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Has anyone lost weight with Bupropion SR

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Hello, I just have a quick question. I've been on the Anti-Deppressant Effexor XR for about 2-3 years and my doctor and I have decided  to try me on Wellbutrin. She told me it may curb some of my appettite, and the more I read it aids in weight loss. I was curious if anyone has had good or bad experiences with it!
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I took welbutrin xr before quitting smoking and gained weight then took it for 4 months after I quit smoking and gained more so no for me it didn't have that effect.

I take remeron for my insomnia and find the day after I take that I eat and crave carbs the whole day.  So now I try to survive with just my xanax and lexapro for the anxiety insomnia issues. 

chinkes: I'm taking the name brand, wellbutrin XL. There's a few generics of buproprion now but they are all SR's.

I started taking it to help with my panic/anxiety attacks that were really taking their toll (twice a day & they kept me from falling asleep).  I only found out about the weight loss side effect (which is only 30% so it's not a for sure thing!) after.

Lyn915, I would encourage you to please read a posting before judging or replying.  No one is taking this drug as a weight loss aid, we are just discussing if we believe it has helped or not while we have been on it. 

I will have just as much control over what I eat when I go off this drug as I do now, thank you very much.
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Been on 450mg Wellbutrin per day for 1yr, 5mo. I now weigh 185lbs.

Was on Effexor for 5 years prior to then, 220lbs. I believe the Effexor caused great weight gain. Effexor put me in a trance for 5 years. I moved to Wellbutrin, and within 1 month I was out of my trance, was experience emotions before (crying to commercials and movies) had energy and was losing a lot of weight with no effort, special diet or anything. I felt I craved less, ate less, and cut alcohol by 90%.

I'm down from a 38" (going on 40") waist, to a 33 (going on 32").

A weight loss drug? I think its effective. More importantly, however, is the fact that I am more alert, depression is in check - but not gone entirely.

I'm curious how much lower I will go. I may start eating more.
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fmjes: So glad to hear the Wellbutrin XL 300 is helping with your panic/anxiety! I've heard mixed stories about WB as an anxiety med. The Lex has worked well for over a year but the SEs bug me. My doc has me on WB 150XL now and told me to cut the Lexapro to 5mg for 3 weeks and then try to stop. I'm telling you the withdrawals going from 10 to 5 were nasty! So, I'm doing 7.5 (chopping pills) until I'm without withdrawal symptoms and then going down to 5 from there. My goal is to get on WB alone and up to 300XL to see how it does for my anxiety/panic disorder. I will be soooo happy if it works as well for me as it seems to be for you. But if it doesn't, I'll add the Lexapro back into my regime, despite its SEs. Are you on any other ADs, mood stabilizers, etc?

chinkes, that sounds like a good plan!  I've also heard that coming off of AD's is really hard, hope you're doing okay!

I haven't been on anything else. I actually didn't know I was having attacks (I thought there was something wrong with my chest/breathing, lol) but figured it out.  Since it would be my first time on them I researched everything and found wellbutrin to be the only one that I would be willing to try, since all the others were WAY too harsh & the side effects were really bad.  My doctor tried to give me effexor & I flat out refused!

Good luck to you, keep us updated (I've added you to my friend list) ;)
I've been on Buppropran SR for over a year and never noticed any change in my weight.  Perhaps because I also take Paxil???  Has anyone had issues with Paxil and weight gain?

By the way, there was someone who used it to quit smoking and gained weight.  Seems that people tend to gain weight when they quit smoking either way.
Hey Everybody,

I am likely going to get off Lexapro completely and switch from bupropion 100 mg once daily (not sr or xl) -which I have gained about 20 lbs on- and I'm really hoping that switching to the sr or xl might make a difference. If I need it for depression anyway it sure would be nice to lose all this weight I've gained. 

Has anybody experienced a difference in the regular vs. the sr or xl as far as weight is concerned? Or is there a difference in your experience with the name brands over the generics as far as weight gain/loss or other side effects?

