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Anorexia Nervosa is a disease and can be treated successfully: I know 1st hand

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My younger sister is 5'6" and at one tie weighed in at 87 pounds. She went into treatment at Mclean's Hospital in Boston, MA and has successfully changed her mental attitude about food, weight, and self-image. I

t took a long time of treatment going to a counselor, nutritionist and yes a psychiatrist. But she finally reached a goal weight of 127 pounds and haspretty much been able to now have a life: A huband 2 boys, 2 dogs, 3 cats, and I AM SO HAPPY FOR HER!

When someone has such a poor body image that "Skeletor" is their goal, when food is such an obsession that it is ALL they think about, it is time to seek professional help.

If you are the good friend of a person with this disease it is so very important to help them get to medical treatment.

My sister has permanent liver damage, a heart problem and digestive problems all because she was anorexic for some time...the damage done to the body is terrible: It is not reversible at all. She has to live with this now...

If you or a person you know fits this image ... seek help or help another to do so.

I am so concerned for one whose life is young and beautiful and full of potential.

Fatima I love you. We all love you and are concerned.
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Thank you for sharing that with all of us. And I agree, poor body images, eating disorders are diseases, and they can be treated. You can reach through the fog and find the person inside of you, shes in there, she just got lost along the way.
Thank you so much for sharing this.  I neve know what to say when someone with this problem posts here wanting to lose weight.  I've tagged your post

i'm glad you shared it with us. i am also glad that your sister's story is a happy story, and you must be a very loving family to be with her all the way. does her husband know about what she went through?

i've taken an eating disorder class a couple of months ago and saw a documentary about several women who have been fighting all their lives. one girl died.

eating disorders have the highest death rate among all the psychological disorders. i think it is around 5-20% but i might be wrong.

oh and i know anorexia first hand. i had it. and i am still working on getting myself together.
Hi crazyflute ...kristina was my great grandmother's name is kristin after her...she was Swedish from up north near lappland.

My sister and her hubby and both kids are aware of eating correctly importance. She and her hubby both do not drink either. She is quite lucky to have "made it" as she was very low and ill when she was anorexic at 16 -20 years old.

I am proud of her accomplishments and I sympathize with anyone who has this or any other eating disorder. I am on the "other end of the scale" and tend to overeat when anxious. Stress in the whole family is an issue with anorexics, too, and dealing with it in a healthy way can be MUST be!

I wish you the best-keep on striving for good health in body & mind and you will make it, too.

If you ever need to me. I am a good listener ;0)
aww im so touched by that story kristina, my thoguhts are with you and your sister. and many hugs  too :D

we love you too.... so, does this mean you think i have anorexia? ok, that mite take some time to sink in.

thank you for the post, and crazy flute my strength goes to you too. keep fighting!!

much love K xxx
Thank you kristym for your story. I weigh now 84 lbs. and all I do is count my calories and check my weight. It's a struggle. I'm always dizzy, nauseated, having headaches, and ALWAYS cold. I didn't know this disorder can do so much damage till I read your story...thanks for opening up my eyes.. I guess I really do need help...I have 4 kids and a husband that needs me. Thank you!
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