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Advice? Mirena IUD & Mini-Pill

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Anyone have advice about these two contraceptive options.  I have terrible menstrual cramps, completely ruins my ability to be a productive member of society for 3-4 days. 

I don't tolerate estrogen containing pills well at all, nor do I want the side effects (had a friend have a mini stroke as the result of estrogen / progesterone combo birth control pill)

I googled and looked at reviews for both, but only seems like the people that have bad experiences post reviews.

Anything good or bad to say about Mirena IUD or Mini Pill?



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The mini-pill may be a good option for you if you want shorter term birth control. The main drawback, however, is that it is VITAL that you take your pill at the same exact time every day, or else you could become pregnant. So if you're very structured and organized, it could be an option for you.

I have a Mirena IUD, and I friggin' love it. You do have to have already had a child, though, and it's a little pricey to have it placed, but it's cheaper in the long run if you use it for all or most of the 5 or 7 years that it's good. It was a little uncomfortable to be placed (like a pap test, but the dr has to dilate your cervix, so there's some mild cramping), and you have to go back to have the strings trimmed. I spotted for a little bit after it was placed, but then I stopped having periods. It's awesome, and I don't have to worry about it. There are risks, however, which are clearly laid out in the literature. The IUD could, potentially, perforate your uterus or become displaced.

Have you looked into the depo shot? That's pretty low-maintenance also.

But that's all just my opinion/experience. Of course you should discuss your options with your doctor, but familiarize yourself with the choices out there.


I have terrible periods, as well, so my doctor wanted me to try Mirena even though I haven't had kids because many women have their periods stopped once they've had it in for awhile.  After getting to the point where I was in so much pain during insertion that I actually passed out, he gave up!  I have a friend who hasn't had a baby and has Mirena and she said she didn't have any problems having it inserted.  The problem is that they have to manually dilate you, which is making me light-headed just recalling that horrible feeling! If you want to try Mirena, it could either go just fine or result in 10 minutes of terrible pain but then be over.  It's your choice, but I'm back on the pill!  Yasmin really helped with my cramps and other period problems, but it does have estrogen.

I had the same problem, so my doctor gave me Mirena, and I haven't had kids. It's worked wonderfully for me so far. Like the girl above me, I had a bit of trouble with the insertion, but after the initial insertion I was fine. It was like getting my bellybutton pierced, again, oddly enough. And I haven't had a period since! Well, since about the third month or so after the fact, but it's been a year and I'm very happy with my decision. Of course, if you can go see a doctor they would have the best advice. :)

After having my son, I got the IUD. I have been nothing but pleased since, it's been about 9 months. My periods only last for about 2 days and are barely worth wearing a liner for. My cramps are basically nonexistent. I was like you, I was down and out with cramps before. I was on the pill for 7 years before I got pregnant and had no real issues then, I just wanted something more reliable and shorter periods. The pill didn't do that for me.

I have Mirena and love it.  Insertion was a bi**h, cramped like early labor pains for a couple of hours, but since then (4 years) it has been awesome.  I don't really have periods at all except for maybe some VERY light spotting every couple of months (like less than a days worth and no pad/tampon needed).    I do still have some slight PMS once in a while though - no cramping, just sore boobs and a little moodiness for a few days.


Another Mirena-lover here. I can't have estrogen-containing BC either. I've had my mirena for nearly a year and a half, and I'll echo what most other people here are saying: insertion sucked, but it was over quickly. I've never had children or been pregnant either, and it still wasn't so awful. I spotted for several weeks afterwards, but then my periods pretty much stopped. Now I get them sometimes, but they're extremely light. My acne did get worse, but I think that had more to do with getting off of my regular BC pills that I was on before than anything to do with the mirena.

Another thing about the mini-pills - they're much, much less effective than the IUD or regular birth control. They're mostly recommended to nursing moms.


So, the doctor recommended that I try microgestin the generic for loestrin.  As I guess it has less estrogen than the OrthoTricCyclen Lo that I did not tolerate.  I took my first dose and vomited 8 hours later. 

The doctor recommended against a progesterone only mini pill b/c of breakthrough bleeding.

I am now considering the Mirena IUD and will likely get one in the next month or two if I can not adapt to the new birth control pills.

Thanks for all input.  Please keep up the good reports of the Mirena.  I like hearing the success stories instead of all the negative reports when I google it.


I'm in the UK and contray to what someone above said there is one type of mini pill that DOES NOT need to be taken at the same, its within 12 hours like the regualr pill.

Ive been on cerazette, a progesteron mini pill now for 5 months and it has completly stopped my periods, i had a few days of very very light spotting one month but that was it. Its also stopped me getting mood swings or any kinds of cramps.

I went to the doctors on the 3rd month for a check up and she said that periods stopping completely is very common because it stops the uterus wall from thickening in the first place and that it doesnt pose any extra health risks.

If your considering it as an option of temporary birth control i highly reccomend it, IMO its 100 times better than the regular pill (which i was on before they discovered im at greater risk of blood clots).

I have the ParaGuard IUD, I love it!  My cramps are more intense now because their is something in my uterus but it's worth 10 years of protection.  IMO.

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