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Can you be anorexic and bulimic at the same time?

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This is most likely a stupid question, but i think i'm both. I'm currently 5'3.5'' and 97.8 pounds. I've been cutting my calories back (from 2500 to 500 :/ ) and i dont eat until after practice. when i do eat, i make myself purge it up and then exercise until i've burned the calories up. i'm really starting to hate myself and life in general. i know i need help and so does my family, but we dont have health insurance right now :/

any ideas? i've tried recovering before, didnt work and now i'm at a lower weight then ever..

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My first thought is that you should check yourself in for emergency treatment.  I don't know how your insurance works, sorry, but surely there's some kind of safety net for life-threatening conditions?  The strain on your body right now is very bad indeed.

Subsequent ideas.....  love yourself, start eating more (eating more regularly, choosing high-calorie foods), stop throwing up and stop exercising.  I know that's rather simplistic but it's the bottom line.   And your family and you will have to work very hard from now on.   Recovery is ultimately in your hands and just because it didn't work in the past doesn't mean that you shouldn't keep trying

Best of luck

Yes, it is absolutely possible to suffer from both, or even more eatind disorders. What you are doing right now is so dangerous, beyond believe. You should really reach out for help now before it gets real bad. Weighing what you do at your height and doing what you're currently doing is by far extremely dangerous and damaging for your body.

Talking to your doctor about this , to your family members, is the best idea. They can get you the professional help you need. Recovery is possible, but if you're trying to do it alone, its too hard to beat it. Ive been doing it alone (anorexia) and it has been tougher than ever....So please, reach out now, you know whats best for you, and this is not what you deserve. You are so much more worth than this sweety...

I hope you find a way to getting better....Life after an eatind disorder is possible. IT takes a lot of strength but you can do this.


take care

Insurance or not you need to speak to someone. It is indeed possible to be of a purge-subtype of anorexia. From The Anorexia Diagnosis:

Binge and Purge Type Anorexia Nervosa:Binge and purge type anorexia resembles restricting-type anorexia, but also includes periods of binge eating followed by purging behavior to avoid weight gain. The two eating disorders are thought to stem from the same cause. Bulimia nervosa can develop into anorexia, and some recovered anorexics have developed bulimia.

...Purging behavior includes self-induced vomiting, laxative abuse, and the use of diuretics and enemas.

As well as all of the woes of undereating and being underweight at your BMI of 17.5 - osteoporosis, of loss of fertility if you lose your period, hair loss, electrolyte problems, a weakening of the immune system, low blood pressure, blood disorders such as anemia, heart problems, death, depression, distorted perceptions and problems like Body Dysmorphic Disorder - purging is very, VERY dangerous. From Dangers and health effects of Bulimia Nervosa -

Self-induced vomiting is a common purging technique used after binge eating. Frequent vomiting can result in metabolic alkalosis, an imbalance in the body's acid/base balance. The effects of metabolic alkalosis range from slowed breathing (including instances of apnea, the cessation of breathing during sleep) to irritability to irregular heartbeat to convulsions and coma.

More noticeable are the effects repeated vomiting has on the teeth. Stomach acid gradually erodes dental enamel, discoloring teeth and causing unusual numbers of dental cavities. As dental enamel continues to erode, teeth become more sensitive to hot and cold foods and liquids.

Frequent vomiting also increases the likelihood of lung aspiration, which can cause damage to lung tissue. Aspirated vomit may cause pneumonia, shock and respiratory distress.

You are likely aware the minimum for a teenage girl is 1500 calories when utterly sedentary, and as you are particularly active you'll need a lot more. Try to build back up to 2500 again, at the very least, but I think you need to focus on getting out of your purging habit or it will be all for naught and your health will deteriorate more than it is now.

If you want some online help, try looking over at, but it is vital you go and speak to someone as soon as possible and put a stop to your binge/purging. You should not even be considering doing this alone. I hope this is helpful to you, and I wish you luck, but please do seek some help.

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