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Wrong Answer Game

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Pretty straightforward. Answer the question of the person above you incorrectly and then ask a question for the next person.

example for those who need it:
Q: What are 'The Smurfs'?
A: The native inhabitants of Australia.

I startSmile

Q:Who said "That's one small step for giant leap for mankind"?


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You just did it flawlessly. Well done.Wink

What is the purpose of keeping traditions?

to enslave the masses

why are people afraid to be different?

because nobody wants to be stared at.

What was the biggest news event this past year?

I regained the weight I lost.

Who is Debbie Downer and what's her dealio?

She's the critic nobody likes.

Why is Europe in such bad economic straits?

'Cause the dire straits were on tour.

Why did Robin Williams play Popeye?

Because he is fond of spinach.

What makes a person vivacious?

(this is the wrong answer game, so....)...

Having your make-up done by Debbie Downer.

Why are Perry Mason reruns just so dern enjoyable?

'Cause he's so dern good looking.

What motivates people to try out for "Fear Factor"?

because they are afraid to try out for Jeopardy

Why doesn't Olive Oyl see a doctor about her anorexia?

Because her temper cranks her metabolism, it's burning out of control.

Why is snow white?

Because fractal geometry states that all things in a interrupted vacum must be white unless otherwise.

How come the ubiquitous 'they' cannot improve on progressive lens? I mean, what can't 'they' progress on progressives?

Because to progress on progressives is like a double positive, therefore it be comes a negative, which is not an improvement.

What does MASH stand for?

Mixture Actually Sifting Horizontally.

Why is ironing bored?

Because the iron wasn't hot enough.

Who did Fred Astaire dance with?


Mia Micheals.

What's two plus two equal?

-3 What's the opposite of up


What is the main ingredient in an omelette?


a good wrist action

why are some people fixated on eggs?

to see if the chicks will hatch.

Why do some people cry when peeling onions?

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