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Has anyone lost weight with Bupropion SR

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Hello, I just have a quick question. I've been on the Anti-Deppressant Effexor XR for about 2-3 years and my doctor and I have decided  to try me on Wellbutrin. She told me it may curb some of my appettite, and the more I read it aids in weight loss. I was curious if anyone has had good or bad experiences with it!
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I took bupropion last year to help quit smoking.  I only had a 30 day script.  I did lose 14 pounds without even trying.  I just melted away.  I almost quit smoking, but did not complete that mission.  Well, because I have emphysema, I am back on the bupropion again starting tomorrow.  I am looking forward to kicking the smoking habit that is killing me and at the same time losing weight as a bonus.  My family is concerned I will get too thin, but I really need to worry about quitting smoking first and fore-most.  Praise!!!!!!!  Just follow the directions on this medication.  It is a serious drug and needs to be respected.  Thank you, di
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Currently, Buproprion has been approved as a prescription drug in the US

Bupropion (Wellbutrin, Wellbutrin SR, Wellbutrin XL) is used to treat depression.

Bupropion (Zyban) is used to help people stop smoking.

Bupropion is also sometimes used to treat bipolar depression and attention deficit disorder.

Here's a link about the medication and Burproprion's possible side effects, including interactions with other drugs, which can be very serious and some deadly.... edmaster/a69503 3.html

Like all prescription drugs, the decision to take should be made with your doctor.

*yay* for medications which can help so many :)

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Hello, I just wanted to give an update. Since I posted this I have lost a total of about 25 pounds! I knew I was losing, but didn't notice a drastic change. I did however have to buy new jeans, and I fit into a size below what I was in. I haven't done that in almost 12 years!!!
   The day after I bought the jeans I went in to work, and found people doing double takes,and asking what I have been doing. What a motivator!!
   I have also made alot of changes in how I eat, and what I eat! I have been trying really hard to think before eating something and trying to find healthier alternatives. So, I am pleased with the results.
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Hi Erin,

I found this message board cause I have anxiety BAD and just started taking wellbutrin SR today so of course I have to find out ALL the side effects out to give me even MORE anxiety. Anyway, I was curious if you are still taking it and if you are still losing weight or having any other side effects.

Thanks for the info!



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Hi Sarah, how's it going? Not too bad here. Yes, I am still on the meds. Since January I have lost 40 Lbs, give or take a few. I really haven't had any adverse reactions. Occasional nausea,I eat a few crackers and I am fine. I find I still cry more than I did when I was taking Effexor,but not bad. I have noticed if I have a bad day it's really bad! Those are far and few between. All In all I am very happy with the pills.
   I have depression and SAD, and was on Effexor for about 3yrs. It worked great,but prevented me from losing weight. Once everything in my life was pretty musch on an even keel, she switched me. Hope it helps. Feel free to pm me anytime. Have a good day!
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Thanks for getting back to me Erin.

I had a lot or anxiety last night, but I think it was mostly from reading about other peoples side know, someone says they have lice then suddenly you head itches...

I am glad I looked around first cause my Dr. prescribed me 300mg a day to start, from what I have read it should gradually increase, so I am doing 150mg for a week then I will start at 300mg.

I also read on here not to take wellbutrin after that true?

Cheers, Sarah
Oddly enough, I have GAINED weight on it.  I gained 60 pounds within the first 3 months of taking it.  There is ZERO doubt in my mind that the Wellbutrin is what caused it because nothing else about my lifestyle, eating habits, etc. changed.  I'm still taking it but often wonder if I would lose the weight if I quit for awhile.  Something tells me that won't work, though.  Of course, I'm afraid to stop because if I have to go back on it, do I really want to risk gaining ANOTHER 60 pounds. 
I went on wellbutrin in March and i have lost 15 lbs!  It has been amazing! I'm not depressed anymore, i have energy to work out and my appetite has seriously decreased! Love it and i hope to never go off of it.
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I am actually taking Wellbutrin XL, not Wellbutrin SR (which may have more weight loss effects) but I have lost 25 pounds with hardly any lifestyle modification for the first 14 pounds (I have been working out during the time I lost my latest 11)...

It definitely, without a doubt in my mind, cuts my appetite. I know this because I just finished school and my insurance ran I had to space out my last bottle (I take the highest dose 450) - so there were days I skipped it (Very bad - do not do this - but I am broke, I just finished school)...anyway, during that week long period, I was ravenous. It was crazy. This week, I've taken my regular dose all week and my appetite went away again...I have lost like 3 pounds this week.

It's also a combination thing, because wellbutrin makes you not want to indulge in anything too much (at least with me). I was a social smoker for 10 years...about a month ago I was out at a bar and I took a cigarette from someone and I couldn't finish it. It just grossed me out. That is definitely the wellbutrin, because I've always enjoyed cigarettes. I also don't like to drink too much alcohol on it ( I don't think you're supposed to drink at all, but I do), and I don't overeat on it. It's weird. It just makes you not want to binge.