Thanks so much for your input!!!
XL releases over the day, SR does not (need to take more pills to distribute the drug over time). The generics are only made in SR format at the moment.

Normal adult dosage is 300mg/day of wellbutrin/buproprion....

Generics are technically supposed to be the same as far as the drug goes..... but usually they will carry them in different dosages.
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Just started taking Wellbutrin SR 150 mg three weeks ago and have already lost five pounds.  Five pounds isn't alot especially since I want to loose 100-110, but hey we all have to start some where. Smile  I was 208 and am now down to 203...I stand at 4'9", so I'm considerbly overweight.  Embarassed 

Was on Effexor XR 150 mg for four years and I gained 20 pounds while on it; although the doctors believe it wasn't the Effexor.  I do have to admit I don't eat healthy foods or exercise much, so yeah me being fat is 50% my fault.  The other 50% I divide up between being on Prednisone (25%), for a rare inherited bone marrow failure disease, for 25 yrs and the Effexor XR (25%). 

Just in case you're wondering I asked to be switched to an antidepressant that may help me loose weight because I believe my boyfriend is going to propose soon.  As I've told my friends...I don't want to look like Stay Puffed Marshmellow Woman walking down the aisle---LOL!!

Enough about me...ghard, you are an inspiration to me.  Wow, loosing all that weight!!!!  That's fantastic...Congratulations!!Smile   

Thanks for letting me share my story!!  Take care and God Bless!!Innocent


I started taking wellbutrin xl 4 months ago and I love it.  My depressed mood has changed.  I am no longer irrational about things like weight loss, keeping the house clean and trying to be the perfect mom.  I have also lost 25 pounds (178 down to 153)  So now I am at a healthy weight!!! Yeah! 

I still watch what I eat but it has really suppressed my appetite, but with the combination helping my depression, I think that both things have helped me to lose the weight.  I have no food cravings at all.  I am rarely hungry and when I am it doesn't take as much food for me to feel full.  In the first month of taking it, I had to make myself eat, I was never hungry.  But that wore off now, but it is still a great improvement than no medication.

I think it is a great medication.  I do have the side effect of "ringing in the ears" but it is only when things are quiet.  We run a fan at night and I have 3 kids home during the day so it has not been bothersome at all.  I haven't noticed any other side effects.  I am on the extended release and name brand because I read a lot of reviews about taking the generic.  I am not sure if they are true, but I decided to stick with name brand just to be sure.

I just wanted to reply to give another example of someone who is on it.
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Hi mikesherry,  After being on WB brand for about 5 mos, I tried the generic Budeprion 300 XL. No way! I was on a rollercoaster of anxiety, high BP, shakes, etc. Maybe if I had started on this generic version I would have been okay; don't know. Needless to say I went back to WB brand and am doing well on it; also take Lexapro. My pharmacist says the generic Budeprion is not chemically the same and the coating dissolves differently causing spikes and drops. THIS IS MY EXPERIENCE ONLY, not meant to scare off anyone taking generic. I'm spending over $100/mo on name brand! generic was only $5. Aaaaargh.

Wow, it's great to see this! I just started on Burpropion SR yesterday! So far, my mood seems better, but I'm also curious about the weight-loss assistance.
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My experience has been that the SSRI's and many other ADs, anti-psychotics etc cause the weight gain. I gained 16 pounds on my first combo of meds. Then my doc did some tweaking and we added WB150 then WB200XL. I have lost 7 of those extra pounds so far. I could not stop eating while taking Remeron, plus the weight gain of Lex. Now, I'm slowly heading in the other direction. It's much harder going down than up! Har.

Whats your dosage and in just 15 days 25 pounds wow congrats!!!

Hi, I'm new to the forum - I've been also on Effexor for several years and switched to Wellbutrin 6 months ago.  I've been on 150mg SR and/or XL for about 4 months and didn't see any weight loss - more like maintenance.  The dosage was recently increased to 300mg, and I feel so much energetic, perform much better at work and just feel generally better including about a 5lb weight loss so far.  

