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Anyone over 40 and STILL fighting anorexia?

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Just wondering how many other 'oldies' there are out there, still battling this thing after many years. In the UK, I feel that we are often forgotten by health services because we've tried all the treatments and 'failed' to get better, so don't get any help after the age of about 30. I've sort of limped along in a kind of semi-recovered, sometimes relapsing state for most of my life, but really feel that this time I'll manage to get rid of it for good - (before IT gets rid of ME!!...)


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I am only 25 but have ed's for 9 years and beating it! U should prob stop thinking that uv failed?! More optimism perhaps....

This is ur choice, support, therapy or nhs support or not? This is ur decision and ur life could change if u decide to right now? Try nlp or cbt before? Throw out the scales the diet books, the calorie books, the low fat food etc etc CHANGE IS IN UR HANDS!

Hi, I am not in my 40s but I am well on my way - 34, had anorexia/bulimia/orthorexia since I was 19.   A pretty sad way to go through adulthood.   I want to get better but now that I have such bad digestive problems, I don't feel I'll ever be able to be totally normal with food.   However, what I CAN be normal about is my preoccupation with my body shape/size, and that is clearly an area still in need of work.   I am now at a healthy weight, but spend most of my time thinking about my body fat percentage, the muscle mass I lost trhough anorexia, and how bad my body is.  And aging makes you feel like your looks are fading, which makes the body stuff even worse.  It's so draining.   I want to give it up and I now have a really good therapist whom I see 4 times a week, to try to help me.   I feel like I am not allowed to be okay with my body.   Like, all of you are, allowed but for some reason I personally am not.  That's the insanity of ED for you.  

I think it is a LOT harder to recover when it's so ingrained, but I don't think it's impossible.  It's about creating new neural pathways in our brain - the more we use them, the stronger they get.   Are you working with anyone to try to get better?

While I am not anywhere near the age of 40(14, haha), I do have an aunt who I am fairly close to who suffers from anorexia, and has done since the age of 11. She's now 51. She never received any treatment, as her mother(my gran) is a doctor and basically force-fed her until she gained to a healthy weight. Now, she is still thin and desperately unhappy, but as you said, once you're older it is a whole lot harder to get help. =/ So you are definately not the only one!

I think eating disorders do stick by you for life. Once you have suffered, you will always bear the wounds of the whole ordeal and be tempted to slip back into the habit of obeying it and letting it run your life. It's really just about trying to find a balance of life/ED.

Some people are strong enough to be able to conquer life without food/weight constantly on their minds, such as some people I have met on this forum and relatives I know who have suffered. A majority of people achieve this by slowly refusing to abide by the nagging voices telling them to stop eating, start exercising, yadda yadda..

Sooner or later, you realise that you can live without it and be happy. You can be a normal weight and look thin and gorgeous. Heck, you can be overweight while looking glamorous and happy! Once you realise that weight isn't the issue, and isn't the reason why you became unhappy with yourself, the sooner you can recover. But because it has been your way of life for such a long time, it seems risky and unsafe.. At least, I found it to be as such, even though I haven't suffered for nearly as long.

Good luck in your recovery, it is definately worth the hard work(and you are, too!). <3

Thanks, everyone! I guess I just feel a little hopeless sometimes, but you're right, this CAN be done! Hoping to report better progress soon! :-)

Yep, me!

Just turned 41 two days ago and have been battling EDs and anorexia for many years now.  I guess it really started about ten years ago although I was unaware of it at the time.

It slowly became more apparent until about 2 - 3 years ago I started to seek treatment after my husband, mum, sons and friends all commented on how worried they were about me and my dramatic weight loss.

I am in the UK and am lucky to have a fantastic treatment team at my local hospital who I am working with on an intensive outpatient basis to try (my fourth and hopefully FINAL time!) to finally beat my ED and rid myself of the hold it has over my life.

DansMum, I wish you the very best in your recovery.  I know you've sent me a PM before and I replied, so feel free to PM me again any time. xxx

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