Also, I have not had any bad side effects. It makes you have energy, it's been effective on my depression, I lost all this weight doing nothing, it prevents me from smoking bad side effects that I know of.

Lastly, I had to go up on my dose back in April from 300 to 450 unforunately, and most of my weight loss occurred at the 450 dose. I don't think a ton of people are on this dose, so your weight loss may not be as intense as mine. I would not use this med if I were not suffering from major depression, but I am glad I am on it and do not see a reason to ever get off of it. It's a wonder drug to me!!!
The link listed previously did not work, but here is the correct link. There is lots of great information about this drug: edmaster/a695033.html
I just wanted to say again that I'm on wellbutrin (XL) and it's made my life a lot better....... I've also lost 15 pounds so far and I'm sure the WB has helped me with that, I've pretty much stopped binging and the anxiety attacks are pretty much gone (I've had like 2 in 6 months when I used to have about 1 a day).

I'm not sure how much is the drug and how much is me..... but I'm happy I found it!

And yes, I try not to take it after 1pm or I can't sleep!
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I've been on Wellbutrin for about three months and am very rarely hungry!  I've lost 7lbs and am at what I consider my ideal weight, so it's just a matter of remembering to eat healthy meals, now.  WOOHOO! 

I'm absolutely not into taking drugs and am only on this since my divorce and the previous desire to crawl under the covers and hide, but that, too, went away within a few weeks of starting the stuff.  I feel back to normal with NO negative side effects.  I know this stuff probably doesn't work the same for everyone, but I want to hug my doctor for putting me on it, if only for a short time.  Now I just need to get in the habit of eating the right foods and maybe I have a chance of keeping at this weight after I'm off it.
I've been on the SR for 3-4 weeks now, only a small dose (100mg) I think.  I have made a lot of healthier changes since trying to lose weight so I could not say if it is really helping with that or not.  I usually manage to get off 7-8 pounds per month.  However,  I did notice that I was hardly ever hungry..even during TOTM. I sometimes have to force myself to eat.  The depression has also began to get better and I notice that "burst of energy" someone else mentioned for about an hour after I take it..sometimes longer.

The only negative I found with it was my face got VERY dry especially my forehead, wich caused minor itching from time to time.  Not as bad now as it was when I first started.
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I've been on Wellbutrin XL for almost a year now, and i've actually lost about 25 pounts, without trying very hard.  It's been EXREMELY hard for me to lose weigtht, I've been trying very hard for years (running 5 times a week etc) and could never loose a pound.  Suddenly on wellbutrin it was melting off.  The only problem now is that I've stopped losing and it feels so bad!  I'm on a 300mg dosage.  I also feel 10X better emotionally and my food cravings are way less intense now.
That stuff made me crazier than I already was...I'd go on another antidepressant.

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Those of you losing weight on WB, what dose are you taking? I've been on 150XL for almost a month and haven't lost any. But, I'm also on Lexapro and Mirtazapine, both which cause weight gain. I may need a higher dose of WB to see any effect. Thanks.
Chinkes: I tried 150mg a day for over 2 months just to make sure I didn't have any side effects (I didn't) but it also didn't help...

Once I went up to 300mg a day things started to improve much faster!  Now I feel better and I swear, I don't know how much of it is the pill and how much is me, but no matter what I do I keep loosing weight!  Almost 20 pounds in 8 months so far....

Some people take 450mg a day, but I am doing well on 300 so I'm staying on that.  Apparently 150mg a day is only supposed to be for people under 16, or for the first month or two.
I've never heard of this.  I would encourage you to loose weight the healthy way.  As bad as I need to loose weight, I refuse to take any diet drugs or appettite suppressants.  It's more healthier to gain control over our lives and control what we're eating without medication.  Medication and Appettite Suppressants don't teach you how to eat.  After you've loss the weight, you will gain it back because you will not have learned control.
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Thanks for the reply! Are you taking WB brand or generic? I'm thinking about going to generic when I increase to 300mg. What is your primary diagnosis or the reason you are on WB? I've got GAD and secondary depression. I'm on 3 ADs now: Lexapro, Mirtazapine and WB. I hope to eliminate the Lexapro if WB does not cause an increase in anxiety and panic. What have you experienced while on it? Thanks!

I've been taking the XL (150) for a month now and I have not yet lost any weight.  I had a baby in early June and have about 10 lbs to lose.  I run 5-7 miles a day and count calories and I thought this drug would help (along w/ post partum) but zilch!!  Does any one think that the drug is actually causing my body to hold on to the weight?  I'm very frustrated and have been thinking of not taking it anymore...... 
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