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Addicted to milk!!

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I am really struggling with an addiction I have developed to milk over the last few years. I had to move in with the folks for almost four years because I struggled to find work after I graduated from post production school (I was originally going to be a professional video editor). So I was able to re-ignite my passion for health and fitness which had taken a back burner while I was in school. For years, I was @ 220lbs and 10-12% body fat. I took a part time job at a gym working front desk and eventually got my NASM personal training cert. While I lived with my folks, I had access to all the free bottled water I could drink. I would drink at least a gallon a day.

When I eventually became financially successful as a trainer, I moved into my own place. Unfortunately I started drinking a lot less water and I started drinking milk with every meal. I eventually started becoming hooked on it. It got so bad eventually that I was drinking 24-36oz servings of it 3-4x a day. In the last two years I have gained 35lbs and I can't get a handle on it. Despite the fact that I eat clean, and train hard (my fitness levels are insanely good) I continue to gain more and more weight because I just cannot stop drinking milk. I am starting to get scared that I could close in on 300 lbs in the next few years if I am not careful.

Any advice on how to ween off my milk addiction?

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What fat percentage of milk are you drinking? At least wean yourself down to skim milk if you aren't drinking that already. 

Focus on serving size- 1 cup of milk. And have that serving size a few times a day. Try that. Really sip it and enjoy it and fully experience having the milk, when you slurp it down in large quantities for every meal you're likely not really taking time to enjoy it anyway.


You sure you're not doing GOMAD? Wink All of the lifting/prowler work isn't burning off the milk calories?

I'm not so sure that going down to skim is the answer. Full-fat milk is going to be much more satisfying than watery skim.

I do agree that getting the portion sizes down to something more reasonable is in order.

Maybe drink a big glass of water before letting yourself drink a glass of milk?

Try drinking those low calorie milks
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