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Has anyone gone for 48+ hours without sleep?

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How active were you during those 48 (or more) hours? I mean, did you sit at your desk the whole time, or  did you do chores and move around a lot? By the end of that period, were you still able to function (think properly, etc.)?

I've been up for about 24 hours so far, and there's no way I'll be able to get any sleep until this time tomorrow. It's very important that I still have some energy about 20 hours from now... and I'm not sure what to expect...

I'm sorry, I realize this is a very vague (and odd) topic, but I really need to knwo!
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yes. i stayed up and continued my daily obligations for approximately 60 hours, then i finally got a chance to sleep. I did have some REALLY groggy times though.. every 24 hour mark was the worst. i could not even keep my eyes open for more than a few seconds at a time around the 24 & 48 hour marks but that does pass. by the way, this is really unhealthy.

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My record is 57 hours scrambling to finish an assignment in an underground lab with no windows. Without the view from the outside it's hard to notice the passage of time. Some of my group members fell asleep sitting up in front of a computer. By the end I knew I wasn't thinking as well as I could, but I could function enough to finish my assignment.

Having done this a couple times I know that the day after I almost always sleep 20 hours or so.

thanks for the quick replies! By the way, I'm not doing this because I really want to!

Another thing: I've been drinking lots of coffee (like 7 cups today), but tomorrow it's going to be diet coke all day, since it's more portable. Do you think the $2.50-a-bottle energy drinks would be more effective in my case, or should I just stick with my coke?

I think if you're going to pull a stunt like this off, you should do it without chemical aids. Drinking caffeine while simultaneously depriving yourself of sleep is like taking money out of a bank, (by which I mean your adrenal glands,) and not putting any back in. 

So, yeah. It's crap for you either way, but worse with the drugs. What are you doing, anyway? Do you really not have time to take even a three hour cat nap? I once stayed up 48 hours finishing a study project for my Japanese class. By the time the classtest I'd been cramming for rolled around my thinking was so muddled I had to physically hurt myself-- dig my nails into my skin, bite my lip, snap a rubberband,-- just to stay awake and alert. My eyes kept closing on their own. And guess what: I got a C on the project, and a D on the test.


I work during the day (9-5) and take evening classes (starting at 6:00). I have a huge two hour test tomorrow night, and sleeping is definitely not an option. I'm just worried that after working all day and not sleeping I might fall asleep during the test (with me, it's possible!).... I know that there's not much I can do, but I guess I just wanted to know what to expect...
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If you absolutely have to, diet coke has helped me cram through more than one exam. Although I've moved on to caffeine pills if I absolutely must. But I agree with meleba, a 3 hour nap works wonders and unless you haven't been studying at all it's probably your best bet.

yep i had to to stay up to finish my phtoography coursework last year, i stayed up for about 65 hours... in those 65 hours I went to the gym twice for an hour, at about 6 in the morning, then carried on my day as normal and then spent all night up and about, cutting and sticking in... at the end of all that we went to a good charlotte concert and i ended up spending all of it in a circle pit being bashed a fair bit... then finally got home and went to sleep for about 6 hours, when i had to get up again to go to school!!
for most of it i was ok, every few hours i'd get really tired, and almost hallucinated like i was high or something!!  
u have to be careful doin this... coz u run the risk of dangerous stuff happening. i wouldn work out or drive... u will deplete ur self of vital energy to keep the brain functioning. most of all u need the aul brain to function. it might be illegal to recommend this but somethin which i found out by mistake is that sudafed (NON DROWSY) is extremely effective at giving u a pep up- a major one. but u will feel the after effects of coming down and feeling flat and drained. so its only possible to do it for a day mayb two.

i disagree with the reccommendation not to use chemical aids. i think the only way to stay alert and out of danger is to use caffeine and pseudo-ephedrine(sudafed). these at least will help u stay out of a state of stupor.

sleep deprivation for 48hrs plus, is considered a form of torture b the international board of psychiatrists, and effects of it are quite dangerous. similar to concussion. also if u have heart or thyroid issues i STRONGLY  reccommend talkin to a doc.
I'm sorry, but I don't agree with what you're doing, moscovite82. Sleeping is one of the most important things we do. It's essential to both physical and psychological processes, and without it you risk grave danger to both. It doesn't matter what responsibilities you may have at school or work. I assure you that they'll be much better served if you're well-rested, even if you have less time for them that way. There's no need for that kind of damage to yourself.

