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Has anyone lost weight with Bupropion SR

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Hello, I just have a quick question. I've been on the Anti-Deppressant Effexor XR for about 2-3 years and my doctor and I have decided  to try me on Wellbutrin. She told me it may curb some of my appettite, and the more I read it aids in weight loss. I was curious if anyone has had good or bad experiences with it!
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Hi there escorp......I was on celexa for 2 years and have now gone on wellburtin.  So far it has really curbed my appetite.  And my mood has improved 200%.  I haven't beeen on it long but so far I'm down 6 after about 3 weeks.  Even through the holidays.  So for me it is wonderful I am so glad I went off celexa and started this.  I hope it works as good for you as it does me
I have been on bupropion on and off for several years to treat depression.  I have consistently been more successful with losing weight during the "on" times.  I honestly can't say if it has curbed my appetite, just that the treatment for depression has helped me to be stronger and more energetic, and to combat those feelings of worthlessness that come with the disease.  I recognize that I am worth working for and getting better, and that helps me stick with the healthy choicesI try to make now.

I'm no expert, so take this for what it's worth, but what I've heard and read is that bupropion may aid in weight loss not because it's an appetite suppressant, but because it works on the brain chemistry and can help to curb cravings/addictive behaviors -- that's why it's also prescribed as an aid to quit smoking.

Best of luck!!
i have been taking wellbutrin for about 2 months now and have noticed the same effects.. according to my doctor, the appetite suppressant and energy increase are not only a result of depression being relieved (but that is a major factor) but also because bupropian is a mildly stimulating drug. all stimulants curb appetite, and i believe that bupropian is actually being studied as a potential weight loss drug right now.

that being said, no matter how much your appetite is curbed, it all comes down to you...hunger isn't really the reason why people are overweight...
I started Wellbutrin XR (not the SR) in November.  I've lost 6 lbs so far.  Interestingly, I was having some weird side-effects and my doc wanted me to stop the medication for a week to make sure that they were being caused by the Wellbutrin, and I was WAY hungrier than I was when I was taking it.  I'm back on now (as of this morning actually) and I feel instantly less hungry.

I'm taking 300mg XR in the morning, but I started on 150mg XR and that dose was just as effective.  I was on 150mg SR twice a day for a bit and that wasn't as good for me at curbing my appetite.

I'm pretty sure I'll be on this medication either A. forever or B. until I decide to have kids (and then back on after I'm not pregnant anymore) because of my emotional issues, so at least there's a bonus that goes along with that... 
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I'm on Lexapro, and the first week was a total drag! I kept getting dissy, but I wouldn't eat at all until I had to (three days later), as the effects were wearing off. Then I was put on Seroquel also and I have gained weight, but oddly it hasn't showed up anywhere. I went from 110, to 120. Now I'm at 119 lb. I didn't have much weight to begin with so it didn't really matter.

Star, yes, we probally will be on this for life. Of cource, if you do become pregnant, there are some meds that are safe to take when you are pregnant.

Just be careful, if you have anxiety, Wellbutrin can make it a whole lot worse!
star1020 wrote:  "I'm pretty sure I'll be on this medication either A. forever or B. until I decide to have kids (and then back on after I'm not pregnant anymore)"

Just a tidbit of info -- I went off the Wellbutrin when I discovered I was pregnant, and then learned later that it actually is approved to take during pregnancy when necessary.  I was on it for the last month of pregnancy, but then had to go off it again because it is not okay to take while breastfeeding.
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I'm taking that medication now.  My doctor said that it is the same thing as Zyban. 

Last time I used it to quit smoking (about 2+ years ago) I lost weight.  This time I gained weight.  But I think the reason that the weight loss side effect did not happen this time is because I am only taking one pill a day (last time I was taking two.)  I might try increasing it and see if that is the reason.

One thing that I do notice though is that it gives me a nice energy burst at the gym.  If I take it before my cardio kickboxing class, which is really intense, I have no problem getting through the class at all.  It's kind of like when I used to take Xenadrine, only not quite as strong. 

I'm on this drug as well but have noticed nothing.  I was very much looking forward to the weight loss and/or appettite suppresant but I have had neither.  It's very frustrating.

