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anti-depressants and appetite suppresants

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what do you think are the best meds that encompass both of these..?

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Well...I do know that adderall has qualities of both. However, if you don't have ADHD taking it is a lot like taking speed. And mixing it with an antidepressant just makes it even worse.

If you're looking to use drugs to suppress your appetite, don't. All it does is slow down your metabolism, so that you can't lose weight without the drug. Also, my experience taking adderall was not only that I now have difficulty managing my weight without it, but I'm also extremely tired all the time without the amphetamine effects of the drug. When I did take it I was irritable and anxious. Believe me, diet and exercise may take longer, but you'll feel much better doing it naturally. I found that after I started jogging every day I stopped needing my antidepressants. My depression is a pretty mild case, but every doctor I've ever been to has told me that exercise is one of the best things you can do to manage anxiety and depression, especially if its done outside in the sunlight. It also makes me feel absolutely wonderful about myself and my looks, which is a great motivator for my diet.

adderall is not an anti-depressant.

OP, if you're looking into anti-depressants you should inform your physician about your weight gain concerns/weight-loss efforts during the prescription process. The way you word it though makes me feel sort of fishy about your question. Would you share more info? Are you just looking for people's experiences?

I'm not sure there is a legal drug that does both as a whole. Anti Depressants tend to make people gain weight and can be difficult to come off of. They certainly added to my weight gain but I stopped taking them a year ago once I felt happier in myself again, so they can help make you feel a bit more like your old self again if you are suffering from depression but they are not a wonder pill.

Perhaps try Hoodia if you want something to try and make you feel more full, so to snack less. I wouldn't recommend any of those more dodgy Anti Obesity drugs that you can buy over the internet. They are extremely bad for you.



I looked up Adderall as I didn't know what it was and it says it has also been used successfully to manage severe cases of treatment-resistant depression. I would imagine that you would need to try all the usual Anti Depressants before your doctor even considered that as an option though.

i'm an avid runner, have been an athlete my entire life, run outside, indoors, practice yoga... but i suffer from what i believe is bipolar/manic depression.  i've recently for the first time ever sought out the help of a therapist/psychiatrist because i cannot shake this by myself.  i desperately need some outside help, have never tried anti-depressants, and i'm hoping if it comes down to that, that it will be a positive experience.

having said that, though, i've read a lot about anti-depressants causing weight gain, and i am desperately afraid of that.  but i think it might actually be the opposite for me.  when i'm said, depressed, stressed, overcome with anxiety; i tend to flock toward food. so i'm hoping that with the help of anti-depressants, maybe i won't eat emotionally so much..? we'll see. i'm at the start of what i'm sure will be a long, arduous journey...

today in particular has been a low day..

also.. thank you guys for your replies.  i didn't realize adderall was used as a last resort for depression too. although i have heard that ADHD can be precursor to depression..

Welbutrin is a great antidepressent option. It affects your levels of dopamine (re- uptake inhibitor- so your body feels like you have more dopamine) which, for most people, gives you more energy, decreases appetite, AND often will make your sex life better :). However, you will want to talk to a professional about whether or not you really are bipolar because many anti- depressants and often times stimulates of any kind might trigger a manic episode, which will ultimately make things worse. If you really are bipolar, you might be prescribed mood stabilizers. Bipolar is quite a lot different from just depression, so be careful. Definitely talk to a professional.

Just be totally honest with your practitioner. Doing research is good, but you want to put everything on the table. Don't try and steer your presentation of symptoms toward the drug you want. Weight gain is not the awesomest, but being misdiagnosed because you want to end up on a particular drug is a disaster waiting to happen. You and your doctor can weigh your fears and desires and decide if a drug is the right course, and which one, based on your needs.

Just make sure that you are totally honest, and that you make sure they listen to you, and the best solution should float to the surface.

I second the wellbutrin.  I've never personally taken it, but a lot of my friends do and have had good experiences.  Having said that, be upfront with your therapist about your concerns.  After speaking to mine, we opted not to go the drug route at first to see if I could overcome the depression without drugs, and it worked wonderfully for me.

we'll see.. that's definitely good advice. i've tried for years, though, the no meds route - trying in vain to battle the sad feelings with exercise and trying to boost my endorphins naturally, and it simply doesn't seem to be working. but, i'll talk to my doc when i finally get my appointment with her, and see what she thinks. i'm so exhausted of being locked in my mind..

Antidepressant related weight gain is very real. However, it is my personal (non-expert) opinion that it still just comes down to overeating. I joined Calorie Count to lose the weight I put on since going on an SSRI about a year and a half ago, and am now back down to my pre-medication weight. I think the meds just make me feel hungrier. Once I started measuring my portions (and I still eat quite a bit - about 1700 calories/day), the weight came right off.

Best of luck!

if you have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, antidepressants are not recommended.  please see a professional to discuss your current symptoms and history.

wellbutrin is probably your best option.  stay away from remeron (mirtazapine) though, that usually causes weight gain. 

Original Post by laura916:

if you have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, antidepressants are not recommended.  please see a professional to discuss your current symptoms and history.

i'm waiting for my appt. with a professional to arrive, laura.  i'm simply searching for advice/support at the moment.

what are anyone's thoughts on Lamictal?

Hey there,

     I myself have been diagnosed with bipolar depression and actually ADD.  I totally feel you on the meds thing.  I hate having to take them.  I started taking antidepressants at 16 for severe depression and panic atttacks.  Did I gain weight?  Yes, but who doesn't gain weight from when they are 16 to 27. 

