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acid coming up my throat?!

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I've tried ignoring it but its starting to really bother me..I have had food come up like i was about to throw up and it tastes very acidic. Whats happening?

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That's happened to me before, and I'm pretty sure it's heartburn. Don't worry, it's pretty common, just try taking some Tums or over-the-counter acid controller pills. If that doesn't help, ask your doctor and you can get a prescription for something stronger.

oh okk..thank goodness. i just didn't want it to be anything sever thank you very much emilyvachon123!

Wet burps, heart burn both do it. If you get it OFTEN you should see a doctor because it can lead to esophagus damage and/or cancer of the esophagus.

how much do you consider often? throughout one day? a week? a year? I have been having this for 2 days now

Change in diet? New medications?

Two days in a row would drive me crazy, have you tried taking tums or pepto bismal for it?

As for often, everyday would be bad. I'm not really sure as I don't get them often (like once every few months) to say.

i guess change in diet..i started adding more fats this week. could that be it? I had it happen twice today. One after cereal and banana, the other after kettlecorn and almonds..

It's known as indigestion, heartburn or 'acid reflux' and it's pretty common.  Tips to avoid it....

  • Sit at a table to eat rather than when doing something else e.g. lying on a sofa, watching TV, walking about.
  • Chew food thoroughly and eat slowly rather than bolting it down quickly
  • Give a meal some time to digest before doing something vigorous
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks (tea, coffee, cola) and alcohol
  • Don't smoke
  • Try not to eat right before bedtime

Rich, spicy food can also cause heartburn... A lot of ready-made foods, processed foods and junk food contain 'hidden' spice to mask poor quality ingredients.   If you're introducing a little more fat into your diet, make sure you give your body time to get used to it and digest it.  Over the counter preparations such as Gaviscon or other antacids might help in the meantime.

gi-jane your always there to help me! =] thanks for the tips! if this continues ill mention it to my doctor on my followup.

edit: spelling error..their instead of there whoops lol


Not to alarm you but you may have an ulcer in your stomach.

My brother has this, curries, beer, soda makes it worse and he vomits it up.


He went to Doctor and sent him onto hospital for check up and got a camera down his throat and was confirmed he had an ulcer.


Got tables to help but never really worked.


You should speak to your doctor.


Hope this helps.

ahh well that definately alarms me!

It's GERD, dude. Fancy name for acid reflux. It can be serious or mild - a stomach ulcer is on the serious end, but you probably don't have one. Try taking prilosec every day to start - that should clear it up. If that is not enough (doesn't stop the acid) you'll need to get something like protonix from the doctor to stop it. Long-tern acid reflux, if untreated, can cause lung damage from acid, and esophageal cancer.

In light of this, it's best to go see a G.I. doctor for a checkup. I hope you feel better soon!

yup it happened today too!

So your appointment with the doctor is...... when?

thursday..=[ thats the closest i can get cuz i already had that day scheduled to do my physical for school so ill just have to wait and see...I am however tracking when I get heartburn and what I ate before it happened to show doctor.

Um...I'm only 23 but for a while I was having it like every night. Went through a whole bottle of anti-acids. I had some (unrelated) blood work done and my triglycerides were 386 once, not to metion a liver enzyme that was about 5 times what it shoulda been. It went back down after a little while, but my doctor was alarmed becuase most people don't have levels that high unless they seriously binge drink (which i don't). I don't drink hardly at all and don't have hepititis (they tested me 3 times for it) There have been several people with ulcers/galls stones/gall bladder removal in my family inculding my mom, so I am being careful and eating as well as I can. I get my bloodwork checked as often as I can also. Since I have been eating slower and better, I have only had it once in the last 3 weeks after I had some rich food, so hopefully this means things are improving.

glad to hear things are improving cellotlhicks..but what do you mean by rich food??

salty/spicy type stuff. Like Italian or mexican. hose used to really get me.

oh ok. i havn't had spicy foods in a while but i think salt may be one of the things

I eat much slower and chew better too, beucase I read somewhere that it is easier for your stomach to digest it that way. I will get my levels tested again soon, so we shall see...


I've suffered from this for years and take tablets to reduce the amount of acid produced in the stomach. I have to say though it comes and goes so can be fine for several mths then it comes on suddenly. I have to watch the amount of fats I eat and avoid tea, coffee, chocolate, curries etc ike the plague! These are all either relaxants or stimulants so make the problem worse. If you need any help with anything just ask!

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