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allergic to colon cleanse?

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I got a colon cleanse to try and took yesterday after dinner.. no reaction... early this morning whilst feeling the need to go to bathroom my neck felt prickly and after been to bathroom and got weighed also I'd looked in mirror and neck was bright red.


I took 2 anti-histamines and it went off fairly quick.  I thought it maybe cos I had taken capsiplex also this morning to sweat more during exercising and it was a reaction between the two.


The rash and heat went off fairly quickly.  However after having breakfast (bowl of special K)  I'm feeling the need to go to bathroom again and again my skin around neck seems to be getting hotter.

I've looked online and some people can get allergic reactions to the colon cleanse, however I had no reaction at all when first taking the tablet after dinner yesterday around 4pm... it seems odd its only happening when I need the bathroom??? 


I can't keep taking anti-histamine everytime I need the loo (as 6 is maximum extra I can take) as have a feeling it gonna be fairly frequent today!


Anyone else tried a colon cleanse and had an allergic reaction everytime it made them go to bathroom? 


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