     Also, when I was depressed and anciety ridden I stopped eating altogether because I was afraid to eat unlike you who say you flock to food when you feel bad.  Having been on these meds for so long and I have done so much research on them.  It took me a long time to find the right drug combo.   

    If you are bipolar (I am assuming you are the same kind as me bipolar 2, meaning you don't have delusions you just have huge fluctuations in mood) you will need more than an anti depressant you will need a mood stabilizer (to bring you down from the highs).  These also often cause weight gain.  I take Epival (depakote).  It is actually a medicine for epilepsy much like lamictal.  My doctor put me on it because u are less likely to gain weight on it than with lithium.  Lithium is supposed to make you gain like crazy.  I don't know anything about Lamictal but it seems very interesting from anything I have read.  Maybe I will have to ask my doctor about it.  :)

I am also diagnosed with Bipolar I, rapid cycling, mixed state with psychosis (only when manic). I have been battling this disease successfully for the last ten years. Of course with my background in biomedical research, I threw myself into research; both the mechanisms of the condition as well as pharmacology as it applies to mood disorders. 

Some anti-depressants are better than others when working with Bipolar disorder as most overshoot the proverbial target and result in hypomanic/manic states. I find that the SNRI (targets norepinephrine rather than serotonin) Effexor XR in lower dosages (75 mg/day) has been very helpful. A common side effect during the first six weeks or so of treatment is weight loss. I went down two dress sizes as did my mother. Another friend lost 25 pounds without changing her eating or exercise habits.

Lamictal (lamotrigine) is the first drug approved by the FDA for the maintenance of Biopolr since lithium. All other mood stablizers are used 'off-label', that is they are marketed for a different condition but have been generally accepted in the field of psychiatry. It is interesting to note that most mood stablizers are anti-seizure medications, including Lamictal. I can not say enough great things about Lamictal. I have had no side effects and it actually does stablize my mood. This was the long awaited drug that I needed to turn the tide from disease to recovery. The choice of mood stabilizer used is often dependent on the presentation of bipolar disorder regarding length of time in a particular mood state. Those who have four or more distinct episodes of hypomania /mania and depression in a year are typed as being rapid cycling.

Another class of drugs used to the treatment of Bipolar Depression are atypical anti-psychotics. These are not just for treating psychotic features during mania but are helpful in treatment of mixed states. While atypical anti-psychotics such as Clozaril, Seroquel and Zyprexa have shown some success, Abillify and Geodon are also atypical anti-psychotics that are FDA approved in the treatment of mixed state BP.  My experience with Seroquel was very negative. I was on a very high doage and gained over 80 pounds. I have lost 60 of the 80 pounds and am now stable on Geodon, again, no side effects.

I have written a short article titled, "Introductory Understanding of Bipolar Disorder' and would be happy to send it for your own edification. In it, I address some pharmecutial choices, the different categories of bipolar disorder, simply stated introduction to the brain chemistry of this disorder, some interesting statistcs and a graph for further understanding. Of course, this article is free.

Good health to all, Colleen

   I guess I should somewhat clarify, Epival (depakote as it is called in the states) is approved by the FDA here in Canada for the treatment of Bipolar Disorder.  I guess country to country it varies.  :)

Musical--I didn't mean to imply you should just try to combat the depression with diet and exercise.  Sure, it helps, but you've BEEN doing that and it isn't working for you.  I was exactly where you are about a year ago.  I decided not to take meds, but I DID commit to a once weekly therapy session, which has made a tremendous difference.  I couldn't have gotten to where I am now by myself!  Just remember, finding a good therapist is as (if not more) important than finding the right medication!  They aren't all created equally, and not every one will be the right fit.

PM me if you want to talk more personally about this stuff.  I can definitely empathize with you--down to your statement about feeling like a burden on the people around you.

Original Post by corduroyfirekills3:

adderall is not an anti-depressant.

OP, if you're looking into anti-depressants you should inform your physician about your weight gain concerns/weight-loss efforts during the prescription process. The way you word it though makes me feel sort of fishy about your question. Would you share more info? Are you just looking for people's experiences?

 you're right it isn't. I only meant it does similar things...or at least this is what my doc told me when I asked what happens if you take adderall and zoloft at the same time.

To the OP, when I was getting treatment for bipolar (it turned out I was wrongly diagnosed) my therapist told me that ADHD and bipolar are similar. She described them as being on the same spectrum. Like ADHD is more mild or something. And that its a lot like the manic phases of bipolar.

I guess my earlier post wasn't very helpful. I was just worried you were looking to use drugs for weight loss. If you're actually trying to treat depression, medication can be a powerful tool. A lot of people are afraid of it, but I think this attitude is actually harmful. Depression is a disease like any other and should be treated. A lot more is known about how the brain works than before, and a lot of research goes into these medications. When I started taking mine I noticed that I lost some weight because I wasn't eating emotionally anymore, and had the energy to get out and exercise. Also, for a while I was on topomax as a mood stabilizer, which mademe have no appetite at all, and made everything taste bad. But it also made me worse, because as I said before, I was misdiagnosed. When they figured that out I was put on zoloft which helped a lot. Eventually I stopped needing the drugs.

I second what the others said about being open and honest with your doctor. I made the mistake of not being honest because I didn't like my psychiatrist, which lead to my condition becoming worse. Really just tell them all of your concerns, including the weight gain, and they will try and find a medication that works best for you. You might have to try more than one before they get it right. Good luck, I hope you are feeling better very soon!

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