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Wrong Answer Game

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Pretty straightforward. Answer the question of the person above you incorrectly and then ask a question for the next person.

example for those who need it:
Q: What are 'The Smurfs'?
A: The native inhabitants of Australia.

I startSmile

Q:Who said "That's one small step for giant leap for mankind"?


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Comes complete with it's own in suite laundry, private pool,hot tub, and close to all amenities.

How will Prince Breeze through Hair ever slay the dragon?

He'll call his Mother.

What does a smile represent?

That "toot" felt good!

Was Gramite recently air lifted?

(Oops, in my relief, I forgot to ask the question)Surprised

Through the skies and out of this world.

What do warranties actually mean?


The party of the first part shall not begin until 2100 and shall be riotous and libellous.

How do you get  a job harvesting larvae for inclusion in Mexican jumping beans?

You have to be an expert on the trampoline.

Why do we park on a driveway and drive on a parkway?

We're all indenial rebels!

How do the bubbles form from soap?

a chemical reaction between jello and border collies.

Where do babies come from?

We have milk powder, jelly powder and then there is baby powder.

Why do some people develop allergies?

blame it on the Republicans!

how close are monkeys and humans?

About as close as the jungle is to a freeway

Why does an apple a day keep the doctor away?

It's the golf courses that keep doctors out of the office!

What's cuter than a bug's ear?

A. a spiders foot!!

Q.who is the president?

a. bozo the clown

q. why do people irritate me?

A. Because the chemical reaction between oxygen and obnoxygen creates an verocious irritant.

Q. What makes people hoard stuff?


 A chemical reaction between jello and border collies ( I just loved that answer and knew it fit the bill for this question too! )

What ails ginger ale?

A shot of bootlegger.

What is anti-matter?

The weight of stuff that can be beamed on a board to Scotty.

Should we trust calculators, since they are, well, calculating?

never trust a machine...period!

How far does one take freedom of choice?

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