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Has anyone lost weight with Bupropion SR

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Hello, I just have a quick question. I've been on the Anti-Deppressant Effexor XR for about 2-3 years and my doctor and I have decided  to try me on Wellbutrin. She told me it may curb some of my appettite, and the more I read it aids in weight loss. I was curious if anyone has had good or bad experiences with it!
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I'm taking bupropion 300mg and I've definitely noticed a decreased appetite. Both the frequency and size of my meals have decreased.

However, I may break a record here as being the only person to COMPLAIN about the appetite suppression: I'm athletic and weightlifting and trying to GAIN weight. As you may or may not know, building muscle requires eating a lot of food, especially protein. It's very frustrating. I know, "poor me", right? ;)

Bottom line: everyone reacts to this medication differently, and until you try it, you won't know exactly how it will affect you.

Note regarding brand vs. generic: while it is true that they may release the medication at different rates, they are both equally effective. So if you are already on brand name, you may experience fluctuations if you switch to generic. But if you haven't started yet, I recommend going with the generic because you will save a ton of money!

HelloUndecided i was wondering how the wellbutrin has been working for you thus far

I am starting tomorrow and i am hopeful this will help my depression and control my weight since i gained 20 pounds in 4 months of Paxil!!!!!

Please advice Smile

Hello (Regarding Wellbutrin XL Name Brand)

Can some of you post your experiences up today just wanted to know how

Wellbutrin has been working and if anyone has had anymore weigh lost or better way of living Smile Im starting tomorrow.


I'm anxious to see how Wellbutrin works also.  I've been on paxil for about 4 months and gained 20 lbs. I just switched to Wellbutrin yesterday and really noticed the decrease in my appetite.  I'm not going to weigh for a week though and will hopefully see a difference. I'm on the generic 150 mg. a day but am thinking I should go to 300 mg. since that seems to work best for most.  Let me know how you're all doing, I'm anxious to read the posts!

I have been on wellbutrin (bupropion) for about 4-5 years now.  When I was on the smaller dosage 100 or 200mg I did not notice any weight loss or decreased appetite.  It wasn't until my doctor increased me to 400mg a day that I have notice a major decrease in appetite and I have lost 7 pounds.  Granted that 7 pounds has been over about a 6 week period.  But I'll take a pound a week over nothing!  :)



What kind of wellbutrin are you taking Xl or SR and is it name brand?


Hi I have just been prescribed Bupropion 150mg MR for depression.  Does anybody know the difference between SR, MR, XL?

The pharmacist was about as helpful as a chocolate teapot and said there is NO difference, so why give them difference initials then?

Please could somebody enlighten me?


I take wellbutrin sr150 and lexapro 10mg together and have not experienced weight gain or loss as a side effect. I was hoping to lose but I guess there is no such thing as  a free ride. I'll have to work out and eat well like everyone else...Laughing


The difference in the initials is to specify the mechanism of how the drug is absorbed into the body.

XL: Extended Release: one dose is released immediately.  Second dose is released some time later.  - Kind of like eating a big breakfast, then waiting until evening then you eat a big dinner (Usually prescribed as taking one XL tablet to prevent having to take two regular tablets, etc)

SR: Sustained Release:  A certain percentage of the drug is released at a controlled rate.  - Like eating a large breakfast, medium lunch, and a tiny dinner

CR:  Controlled Release:  A certain strength (number of mg) is released at a controlled rate -Like grazing equal portions throughout the day.

MR:  Modified Release:  Drug is formulated to release at a certain time.  (May also be XL) - Like eating now, but not feeling full until a few hours later.

IR:  Immediate Release:  Entire amount of drug is immediately released for absorption. - Like eating now and feeling full immediately.

I could be a little off on the descriptions but think this is right for the most part. (was a pharmacy tech for 3 yrs)

hello all well ive been on Bupropion 150mg sr taking it 2x a day so all together its 300mg.  I been on it since the middle of feb. and dont feel all that you all are feeling I still sleep any eat the same as before.. (is it working?) told my DR he added Zoloft 50mg a day been on that for bout 2 weeks and still nothing?? I have SAD and before meds. I gained 40lbs in like 6 months!!  DR said this mix should also help me lose weight,  well i havent lost or gain a pound?  Any one have this problem.. I want to stay on bupropion to aide me in losing weight... What should I do.

