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Antidepressants and Marijuana

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For those of you smokers out there, not cigs, do NOT smoke a lot on antidepressants.

My wellbutrin (150mg) did NOT mix with the THC i consumed last night, omg. I was having hallucinations, increased heart rate, all of my senses felt like they were going haywire. I could not control my thoughts, I was incredibly paranoid and could not relax...I felt sort of like I was in hell. It was by far the worst thing that has ever happened to me, I had to TRY to focus on something for it to seem real. I wanted to go to the hospital. I ate 1 weed cookie and smoked....jeez.Bad idea.

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I'm on wellbutrin too and remember reading somewhere that mixing it with weed can cause "psychosis" in some people. Maybe you are one of the unlucky ones. I'd stay away from it as long as your on the WB to be safe.

it depends on the antidepressant. some pills mix badly with alcohol(obv.) but not all interact with weed. when i was on a massive dose of zoloft such was the case.

i did not drink that much alcohol and felt prettygood even after smoking. The cookie like killed me...I was with a bunch of other people and got away just in time. I went into my room and laid in my bed, terrified, I felt like I was experiencing every memory I have ever had at the same time, could not stop it, I was super paranoid and felt lie my friends were talking about me...I jumped out of bed once and said WHAT? bc i thought I heard them calling my name but no one was there. I had no control over my motor functions - my weird. 

I have heard (feel free to correct me if I am wrong) that the only way you can overdose on THC is by eating it.

Eating marijuana cookies/brownies....whatever, gets WAY too much THC in your system, WAY too fast. No wonder you were tripping.

Anyone with depression shouldn't be using marijuana at all.  It's fairly well established that those who are predisposed towards mental disorders are hugely at risk from developing serious psychosis if they use it.   You should be glad you had this frightening experience because it may just have saved your life.

Oink, that same thing happened to me once last fall! I wasn't on wellbutrin, but I had taken some pretty strong painkillers earlier in the day and hadn't eaten more than a salad in like, three days. I swear that had something to do with it. I only had a few hits (which, for me at the time, shouldn't have even had much of an effect) but wow. Same thing: I thought I was going to die, and was definitely okay with the idea, that's how bad it was. Definitely turned me off the gange for awhile. I didn't know about the wellbutrin and weed interaction though, hmm. . . And gi-jane, thanks for the info. Definitely eye-opening.  

torpidire - Yeah...I read some interesting accounts of it on Very was explaining EXACTLY what happened to me, i don't think I could have put it into words. We have way too much in common.

gi-jane - I have been smoking marijuana recreationally for several years...and definitely not too-too often because I am really into working out and my lungs are super important to me. But I am not depressed. I am on antidepressants to help calm the nerve endings in my stomach. This is also not the first time since starting wellbutrin I have smoked, nothing happened weird the other time. Just normal, tired, thoughtful high. I think this was from consuming the cookies, but everyone else I was with was normal just super high for a long time afterwards. But did not feel like I did...I really do not believe marijuana is a gateway to other drugs and i have NEVER wanted to do any before...even though I have friends into E and shrooms - i think I am 'predisposed' to have negative experiences with drugs.

I know that when I went through a period where I would smoke all the time and wayyyyyy too much I got really paranoid and start reviewing all the stupid things that I've done/said and then I convince myself that I'm a horrible person. (I also gained like 15 lbs... stupid munchies)

I stopped smoking for a good six months and now that I've starting doing it again (but A LOT less) I don't have any paranoia at all.

Maybe you should consider just completely taking a break for a while?

Ive heard of lots of people having similar experiences to yours who weren't on any medication.

Do you normally "eat" marijuana? Because eating it does sometimes give a different and more intense high, often too intense for many people.

Your reaction to weed was not due to your antidepressant.  You just got TOO stoned.  That has happened to me twice before.  I felt like I could hear people outside of my body if that makes any sense and I felt like I wasn't real.  i also had a heart rate above 150 bpm, was hallucinating, and I felt like I couldn't control anything.  I was also shaking uncontrollably and had convulsions.  The weed was not laced with anything either.  I ended up in the hospital twice because of reactions like this.  You are just one of the few people that is "lucky" enough to experience hallucinations by just smoking weed.  It's called a psychosis.  But if you learn to control it like I have you can turn a really unpleasant trip into a really amazing one.  Let me know how it goes.

It's interesting that you mention that you felt like were in hell, because I had a very similar experience a couple months ago.  I take Celexa, and I had 8 drinks and some really strong weed one night, and I got really scarily high.  I wandered around an apartment building while convinced that I was trapped in eternal limbo because I was "bad" and had smoked weed, and I eventually left my the apartment complex at 2am, without telling my friend, in the rain and without my purse, and then walked two miles home while convinced I had gone insane or was hallucinating or was dead or was in hell.  Seriously, I really thought I would never get home and I was in actual hell.

I think this was probably because a) according to my doctor Celexa lowers ones' tolerance to both alcohol and marijuana b) I was already quite drunk and c) I smoke very rarely - I hadn't smoked in 3 months till then.  It was deeply, deeply unpleasant and I never want to mix alcohol and marijuana again, especially while on antidepressants.

Lets set this straight you can not OD from THC it has never happened. Even when people were given insane amounts of thc in clinical trials people didnt die. You cannot OD from thc, you cannot OD from marijuana.

The cookies are probably one of the reasons this happened.  I remember someone telling me that cookies/brownies/food with fats are more potent sources of weed because weed is fat soluble, so I guess when its ingested with fat (from the cookies/whatevers) it was just too much for your body to handle.  My friend had a similar experience, but he wasn't on wellbutrin.  He was very paranoid & essentially was having panic attacks for 2-3 days.  

I've smoked on wellbutrin (300mg of wb) and I was fine.  So I kind of doubt it was related to the antidepressant, more likely the quantity of weed.

Here in CA we prescribe marijuana for depression, actually. And eating disorders ;)

But seriously, I'd use either the wellbutrin or the pot. Mixing is bad. You can't (aren't supposed to) drink on the medication either, it doesn't work right. I always felt awful for the next few days when I drank on Paxil.

What about drinking alcohol while on Zoloft (and i mean quite a few drinks)? is that okay? I understand it might reduce my tolerance, but other than that will I be fine? 

My doctor told me that alcohol essentially negates the antidepressants, so you may end up feeling worse emotionally when you drink.  That said, I don't think mixing alcohol and SSRI's is going to do more physical harm to your body than alcohol would do alone, but it's best to try to use good judgement, and start slowly (don't binge drink the first time you drink while on meds, for example) until you know how the meds affect you.

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