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Anyone had experience with spider bite?

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So apparently this bug/spider bite I got on my arm that I shrugged off as nothing ended up being a big something. The bite infected my blood stream and had caused a red streak to form up to my lymph node and was going to get into my heart. I had to go to the ER and they used a scalpel to slice open the already painful spider-bite area, drain out this yellow pus, apply medicine that felt like someone holding a lighter to my arm, and then bandage me up.

I also now have to take two pills a day for a weak. Yaaaay.

spider bites about


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Oh good god. Thank the lord for England's lack of interesting *coughdeadlycough* insects :D

Sounds like a brown recluse. I had to go to the ER for a brown recluse bite once. No fun, but it is good you got medical help, and you will recover!

any chance you could post a picture of the thing that bit you so I know what to freak out about

was it just the infection that causes all this or was it the type of spider?

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