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I have been on several antidepressants, as well as on Xanax for about eight years now.  Well-butrin, when used for a long duration, seems to continue to make you lose weight.  Eventually your body seems to balance out and you reach a stable weight.  For instance, I went from 219 pounds to a more healthier 170 pounds and stayed there with no change in my medication.

Why?  Yes, I feel much  better than I did being on Lexapro, Prozac, or some of the others and my energy certainly is better.  The underlying reason seems to be chemical.  The chemicals in Wellbutrin, Zyban, and Buproprion (regular and extended release) is Buproprion Hydrochloride.  This drug plays a different part on the brain other antidepressants.  In fact, Wellbutrin is in a class by itself as it affects the brain in a different manner.  Instead of targeting the brain chemical serotonin like many other antidepressants, it targets the chemicals dopamine and norepinephrine.  This, of course, would produce different side effects.

Btw, I take 150mg's twice daily.  Although it takes about 2 weeks for the drug to saturate your system when you first start taking it, it feels great after it starts working!  Some users, myself included, can tell when it is working as you feel "stoned" and full of energy.  For some this may not be a desirable affect.

I just recently went to my Dr. and we decided to up my meds.  I now take 50mg of zoloft and 450mg of buproprion, due to lack of energy and no will to get out of bed in the morning or afternoon..   I really hope this works.. because like i said before I gained about 40lbs or more. for sleeping all day. So im gonna give this a try..?    I am kinda of worriey of the amout of buproprion i am taking.  Is this too much along with the zoloft??  I am 31 yrs old.. and am 5 feet tall and weigh about 165lbs.

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Hi there,

I was originally prescribe a few medications which resulted in a 20 pound weight gain. I was never over 115 pounds and then on came depression and gee what do you know....weight was soon to follow. I am now up to 170 and finally convinced my doctor to give me Wellbutrin about 7 months ago. This was the first pill that has taken the edge off of my anxiety and depression however it is not gone by a long shot.

Unlike many others I have not experienced side effects outside of weight gain, with any of the drugs I have tried. Citilopram, fluoxitine and one other one. I am currently taking the Wellbutrin SR 150mg twice a day but have an appointment to go in today because over the past month I noticed I was on a sliding slope and my so did my fiance. Then we just had a bout with 3 members of our family ending up in the hospital all within 1 week so now I am just really messed up.

I haven't experienced the weight loss like others have and I must say that I am extremely jealous. I am getting married next year and there is no way that I will get married the way that I am. For some reason with the Wellbutrin I haven't gained any weight but I also haven't lost anything. With my problems I am currently having but having a history with Wellbutrin working okay, I am hoping that he can up the dosage and we will get all the results we are all looking for. (the doctor, my fiance and I, just to be clear).

I stumbled across this posting because I was looking into Effexor because I have seen and heard that many people have lost weight using it but I am scared of the side effects. But who knows right, everyone reacts differently.

I will post again soon.

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Okay I am back posting an update...even though most likely posting this for myself :-) since no one has been on in a while.

My irritability starting coming back and the depression was showing its face again so I broke down and went into the doctor (by the way I hate doctors/dentists etc so it took alot for me to go in the first time). I discussed what was happening, making sure to bring my finace with me as he experiences everything first hand and sees things that I do not. My doctor bumped me up to 200 mg twice a day on teh Bupropion Sr. After talking with my doctor he didn't understand why I wasn't losing weight with the Wellbutrin.

I have absolutely no side effects...not good or bad. I am scheduled to go back in a few weeks to check ans see how I am doing and possibly come up with a new plan. I have been exercising 4-5 times a week and eating healthier than I ever have.

We shall see, being only 25 and dealing with this crap just isn't working for me. I truely think that a big part of my depression now is the weight problem. I do not know exactly what triggered the depression...if it was caused by moving out of state away from family or what but thats at least when it hit its peak. It took me a few years to realize what it was and to get help. Now I honestly think that if I can lose the weight (seriously like 50 pounds) I don't think I would have any more problems. The Bupropion is working for everything else...hope there is something out there that can help.

