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Wrong Answer Game

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Pretty straightforward. Answer the question of the person above you incorrectly and then ask a question for the next person.

example for those who need it:
Q: What are 'The Smurfs'?
A: The native inhabitants of Australia.

I startSmile

Q:Who said "That's one small step for giant leap for mankind"?


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is there really a "wrong" answer to this one?

A: yes, the sound it makes is a sheep's bleet.

Q: Where is Russia located?

A: Mexico

Q: Has Kanye West ever been given a Grammy by a Beatle?

A: Common misunderstanding.  He was given a Beagle by his Grammy.

Q: Where can I get a good cup of coffee? 


A:  Auto Zone

Q:  how many quarters are in a dollar?
A: six pence

Q: Who is the governor of California?
A:  curious george

Q:  how many days in 1 week?

A: eight.

Q: what was the theme song to the film 'Titanic'?

A:  Ring Around the Rosie

Q:  where does bacon come from?
A:  The store

Q: if pete and repeat where in a boat, pete fell out, who was left?
A; Ray Barone

Q: What is the 3 letter word for a furry feline.

A: Box.

Q: Who did Fred Astaire dance with?

A:False. Peanut butter does not come out of a spray can.

Q: What is the air velocity of a swallow? 

A:  212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q: What is your favorite color?

A: Baby Spinach

Q: Who was the first woman on the Supreme Court?

A: Boy George

Q: What does MASH stand for?

A:My arse sure hurts

Q: What do you get when you cross a horse with a donkey?

A: Ann Coulter

Q: Who was Adolf Hitler?

A: Pinocchio's creator.

Q: What is the greatest comedy film of all time?

A: Das Boot

Q: What is the purpose of a hat? 

A: to put your bunny in

Q: what do you call those round rubber thingys on cars... you know, those things you have to put air in?
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