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So I've realized for a VERY long time now, I haven't been hungry, ever, but I'm almost always really thirsty.

I go through through 160-200 oz of water a day, but I'm still thirsty. I never get hunger pangs but I constantly feel like I have a dry mouth/throat and like I need something to drink and it's driving me insane!

It's especially bad since it has me up every hour during the night going to the bathroom =\

Is there any reason this would be happening? Anything I might need to consider? It's starting to freak me out a little...
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Have you been checked for Diabetes?
Nope I haven't been checked.  Is that the only thing it could be?

Maybe this will help.  This gives teh other symptoms you might see with things like diabetes.  just a thought.  i would talk to a dr though if you are really drinking that much and still thristy. actterm=all&addterm=excessive+thirst& searchtype=symptoms&q1=excessive+thirst

have them check your insulin levels....the precursor to type 2 diabetes is insulin resistance.  it will only show up with a blood test.  so if your finger prick test is fine have them check your insulin levels.  with the right care and found early enough you can prevent getting type 2.  there may be other things it can be but this is a big one.



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Original Post by deflepfan16:

Nope I haven't been checked.  Is that the only thing it could be?

 No, but that is one of the classic symptoms of diabetes. That level of water intake wouldn't be that bad if you were exercising and felt thirsty from that. But at some point during the day, you should cease to be thirsty. The fact that you never get hungry at all could be a problem.

Well I do exercise for about an hour a day, at the least, and it's pretty intense cardio too.  I'm generally thirsty around when I exercise but then it continues on throughout the day.

It's gotten to the point when I eat I just feel sick to my stomach and get headaches, no matter what I ate.

My parents don't like making doctors appts really so it'd be hard to convince them I need to go =\ I'll see though..
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Cut back on the cardio and see if that helps.

i also feel sick at my stomach often and have almost constant headaches...just wanted to add that...



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Original Post by heatherannechaney:

i also feel sick at my stomach often and have almost constant headaches...just wanted to add that...



 I hope you don't get offended, but is pregnancy a possibility?

Even if your parents don't like to make doctors appointments, diabetes is no joke. It can be controlled with medication, but uncontrolled diabetes can have very serious side effects and consequences (nerve damage, blindness, kidney and heart problems). Please go get the blood test and find out.

Pregnancy definitely isn't a possibility for me.  And while I know diabetes isn't a joke, my parents just don't seem to believe me when I say I think there's something wrong.  It's like they think it's all in my head or I'm making stuff up or something! 
:-\  That's too bad your parents aren't taking you seriously.  My dad was diagnosed with diabetes like 6 years ago, or something, and one of the BIG signs was the fact that he was ALWAYS thirsty.  But that's not the only thing, either, so don't go freaking out that you must have diabetes!  He also suddenly had super-intense sugar cravings.... we're talking getting those "super big gulp"-size slurpees at 7-11, when he had previously NEVER had slurpees.  He also noticed that all his muscles were disappearing.  So while thirst is typically associated as a big sign pointing to diabetes, there are other signs, as well.  Definately try to get checked out, but if your parents reisist, just really try to pay attention if any other symptoms come up.  I bet it'd be hard for them to say it's all in your head if you start developing more strange symptoms...  Good luck!!

When I was anemic and needed to go to a doctor cause I knew I was sick, I had to complain constantly and be very dramatic before my parents would take me seriously. Its frustrating, but being super vocal and driving them nuts might do the trick to make them take you to a doctor.

 Also, don't get your mind set that it is diabetes. It totally could be something else. Either way, it sounds like you should visit a doctor. 

Helo, just joined and browsing and came across your problem.  My husband has diabetes type II since Feb last year and am his full time carer for a stroke he had earlier. Like others here I do suggest a blood test but if fearful of the doctors you can go to your local Lloyds chemist and they do a prick test on the spot and give you the readings straight away.  They hand this to you and if you need to take it further you just take that to your doctor.  No appointment needed.  I am a coward with needles but I had it done and it was nothing to worry about.

.I know its an inconvience sometimes for us parents to take kids to dr appt when we have jobs and stuff but refusing to make a dr appt just cause they don't want to borders on child abuse IMHO. If after you are checked out and if it turns out ok - then I recommend chewing gum. Ever since I quit smoking I have to chew gum to keep my mouth from going dry and almost gagging me when I try to swaller and sleeping is very difficult with dry mouth. there is also a new mouthrinse I've seen that says it helps prevent cotton mouth for up to 2 hours. Excessive thirst is nothing to be ignored and if you are eating and having the other side effects you need to be seen. 

Can you maybe make the app yourself and find a friend to take you.  Parents don't necessarily have to take you and if you have insurance then it shouldn't be a problem at all.

I have a similar thirst issue. I haven't been tested for diabetes, but I do know that my thyroid function is normal, and I have normal iron levels. On a normal day when I work out I drink about 6 litres of water (I think that's about 200 ounces). I find that if I have a cold it's worse because I tend to breath through my mouth, making my mouth dry. Can't really offer much advice, but if you do find out what the problem is, I'd love to know.
I'm a lot like you. I get up several times a night to drink 1-2 glasses of water at a time, and also to pee. I think I drink on average 150 ounces per 24-hour period. I'm been tested for everything and it's come back normal. Perhaps you just use a lot of fluid, sweat a lot at the gym, and this time of year there can be considerable water loss from your skin due to the dryness of the air from indoor heating.
i'm exactly this way. it sucks. =( &diabetes uns in my family too. but i checked out my blood sugar levels &they were okay-good actually.
oh yea, &deflep, i wanted to say tht working out more than an hour a day has no benefits. at all. so keep it to an hour. imo.
How about going to see your school nurse and explaining the problem.  Perhaps they can give your parents more information on why you should see a doctor. 
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