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Anyone else have a bad gall bladder?

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I am going in for 2 tests on my gall bladder this Thursday and I'm totally freaking out!  The doctor ordered them because I'm having a lot of pain and bloating after meals and what feels like killer heartburn in my chest (just between ribs where they meet at bottom) every night.  I notice it is a LOT worse when I eat greasy foods like hamburger or cheese and better when I stick to fruits and veggies.  But the kicker is that when I eat a lot of fiber rich foods I have the bloating and pain as well!  I also suffer from indigestion, bloated stomach, chronic constipation, and heartburn.

Does this sound familiar to anyone with gall bladder issues?  I had a pipida (sp?) scan almost 1 1/2 years ago that showed sludge but the doc didn't seem to concerned.  Now I have to have the pipida scan again, but first I go for ultrasound.  If it is bad the doc says it means I have to have surgery to remove my gall bladder.  Way scary for me!   I've heard a lot of websites say that after gall bladder removal weight gain is common.  I dooooon't need that!  I've also read that nausea,loose stools, and other complications can occur.  How many of you experienced problems and how many were just fine?

 I'm just freaking out a little because I'm so unsure of what will happen.  Any advice or knowledge would be helpful.


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i dont but i hope you feel better... also check out and read about your symptoms/possible conditions; that way you are informed and less scared! hope it turns out all right :)
Yes, it sounds very familiar.  I had my gall bladder removed a few years ago... I had the exact same symptoms as yours.  Sugary foods were the least painful, jelly beans and marshmallows for dinner... and I didn't even gain weight!

Don't worry though, the procedure is very quick and quite painless (since they knock you out for it). 

I still have a hard time eating fatty foods, so it makes it easier to avoid them... still love the sugar though (although I DO gain weight from it now)

I didn't gain any weight after the procedure either... if that helps.
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It is going to be alright.  If it is your gallbladder acting up (and they will probably be able to tell from the ultrasound) then getting it removed will ease all your troubles.  As for the after effects, sometimes if I eat a lot of greasy foods I have loose stools and not to be gross, but just so ya know, I don't mean running to the bathroom stools.  I mean kinda mushy.

The procedure was really easy.  I asked to go home right after I woke up but they wouldn't let me because it was so late in the day and they have to have you a certain number of hours for observation.  I felt fine other than my stomach being tender for a few days. 

Of course all surgery is scary (I don't want to diminish your feelings in this at all) but if you have to have surgery, this isn't a bad one to have.  It is pretty ease on your body.  It is easy for the surgeon to perform.  Complications are extremely rare especially considering how many of these are done each year.  Something you have to realize about complications with surgery is that it is just like medication labeling, they have to list all possible negative side effects, but the extreme ones usually don't happen.  And I didn't gain any weight.  I can't think of any reason why you would gain weight from not having a gallbladder.

My best advice in all things medical is to go to a doctor you like and respect.  I will never trust someone I don't like to cut me open.  Don't be afraid to ask every single question you are thinking no matter how silly it seems and the doc should let you do this.  And don't be afraid to ask the doctor how experienced they are at doing this particular procedure and what their complication rates are.  You have to be proactive in your own health care. 


Elecia: feel better soon. I have the same issue but not that far I mean I don't need a surgery at the moment but I might need it later. I have the same pain that you are describing in the same area. That ususally happens after I binge on muffins, and chocolate. I have many gall bladder stones and it hurts.

Keep me informed please. I hope everything will be ok soon. Don't be afraid if you need the surgery. You will feel a way much better than now.

Take care.
Elecia, I definitely feel your pain! I had my gall bladder out when i was 16 years old. The pain that i went thru until they finally figured out what it was, was awful. I wouldn't wish that upon anyone.

The way i could tell if i was having a gall bladder attack was i was get really bad pains in my ribs, it would push thru in to my back and would make it really hard for me to breath.  This happened for about a year until I ended up getting pancreatitis. A Gall stone had blocked the bile duct so i couldn't keep any food down.

I'm kind of happy that i had to get it out as i lost weight after :) I wasn't able to eat greasy foods so that always helps to keep your weight down. Even still if i eat fatty foods, even pasta I get a really upset stomache.  I think each person might differ a little bit with how foods affect them after they have it out. My neighbour had his out and can't eat bananas, i guess because of the different kind of acid in a banana.

When they removed, they did it laproscopically which is a fairly easy procedure and the recovery was pretty fast.

