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Anyone drink Boost Plus to gain weight?

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I've recovered from an eating disorder & the only way I have ever been able to gain a healthy amount of weight was by drinking 3 bottles of Boost Plus per day.  Is it healthy to drink that many bottles of Boost Plus?  They have all the vitamins & minerals I need, calories & fat, but the down-side is that they are really high in sugar. 

I was able to get up to 124 lbs when I increased my calorie intake to 2000 calories, but I'm 5'8 & should be in the 135 to 140 range.  That's when I started adding the Boost Plus again along with my meals & I'm now 131 lbs.  (It's just easier for me to get extra calories from supplement drinks than by eating non-stop throughout the day).  I plan to stop drinking the Boost once I'm able to maintain my weight at 135 lbs.

Any thoughts?

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I don't think it's bad for you.  I feel it would sort of be equivilant to drinking protein shakes with meals. Maybe protein shakes would be a better option sugar wise? I'm not exactly sure. you can see if the boost drinks make a sugar free/reduced sugar kind

hm one Boost Plus=360 cal

you could make a protein shake with soy protein powder(mine is 110/25g protein, for ex.) one cup unsweetened Edensoy(120), and one cup original enriched Rice Dream(120) and add sweetener/vanilla flavoring for 350 cal and minimal sugar. just an idea

and of course if you'd rather add dairy alternatives that'd work

I also had to do ensure plus to gain weight... 5 each day, plus a huge meal plan. but as far as health goes. i would advise you do boost, or the ensure plus. the protein shakes will deffinitely fill you up more and make it way harder to drink even more.

hi tahitisweetie123.. im also about your height and should be around 140lbs... I wanted to let you know what ever your doing sounds as though its working ..I wanted to ask you how much did weigh b4 u got 2b 124lbs, then how lng did it take to get there? and then how lng to get to 131lbs?

hey there,

hmmm...I was around 110 to 112 before I got up to 124, which was still quite underweight for my height.  In order to get there I had to increase my calories to around 1500 & then to 2000, ate 3 meals a day & made sure I drank 2 bottles of Boost Plus.  That was last year...this past summer I really made the commitment to gain weight, so I increased my calories up to 3000, ate every three hours, and drank 3 bottles of Boost Plus.  (The Boost Plus are added into the 3000 calories--it was an easy way to get those extra calories in).  It didn't take long at all to see a positive change in my weight--only took about a couple weeks & I was already up 2 lbs!  I've gained about a pound per week since the end of July & now I'm at 135 lbs.  Like you, I think it would be better to be around 140 lbs, so I'm almost there!

Thanks for asking! Smile

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