I was newly diagnosed in December with depression and started taking buproprion HCL (generic wellbutrin) 150 mg 2x per day. I also have had the weight loss/appetite suppresant side effects of this medication. I have also had the insomnia as well, although it took me a bit to get on a schedule that worked with my work schedule. When I started in January I weighed close to 240 and now I am just under 220. I feel part of it is because of my job as well (more of physical job), but I have also been off work for a month due to an injury and I have still lost weight. The one thing I like about it is before I started taking it, I used to have racing thoughts, and the buproprion has stopped that, or at least slowed them down. And also remember people some medications are going to have different effects on people. While one medication might work for one, it might not be effective for another. 

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I was curious if anyone has notice a difference between taking Bupropion and namebrand Wellbutrin as well as taking XL instead of Sr. I find it hard sometimes to remember to take my second pill or wake up early enough on the weekends to take my first one so I don't have to stay up all night in order to take the second one. I have tried looking to see if people have had differences between the SR and XL and no one had any real thoughts, just curious.

I have been on Buproprion since July1.  Prior to that, I had been doing 6 mini meals and had lost 14 pounds while on Lexapro, but I hit a plateau it seemed, and other things in my life had me suddenly feeling waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy low, unlike ever before.

The doc said we were changing my meds, RIGHT NOW. And started me on 150 Buproproin a.m. and 0.25 alprazolam with it  and in the evening 30 mg Lexampro + 1 alprazolam...and that was to transition me over 1 week to what is now I'm on 300 bupropion and 1 alpraz and evening 20mg lexapro and 1 alpraz.  That started July 1 to now.

From July 1 to Sept 11, I had lost 11 more pounds and I don't know how or why, but feel fine.  And from Sept 11 to Sept 22, I lost 3 more pounds.

My activity has been YOGA, and I am no balarina but I have good core strenght, but all this weight on top of it.

I started at 312 with a frame that can carry it, but tired at times.  Now I'm at 284 and getting stronger and stronger in each yoga session. ( Vinyasa Yoga - core and breathing centered).

I won't complain if the side effect is weight loss....if I can keep some peace of mind and loose weight.

I hope this is helpful to some of you as another case to study.

Bless you, I've always had the racing thoughts...and it is tough to turn that constant to do list off in our heads.  I used to kid my husband that if I watched a movie to relax, 90% of my mind was getting the movie and every detail while 10% of my brain still had the racing list, but slightly at bay for the duration of the movie.

I too have lost weight, 14 with my own efforts before Med change, and now with buproprion and alprazolam a.m. and lexapro and alprazolam pm, I am able to go all day, and sleep all night.  Along side that from July 1 to Sept 23 I've lost an additional 14 pounds....and all I'm doing is Yoga---for the quiet time and the 1 hour to "sit and be still and know it's allowed in that hour"  to just " be still " and calm down and slow down.

Good luck in your journey as you research the med stories.

Paxil almost did me in.

I tried it several years ago and fro the entire 8 months I was on it, I'd come home at five pm and just need to lie down in the bed and make it all stop and go away.  DUring that time, I gained 60 lbs, before I WOKE up and my husband, doctor, sisinlaw nurse and I got that OFF MY med routine.

I'll never do Paxil again, but others whom I worked with them, sang it's praises at how much it helped them.

I learned I am way NOT wired to take that med.


i am currently on Effexor 75mg and i am constantly craving food! i have gained 10 pounds in the last 4 months and am not happy at all. which is pointless of being on the medication since it is for depression/anxiety and more wt gain causes both of these for me!!!!!

i have a dr appt tomorrow (nov 3 2009) to talk to her about going on wellbutrin XL....all that i have read is good and if it will keep my mind off of food that is a bonus for me as well.  i am going thru a divorce and i am a wreak. im yelling and crying all the time. have 500 thoughts running thru my mind and my children are taking this all in. my parents have seen me spirial into a mess of emotional stress because of my unhappiness and i am now taking the steps to try something better. i am sick of all this emotional crap and want it to be over wih. i know no drug is going to fix it but if it will make things 50 percent better i think i can deal with that. i want the best for my children and a sad sappy unmotivated mom is not what i want to be. 

so from what i am getting the wellbutrin XL 300mg is the best to go on????

can somone please email me and tell me what is the best. id like a kick in the pants with the depression and also to not gain weight. 

my email is

jsut a few questions like

what is better generic or name brand?

best type...XL, SR, ect....?i

i will also reread the rest of the posts to get more info





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