Hope you get results soon and know exactly whats going on, i feel your pain


I had my gall bladder removed a few years ago, after having an attack of the worst pain I ever had in my life (including childbirth)!   If I consume high fat foods I get a 'mushy' stool, but otherwise no problems & I eat about whatever I want to (a bad thing) The pain after removal is nothing compared to the pain I had before that, and it is gone as soon as I healed (a few days) I was off work 1 week from start to finish, but only because I had heavy lifting, and my hospital stay was only a few hours.

Good luck to you. 

Any surgery is frightening, especially when you do not know what to expect. I have had many problems recently and in fact had my gallbladder removed last Monday. Now, my problems are a little different then yours since my symptoms were "off", I was very acutely sick, in and out of the hospital and off work for almost 2 months (and still off work until at least mid-feb) and I have other factors that may present complications. But rest assured, the surgery itself is a fairly simple one. I had problems for some time and like you only had sludge, but in the last 7 months had many "attacks". I suddenly developed stones, and when they did remove it, there was a lot of scar tissue to show that there had been problems for some time. I was an extreme case. Severe pain when eating or drinking and in the end, I was on IV fluids for over 2 weeks because I could  not take anything in. Not even water without pain. Now, my situation is much different then yours and as I said, I have other factors complicating the issue which is causing me to have even more tests and possibly more surgery in the future. But I am not here to scare you. As I said, the surgery itself is rather routine and everyone is different. Because many now do not have the pain when eating greasy foods the "have at it" and gain weight but I also know many who have lost a great deal after surgery simply because they feel better, are more careful what they eat and finally have the energy they need to get active. Everyone is different. Do a little research, ask your doctor many questions. Now, the surgery is usually done as a day surgery, with the patient going home just  mere hours later. It can be done laparoscopic (just 4 small incisions in the belly rather then one huge gash, this again depends on the patient) and most people feel a heck of a lot better within days of having the gallbladder removed. You have to take time off work and you cannot lift, lug or love (the 3 L's) for 4 - 6 weeks after surgery, but if it comes to this, in the end I am sure you will have great relief. Like with any surgery there are complications, but talk to your doctor and ask even what you may think are silly questions. This all comes down to your health. Most people live quite well without their gallbladder but like anything, its up to you to monitor what goes into your body and your level of activity. Weight gain will not be a result of the surgery its self, but how you deal with your choices and your life after wards. You will be sore for some time, but that heals. Just know that gallbladder problems are quite common most days, and you are not the only one out there. As I said, I am having a difficult time but my situation is very, very different then yours. Just never be afraid to speak with your doctor and if I can help in anyway, please let me know. In the end, take care of you and the surgery will probably be a blessing after you heal. Have faith, good luck and know there are others here for you!


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Thanks for all the input everyone and for sharing your stories.  Now I'm still scared but not quite so terrified.  In some ways I am hoping that it is my gall bladder.  That way the surgery can be performed and my pain will end, but at the same time if it isn't then I worry "what other tests" will have to be done to finally sort me out?  I've had a lot of pain the last few days, same area, right between my ribs down at the bottom.  It mostly occurs of a night as I lay in bed.  It can be so painful that it feels as though one of my ribs is broken and trying to push through my back.  It hurts to breathe in to deeply and sometimes brings tears to my eyes. 

I suppose I won't know for certain until after Thursday.  But at least then I can finally say it is, or it isn't gallbladder causing my issues.  I will keep everyone updated as I know.  

Again thanks for your support! 

I had mine taken out last month. I was the happiest person on the planet that morning that I would never have a horrifyingly painful gallbladder attack ever again. Mine were horrendous and they landed me in the emergency room.

All I had to do was get an ultrasound. They found out that I had a bad case of gall stones and then I made an appointment to see the surgeon. 2 months later, I had my gallbladder taken out (I waited that long because of school).

The surgery was simple. I was laid out for 3 days and actually left the house on the 4th to go hang out at the bf's (in my pj's but I was out of the house haha). I went out every day after that as well. I couldn't go back to work for about 2 weeks after the surgery, so it was a nice vacation from here.

Yes, there's soreness and it sucks trying to fall asleep for the first week, but the pain meds help knock you out.

Don't be scared. It's a really easy surgery now because they do it laproscopically. Better to have it out now than complications later, I think. (Unless you doctor thinks otherwise.. I'm not a dr. =) )

Hi, I just had mine taken out on the 17th. I was not too scared of the surgery just looking forward to it being over. I had such bad attachs that it would take 6 HOURS to get through. They hurt so bad. I had the surgery on the 17th at 11:00 and they had me walking at about 3:30 and I was home right after that. I slept the rest of the day and most of the next. Today is pretty good. The only time I can really feel any kind of pain is if I have to press down on something. My back is a little sore from using them muscles more but over all I am feeling much better. They tell me I can't work out for at least 10 days. I will see what the doc says on Thursday, I have to get my post op check. I have not gained any weight in fact I have lost 5 pounds. I did get a little sick last night after supper but that was a little higher in fat then what I have been eating the last month. We had baked pork chops, and I didn't even eat that much. The one thing I have noticed that I no longer want is cookies. I got so sick on them before I had the operation that I don't even want to look at them right now.

