at lunch. The kind I use is called "sprouted flax meal." It's very high in calories from those great omega 3 fats. So, you have to cut back on something else. But things are working like clockwork. It also prevents me being hungry between meals. I think it's something I'll just always need in my diet. Also, using the tools on CC has really helped me watch the fiber content of my diet. I know that many days I was probably eating 0 fiber before I started monitoring it. It's not something you can take just off and on. It needs to be an important part of every day's intake. Good luck!

hi! I have the exact same problem!

I get constipation easily!! What i do at night.(like at 9;00)...i eat a small hand full of bran ceral(with milk).. and eat like 5 proons on top of that.. and i go in the morning..

it works so good!! And i recomend u try this!

good luck!!


Original Post by sidd1981:

Buttermilk! yogurt is good, buttermilk is even better. drink on empty stomach in the morning, or as part of your breakfast.

Try drink lots and lots of water and also herbal/fruit non-caff teas. With ice and lemon they are a good summer drink too.

And finally, exercise. Swimming and aquafit and most cardioclasses get it going.

Hope you feel better soon.

 I have the same problem..never heard of buttermilk being good for it, but will try it - thanks for the input.

You've had lots of good advice already on increasing your fluid intake, taking gentle exercise, choosing bulky, fibrous foods and eating more fats.   The one I'd add that's not been suggested is kiwifruit.  Kiwifruit has very good properties when it comes to relieving constipation because of natural enzymes in the fruit, plus those tiny seeds which act as little scourers on the way down.  2 kiwifruit a day is a good addition to things like prune juice.

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I've suffered from constipation my whole life. I know people have said to avoid stimulant laxatives, but I've found if I drink strong coffee regularly I don't have much of a problem. Coffee is one of the best purgatives there is. I also stay away from processed flour, eating whole grains as much as possible.

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I seem to be the exact opposite of everyone. During the period of my eating disorder, all I ate was fruit and while grains. Basically a very high fiber diet which screwed up my digestive system. Now I'm nearly always constipated, especially after eating items with fiber. Short term, I'd suggest miralax. Long term I'm still trying to find.

Always remember that medicines and artificial stuff to make you go poop should be your last option because the body has the tendency to adapt and if you always use those stuff your bowels will no longer function and will become dependent on laxatives. During my anorexic days (I've already recovered) what worked for me was to eat 5 dried dates and 5 prunes (soaked in warm/ hot water) together with my breakfast. Soaking prunes in hot water actually enhances its effects. That will get your bowels moving Smile.

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