Well, that's just one calorie counter's opinion.
yeah...i don second what celt rose is sayin.... wholey... i dont think mosco is gonna listen so if this is a once off then i reckon we give the smartest once-off advice we can.

but like food sleep is essential, and so i dont condone this "pro-insomnia" forum!!!!! :D
Thanks everyone!

What's funny is I kept nodding off all day, but right now I don't even feel tired...

Anyways, I got through it - I can go to sleep now =).
And to those that didn't agree with the whole concept: I really had no choice. Celtic, I'll be well rested tomorrow!
I pull all-nighters for class all the time. During finals week, I sometimes pull three straight all-nighters. I'm functional but not fully functional by the end. I do a lot better when I don't do any caffeine at all until very, very late if I need it. Good luck!
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I used to do stuff like that when I was working full time and carrying 17-20 credits per semester.  I was taking advantage of the sleeping problems I had already where 'sleep' was mostly me trying to lay quietly for a few hours.  When I went back to school after working several years, I decided not to do that again, especially with my sleeping problem under control.  I did better in school and got more out of my classes by making sure I was well rested and just accepting that I couldn't spend those few hours cramming more into an exhausted brain.  What can I say, Mom was right about getting enough sleep and always eating breakfast!

Working shift work... I understand that people need to do this.   Remember to drink plenty of water when you're on a lack of sleep binge!!  And do not drive!   The affects of sleep deprivation are very similar to that of a drunk driver.    So please be careful!  

I for one will be up for about 24 hours at least once a week. This is a must since I work the night shift as well as work a second job and have to take care of the kids at home.   If you can squeeze in a one hour nap..... it will get you through the day.  But when that can't happen... set an alarm and allow yourself ten minutes of shut eye.  Power naps can work wonders!!!

Be safe!!
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I did a military excersise where we stayed awake for about 96 hours. Very heavy physical activity intersperced with sedatory stuff - all out side on a welsh mountain side.

Found the body rising and falling as the days progressed very strong and alert in the early hours crashing towards lunch time then back up and down.

Group halusanations at about 56 hours with 10 people all hearing the same ice cream van - which wasnt there. One guy had to be searched for and rescued after going naked into a frezzing stream after meeting a blonde girl in white robes who told him he could only cross if naked - no kidding

Very difficult to carry out simple tasks and thinking starts to become very difficult.

Micro slep hit in a little later when the body involenterrily closes down for very short periods (seconds) - this is a sign you are really pushing it.

Actually very enjoyable and a real eye opener on the leadership of people.

However everyone on the excersise was very fit - wouldnt recomend it if your driving or operating machinary.

I would say stay away from the stimulants they keep your eyes open but the brain function remains slower than normal - this can lead to accidents as you become unable to make good judgements also you will eventually need to come down and then the body will suffer.

Great experiance however I would echo those above - tiredness is like pain its telling you your body needs to do something i.e. stop putting hand in the oven :-) - go to sleep / feed me - ignore it at your peril.

If your studing for a huge amount of hours to get the work done then you need to look at how you plan your time not how long you can force yourself to stay awake :-)


Anyway Im knackered after all that typing siesta time....zzzzzzzz



I got really angry with my fiancee and was awake for the entire 80 hours after jettisoning him. I was completely fuled by adrenaline and rage, but I just couldn't sleep.  I didn't hallucinate.  None of my friends ever mentioned me acting oddly, aside from the pacing and cursing.  Finally, they took me out dancing.  Between the physical activity and the alcohol, I finally crashed.  I think I just had to do something to wear myself out.  Then I slept for about 20 hours straight.  That's been my first, last, and only experience with that. 

You will do better on the test if you sleep.  That being said, you will be much more awake during the times you are normally awake.  Your biological rhythms do not change just because you are staying awake. 

Finally, I can also assure you that this is a good way to die in a car accident.  In fact, next to drugs and alcohol, there is probably no better way to kill yourself in a car than to drive while severely sleep deprived.

I believe 96 hours is my record, but 48 was a fairly regular thing when I was in the military (young in my career -- I didn't even own a car at the time).  I was a shiftworker on rotating shifts -- it was hard to party and get sleep....

By the end of most 48 hour stretches, I found that I would fall asleep completely for 45-58 seconds at time (I did have ways of measuring that, actually) -- although I had an error-free night, I can't say that it was terrible productive.

I don't recommend it

How'd it end up?

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