Sleeping the first couple of night was not very fun, or trying to get out of bed. One more thing. They pump your stomach full of gas so they can expand it and look around. That is probably the worst of the pain you will have. It is the pressure that hurts but your body will absorb it.  I know I am glad to have this over. I hated not knowing what would send the gallbladder into an attach. I was eating fish,oatmeal and cereal. now I can eat a little more. I am still scared of what I eat but that will get better in time too. Good Luck and don't be too scared it really isn't that bad.

I was misdiagnoised with a Hiatal hernia and lactose intolerance , and so for YEARS I suffered horrible pain from my gallbladder thinking there was nothing I could do.

By the time it got so bad I had to go to hospital I had been in constant sickening pain for 4 days and they again misdiagnoised it as Deverticulitis even though they had x-rays showing tons of gall stones.  They treated me with softs (soft food diet) and pain meds and the worst of it went away.

2 months later I had another attack right after eating greasy food, I thought well I will do what they did and for 6 days I ate only soft food and SUFFERED. on the 7th morning I could not stand upright without wanting to pass out I took a cab to the hospital and they gave me another ultrasound and finally admitted it was my gallbladder.

the operation was dont laproscopically through a tiny 1 1/2 inch slit and four 1 centimeter holes all on the crease of my stomach, they used surgical glue so I have no scars.  In my case it took 4 hours (but then I had probably had gall bladder trouble for 18 years by then) and I was out the entire time and after waking up was able to transfer myself to bed.

1 day more in the hospital, a diet of softs for a week and no grease for a month just to be safe and I was fine. I can eat fatty food if I want, but most of all I can eat dairy again.

I would go through the surgury again in a minute to never suffer like that again.

DONT BE AFRAID.  The pain is 100% worse then the treatment could ever be, and if you get it done earlier than later it is easy.

Original Post by tammy_180:

 I did get a little sick last night after supper but that was a little higher in fat then what I have been eating the last month.

Your gallbladder stores gall, the stuff your liver makes to break down fats, after you get it out it helps to give your body a little time to get use to not having excess gall and having to get it strait from your liver.

Just go slow on fats for a month or so and you will not have that again.

It might also be an Ulcer.

My gallbladder pain felt like a band around my chest, I first thought i was having a heartattack.

Ulcers can be treated with meds and diet, Please let us know after you get checked out.

I had mine removed 6 years ago. Whenever I ate greasy or sugar foods I would get very sick and throw up. I was i so much pain when I would eat the wrong thing like major stuck gas pains or cramping.

I had my gall bladder removed shortly after my appendix was removed and during the same time I had thumb surgery and almost died of nuemonia. That's because I got sick in the hospital after the appendix was removed and had nothing to do with the gall bladder.

The actual surgery was a walk in the park. I mean under any type of surgery coming out of anesthia doesn't feel great to some people and makes them nausiated but with the laproscopic procedure they do now like I had done it's really not that bad. Some experience alot of bloating and pain with the gas afterwards but it didn't happen to me. It may not have happened to me because I got up and walked around right away and moved as much as possible. I ended up with 5 small incisions that were taped and stitched and really didn't feel much pain with those only a stinging feeling. The worst part for me was waiting for the anesthesia to wear off as sometimes it takes several days to really feel normal again.

Best of luck and I know it's scarey but you will be fine and in alot less pain having it out then keeping it in. Oh and btw.......yes I gained 20 lbs but I don't think it had much to do with the gallbladder being removed but my stressful living situation and not exercising.


Try not to panic, your Dr will do the very best for you.

I have the same symptoms, same pains, same blaoting,  what feels like a heart attack, Dr provisionally diagnosed gall stones, sent me for the ultrasound 3 months ago - they found nothing.  I still do get the pain sometimes but since having a healthier lifestyle from CC it happens considerably less.

The sonogram didn't show any stones, but during the pipida (sp?) scan when they injected the enzymes to make my gallbladder contract I felt very ill and a hard almost pinching pain for almost 5 minutes.  Dunno....guess when I get the results I will know for sure.  Oh other fun bit of the test....the nurse blew out the vein in my right arm and now I have a bruise the size of a large egg. Cry
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