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Awake All Night - Why Can't I Sleep?

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Why can't I sleep.

Is there anything you have tryed that WORKS. I'm  going to a sleep clinic, I just have to waite to find out when. Some night I am AWAKE ALL NIGHT!! Then I'v got to get up  at 4:30and go to work for 6. I'm soo sleepy right now. I'm just sitting here having a cup of tea, and I DON"T want to play with my kids :(
I feel cranky, but my 2y old already had a nap while I was at work :(
I heard that there is a tea out to help you sleep. I'v heard if you spray your pillow with Lavender (I think it's called that) it will help.
What can I do. I'v gone 3 days on one hour of sleep B4. I feel like a horibble mom, cuz' I'v been snaping at my 11y old now :(
But he's driving me nuts I can't help it :(


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Are you opposed to medication? Do you exercise regularly? Do you eat prior to bed? Is your enviornment condusive to sleep? Do you drink alcohol before bed (three hours prior)? Do you drink a lot of tea or coffee?

I don't want to take meds unless there is no other way.
I try to fit in exercise, some days yes, some days no :(
No I don't eat after dinner is done.
Yup My room is dark, there is no TV in there, my room is just for sleep and at times sex.
I don't drink alcohol.
Normaly only 2 mugs of tea a day. One after work, and one in the evening.

LOL... so Dr. Distracted, what do you think.
I'd suggest cutting out that evening coffee and any other stimulants. You may be more sensitive to its effects that you realise :)
Have you discussed this with your physician? There are many things that can help and they don't necessarily involve sedatives. I would talk to him/her about multiple steps you can take to help you sleep.
LOL! =p

I think you're taking the right steps. Obviously you're doing everything right. You're exercising, eating right, not drinking too much tea or any alcohol, your room is condusive to sleep. I think going to a clinic would be very beneficial for you.

The next step would to see a doctor. Ambient has no dependancy like most sleeping pills - so that might be something to look into. I know that taking medications has its stigmas, but if your sleep is that disrupted, then it's probably worth it.

Dr. Distracted, MD. lol! =D

I've just dealt with a lot of sleeping problems. =p
This might sound strange, but it works for me...  I drink a glass of warm milk.  It's very soothing. 

Another thing is that maybe you're trying to go to sleep too early?  Can you fall asleep easily when you nap?  I know sometimes when I nap during the day, I have a hard time going to sleep at night.

I'd try to stay away from the medications, just never know about side effects.

Good luck....hope there are great dreams in your future!  :)
Thank you Doctor. I go to see my other Doc on the 13th, and he will set up the clinic for me.

Well some nights I drink a glass of milk so I don't eat, so I could heat it up to try.
Oh, I never to to sleep to early (I wish). Even when I get up at 4:30 I go to sleep 10 - 11:30. I never have a chance to nap. The odd time I do it's hard, but faster to fall asleep. Cuz' by this time I'm not standing right.LOL!!
Hot milky drink (cocoa is lovely), warm bath. If you have someone who could give you a relaxing neck massage as well, that might help.
I find my feet need to be really cool before I can sleep, I often stick them out of the duvet. There's something called 'sleep socks' which is basically: you wring out a pair of socks in really cold water, put them on, cover with a dry pair of socks...and go to bed! Apparently, the cold, wet socks draw the heat out of your body and relax you and therefore help you to sleep. Sounds weird but it may just help you!
teener have you tried Melatonin?
The melatonin is natural and has worked for lots of people I know.  I also agree with the warm bath.  That really works for me.  I also do some jounal writing before bed.  It gets most of my stress out from the day and helps me put that aside in order to relax and sleep.  When all else fails, and this sounds VERY silly I know, but when nothign else works, I make myself think of odd things starting with each letter of the alphabet - city names, fruits and veggies, sports, teams, movie stars, anything to get me thinking of something other than whatever I am stessing about.  It redirects my brain and helps more often than not, yet it's also boring enough that I don't stay awake.

Best of luck!
Ambien works very well, without leaving you groggy in the morning.

Caffeine stays in your system for up to 7 hours after you drink it.  A hot shower about an hour before I go to bed, then some sit ups or push ups right before I get in.  Stretching works well too.

I dont do dairy, so I cant say the hot milk would work for me.  I love peppermint tea in the evening, caffeine free and helps with digestion.

Hope you get sleeping soon!!! :)
I find that drinking a soda puts me to sleep minutes after i drink it lol.
Unfortunately, I don't have any particular suggestions for getting to sleep, but I do have a word of caution:  As much as possible, try to avoid driving when you are not well rested.  I speak from personal experience.  It is dangerous.

I wish you the best of luck!  Sleep tight!
I'm not sure if anyone else already mentioned it, but maybe you should cut out the tea, or at least drink it earlier in the day.  It may have caffeine in it that's keeping you awake.  My mom has the same problem.  If she drinks a glass of tea with dinner, she will be awake until the wee hours of the morning.  Good luck! 
thanks every one for your help.

I'm going to look into the natural stuff, like pills, tea ect..

I went out looking for Tylenol PM last night but they didn't have it. I must be carfull of what I take due to my heart, and I'm also on pills for my hyopthiroid.

But the rocks and wet socks.. hummm..... that may be nice for the summer :)
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