It was also supposed to help stop my binge and overeating, which it hasn't.

I have also read that they are now testing wellbutrin (bupropion) for a weight loss drug, and good luck with that.  It didn't work for me but hopefully it will work for others.
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I was on Wellbutrin SR for awhile during the end of my third midwife was a little owrried that it would stop me from gaining stayed steady but after I had the baby it got me right back to my 125 from before baby...I got off of it though and I have gained about 12 pounds in7 months!
I've been on Wellbutrin for some time, but since I am also on Paxil I haven't noticed any weight loss or loss of appetite. Paxil makes me gain weight. Maybe I would have gained more if not for the Wellbutrin. ??
it's supposed to suppress appetite, but also your cravings and/or bad habits in regards to food.

I'm still waiting..... not really sure why I take the pill every day, like I mentioned its done nothing good and I've only had some weird side effects (itching, insomnia) and it's been 3 months on it.
fmjess, have you tried taking your wellbutrin in the morning? If I take mine any other time, I have insomnia big time. The wellbutrin will definitely keep you awake. I'm sorry it hasn't helped you. Maybe try it in combination with another rx? I have to take Paxil along with the wellbutrin to benefit.
Yeah, I always take it before 10am!  The first week I didn't know about the 'before 3pm' rule and couldn't sleep!

I won't take anything else, since every other AD has effects that I am not willing to get :(

But thank you for the suggestion..... maybe I will try to take it as soon as I get up (so closer to 8am)
I took Welbutrin SR when I quit smoking I can't say it curbed my appetite and I gained a lot of weight when I quit smoking.

I got off it 4 months into my quit and am now taking Lexapro as I have anxiety issues more than depression.  I also take remeron for my insmonia and it makes me mindlessly eat.  I don' know if its the combo of the 2 RXs but I am slowlly gaining agin.
The weight loss/appetite suppressant thing doesn't work for everyone.  I looked up side effect statistics and I think like 12% of people lost 5 lbs or more.  That means you have an 88% chance of it doing absolutely nothing in that regard.  Not everyone gets every side effect.

And as a big "for instance" Wellbutrin has a 3% chance of causing tinnitus, which is constant ringing in the ears.  3% - that's so low, nothing to worry about eh?  Well that's the one I got.  It's very annoying, although I'm starting to get used to it.  Still, why couldn't I just get dry mouth and nausea like a normal person?  Noooooo....of course I have to get the weird stuff.
just to add (sorry that it's a week later)....

I also only got the bad side effects, most of which have worn off, but my skin was so itchy for the first month I had to carry a bottle of aloe around with me.  It was scary to drive since I would get these shooting pains of itchy on my arms!

I'm going to the doctor today.  I'm not giving up on wellbutrin yet (although I don't know why) and I'm getting her to up my dose to a normal adult dose of 300mg a day.

I'm on XL by the way, not SR.  But from what I've read, there's not much of a difference.
i took wellbutrin SR for months, and the only weight loss i had was during the first two weeks and it wasn't much.  i later went off the medicine because it made me nearly homicidal... angry and ON EDGE all the time.  don't worry though, we all respond differently. 

Advice:  don't depend on any medicine to do all the work for you.  Make healthy changes and turn them into habits and a way of life! Of course you may already be doing this, but I put too much hope in medicine working magic that it just ain't gonna!  good luck to you!
Oh for sure, I was just hoping it would help, not relying on it.... I actually started taking it for anxiety attacks that I thought were allergies!  heh

I'd like to think that my new diet (eating healthy and counting calories) is because of me, but I'm not sure how much of it is the drug that finally got me to do it since for 2 years I couldn't do it on my own.

I'm sure glad I found this site though!
I'm on it, not for weight loss though.  I haven't noticed any appetite reduction but I've wondered about that myself.
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Hey all,   I found this post after doing a google search and had to let you know my weight loss. I am currently taking Bupropion SR to quit smoking. I've been taking it since the 10th and have been recently very active (new puppy). I've lost a total of 20-25lbs thus, I am not kidding. Can't wait to lose more! 
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