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amenorrhea (females only please?)

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OK... I didn't really want to post this, Im pretty shy to talk about these things, but Im worried. and google is failing me... and you guys are all I have to turn to right now.

 I havent had my period in 3 months. Ive taken 2 preg tests, both negative. I dont have any other signs of pregnancy either. I was on the pill for like 4 years and stopped because it made me sickly. and after that my next period was a month and a half late.(that was my last one) so thats why I wasnt overly concerned about this one til about a month ago. I have a doctor appointment next week, for my yearly, but Im just so jitterly nervous. I want to know why.

I wonder if its my diet thats causing this.. I do eat few calories (1250-1350) but its all good food mainly and I increase it when I exercise. How much fat are you sapposed to eat in a day in order to get your period? I think Im getting enough, but maybe Im wrong Id love your input.

Thanks girls <3 
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Hey! I'd like the answer to this, as well. I'm in the same boat, guycrazy. This is my third month sans period. Kinda weird.
I'm sorry i can't be any help because, well, i'm in the same boat too!  lol.  I can't remember when it started but a rough estimate is 4-5 months.  I don't know whats going on either, but as long as your eating enough don't FREAK out but certainly go to a doctor.  anyone else?  advice?
I haven't had mine in 8...eek.
Feeling a bit better that Im not alone...

anyone else know anything?

Ill post here after my doctors apointment to tell you what she said for all the other girls in the same boat
well, here is my story:

i weigh a lot - start weight was 324 lbs. i've been period free for over a year, and we've all just assumed it was because my hormones were out of whack, in part by being overweight. i've lost about 25 lbs since july, and last month i got what could be called a period. it was barely there, but i could tell my body was trying.

now i doubt that you girls are carrying around as much weight as me, but it is possible (since every body is different), that your extra weight - no matter how much or how little - is causing your girly hormones to say huh???

i'm not a doctor, and i don't play one on tv - so if you are really worried, go see your doctor and have them check your hormones. lots of things can make our periods stop...stress....overweight...underweight...d rugs we are taking...
same's only been like a 1 and 3/4 months for me though...hmmm
BOAT** I meant
wow, lots of us in this boat, isnt there?
well hmm. I found a few calculators online telling me how much fat intake I should have in a day (from 59-70g) and my average is about 35. I guess thats probably why...
I am EXACTLY in your "boat"

I haven't had my period for 4 months now, I'm not praganet and have no sign of it either.  I was also of MANY different birth control pills (all made me sick) for over 4 years.

I went to my doctor after my 2 month "No period" day and she told me that it was because I was in excellent shape and had very low body fat.

She told me to start adding more healthy oils to my diet (such as Fax Oil and Olive Oil)

I haven't had my period yet, but to be honest... don't miss it! haha!

Good luck!
Yeah, it's the same thing for me; low body fat. And yes, I don't miss it either! But one day I would like to be able to bear children...eeeeeeeee.
Thats what worries me to!!

So I'm really pushing this extra oils into my body.. nothing yet! She said when it hits 6 months that she wants to see me again
If anyone is catagorized as "underweight" thats proly the reason right there.  Otherwise i would GUESS that we need more protien...though i have been trying to eat more of the stuff.  I even got that protein whey (vanilla, lol) and eat like 3-4 yogury cups eveyday!  PLUS peanutbutter!  argh.  I really don't know.  I'm suproised there are so many of us though.  hehe.
yeah, I definately don't have the too low body fat % thing... and im getting lota of protein lately. more than I ever have before.
I started using Deprovera as a form of birth control October of 1996. I was close to a healthy weight at about 130 lbs and having a regular normal period. I quit using Deprovera December of 1999. I have been without a period since then. I also gained significant amounts of weight while on Deprovera. (I don't smoke or drink)

April of 2004, despite being without a period for over 5 years, I became pregnant and delivered a healthy baby boy in January of 2005. The doctor gave me a medication to restart my period. I took it for two months, and it worked, but I don't like taking medications. In March of 2006, I found this site and started to develop healthier dietary habits. July and August of this year, I had a regular period. Last month, September, I did not have a period. I am not sure about this month yet.

I really don't have an answer, but to share in the frustration. Your doctor can prescribe pills that will force your body to have a period, but please don't think that because you have not had a period for some time that you will not be able to get pregnant.  
Definitely not a protein problem, I am a carnivore galore.
Stupid feminine problems, argh!!!!!
I'm not really worried because i'm eating healthily, so i've decided to revel in the time off.  lol.  Sure, it'll most likely come back, but until then...*woot*  
'excellent shape'? Is it really 'excellent shape' if a female can't even do what females are built to do: menstruate? I would say that is sickly, not 'excellent.' Our culture has really gotten messed up.
There was a time when this happened to me, and I'd go without for anything up to 12 months. I never saw a doctor about it, and I'm fine now. But I could always bring it back temporarily by eating a decent amount of red meat (liver, fillet steak etc.). I don't know if it was psychological or if the iron in the meat helped, but this always worked for me. Perhaps that's why I never saw a doctor - I knew I could bring it back when I wanted, so I never really stressed about it. I'm not saying any of this was healthy... just what happened to me.
maybe something in our food supply...i had heard that all the steroids? or whatever introduced into our meat supply was why girls start their periods/start developing so much younger these days...
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