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Anemic with 10.5 Haemoglobin & BMI 15!!- Consultation

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Hi, I'm 19 and have been diagnosed with anemia (My Haemoglobin level is 10.5).

We'll my Doc advised me to keep of certain stuffs like


-Fried Food

-Any outside Food


-Tea 'n Coffee


Well the last one does make sense, but I can't seem to figure it out why avoid the rest?!?

Also I'm kinda worried because instead of telling me what to eat she told me what not to, so I'm pretty much in the same place having no clue about my diet.

I'm a vegetarian by the way.


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Yes, I am slightly surprised too, as I was always told that dark chocolate was a good source of iron, and I believe almonds are as well.

Did she say whether you were iron deficient? If this is the case, you will find plenty of suggestions for iron-rich foods on the internet.

But perhaps you have another type of anaemia. Did she mention what kind of anaemia you have?

Good luck anyway, 10.5 is pretty low. If you are not sure about your treatment, you may want to go back to her or see someone else. But make sure you don't neglect it!


Chocolate contains polyphenols, which can block iron absorption. Tea contains tannins, which also block iron absorption.

As for what to eat, I'd recommend iron enriched cereals, beans, blackstrap molasses, and enriched pastas. This site lists a number of other vegetarian sources of iron:

Also, when consuming iron, be sure to eat or drink something with Vitamin C (such as juice, an orange, kiwi, etc.). This will help your body absorb the iron.

In addition, you could also elect to take an iron supplement, which can be found at most grocery stores and pharmacies.

thank you all for your replies..


No my doctor didn't tell me which type of anemia I have but only told me that I have a low Hemoglobin count.. and it might be because of the excessive bleeding I have during my mens....they last awfully long sometimes...


Also, two years back I weighed around 60, but suddenly dropped off to a whooping 40, maybe because of the Exams that I was having 2 years back (P.S. I was really tensed at that time and worried about me scoring well, a la Parent Pressure) and as of now my current weight is only 36 and I assume still decreasing.

My parents while remaining oblivious, state that I dont eat much hence the low weight, but I tend to diasgree. I think it's just a matter of right nutrition ??

Well can the sudden weight loss lead to anemia? or anemia can lead to sudden weight loss?

I really need help about this.

Thanks a lot..

Hey nbkt

Are you talking in kilograms? I don't know what your height is but 36 kg at 19 sounds incredibly low. You would probably be anaemic and have lots of other problems at that weight!

I assume you are using another unit of measure, or your doctor would probably not have sent you home telling you not to eat fried foods, chocolate and almonds...

Good luck! I am sure you will get plenty of advice from more experienced CC forum users.


I'm afraid I really am using Kgs here...

My height is 5ft 2in..

But i reaaly dont know what caused me to loose so much weight...

Any help is appreciated..


Nbkt, that means your BMI is 14.5, which is VERY serious. I don't understand how on earth your doctor could have failed to notice how dangerously underweight you are!

I am sure someone will come along soon to give you advice as to what the correct course of action is for someone in your case.

Keep checking!

PS: You may want to change the title of your post to attract people's attention, e.g. 'My BMI is 14.5. What do I do?'

are you aware that people have just keeled over and died with a BMI larger than yours?

You need to check into hospital immediately. The dangerously low weight is already putting severe strain on your organs, and with anemia causing low o2 levels in your blood then it all makes me terrified for your heart.

a recovered anorexic recently posted this on the site;

''when your BMI is sub-15, there is a good chance that you are experiencing numerous, and moreover, serious health problems. Among them are issues affecting the heart, most notably heart attacks, but on a more subtle level, shrunken hearts. After all, the heart is a muscle, and when nothing else is available, most people know that the body will devour muscle long before it considers fat.''


please get off cc, talk to your parents immediately, tell them your BMI and go to HOSPITAL, not back to that doctor who should have his licence taken away.

Original Post by nbkt:

My parents while remaining oblivious, state that I dont eat much hence the low weight, but I tend to diasgree.

I think ktjo is right and you require urgent specialist care, whether your parents are on board or not.

I had a hemoglobin count of 11 last year and felt terrible! Very very tired and depressed. You are right on spot that it is because of the mens and because you are vegetarian. You should take iron pills every day for months until your hemoglobin levels raises above 12.  I can recommend Tardyferon. Iron pills often comes with colon pain side effects, but I had none. Your doctor is not very helpful. Change the doctor. Intravenous iron solution is also a way, a faster, but more dangerous way.


As other have pointed out, you seem to have more serious health trouble than just iron deficency, so get help on that first.

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