I remember I once tried a generic (150mg buproprion SR) which made me nauseous and vomitting like every other day... I'm sure each generic varies, but since then I've stuck with the brand name Wellbutrin.

My husband lost 25 pounds on Wellbutrin and is still losing.  He really hasn't tried hard. He just doesn't crave food like he used to.  Unfortunately I had an adverse side effect and can't use it. RATS - so frustrating when he is doing so well and I am not.  Good luck with it!

I read more and found it interesting that people had such weight gain with Effexor.  I had the same problem. It also took a long time for the doctor to wean me off it.  Now I am on 2 mood stabilizers and an anti-depressant.  I am always hungry (a side effect) and I am having a hard time losing weight.  The meds aren't stable yet.  I think I will talk to my doctor about the Wellbutrin brand name. My health plan covers generic drugs so I didn't think twice about getting the generic brand. I have over 40 pounds to lose so any drugs that would actually help with cravings and depression at the same time would be AWESOME!

I too gained weight on Effexor but for me, the absolute worst was zoloft.  In less than a year I gained 40 lbs!  Prior to the increase in weight, I started doing Weight Watchers.  It worked great and I lost 40 lbs doing it.  Then my doctor increased my zoloft from a petty 50 mg to 150 mg for my depression.  It gave me no energy at all and I simply wanted to eat everything in sight.  It was awful!  I have since started WB and I must admit, I think this might just be the miracle drug.  I am no longer hungry and at times, I force myself to eat.  It has definitely helped with my depression and gives me a great deal of energy which I can put back into the gym!  Effexor made me not only gain weight, but I was very bitter and mean when I was on it.  I would be so rude to everyone without reason.  Cymbalta... that turned me into an inconsiderate b*&^h.  I would yell at anyone for no reason - it simply made me insane!  WB has done really well and frankly, at this point, I want to stay on it forever!  Plus, losing weight on it is a great side effect!

Thanks and best of luck!

I just started taking Bupropion 150mg SR 2 days ago.  I'm supposed to be taking it twice a day but for the first week i'm only taking one tablet.

I've been on other antidepressants in the past and gained a LOT of weight, like 40-50 pounds. This was 2-3 years ago.  I've been taking nothing in the meantime.

The last 2 days I have had absolutely no appetite, it's been wonderful.  Since I'm trying to lose weight, I asked my dr to put me on this drug specifically. I wouldn't accept anything else. 
I'm 5'6 and 150, and a female of my age (19) should be more around 130 so I'm looking to lose around 20 pounds.

Hey guys-  Just joined this site.

I'm wondering if anyone has had a situation like mine.  I just started college and right before I began I started taking Zoloft.  Worked wonders for my anxiety, but I started to notice the weight packing on.  I thought- well, freshman fifteen- That's normal.  Usually it's fairly easy for me to lose weight.  I stopped eating the "college food."  I now eat a very healthy vegetarian diet (recently cut out cheese for the most part), but despite running 5 or so miles a day and dieting my weight didn't budge.  In fact, I kept gaining.

I complained to my doctor and she put me on Wellbutrin XL (generic).  She said that the Zoloft probably slowed down my metabolism a lot.  Well, I've been on the Wellbutrin for a bit over a month and I've noticed absolutely no changes in my weight.  I'm too scared to weigh myself, even, because almost NONE of my pants fit now!  I'm certain I'm doing everything right...I've noticed that I'm kind of fidgety again (ah, how I missed the restless legs), and very alert.  Maybe this is a good sign of my metabolism speeding up.  But I can't help but worrying that the Zoloft crippled my metabolism forever...It's so frightening.  I'm sick of hearing stories of weight "melting off" with "no effort."  I've been trying so hard.

I'm in college- seriously can't even afford to buy pants that fit!  Anyone have the same experience?

By the way-in total I have gained about 17 pounds from the Zoloft.  Maybe more since I last weighed myself (too terrifying).  I am still well within the healthy range-I was a few pounds underweight before.  But with my very small frame, the extra weight looks awful!

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