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The I wish game

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Here's a game that has nothing to do with weight loss, but hey we all need a break some time.

If you had one wish what would it be.  The next person has to think of a way out of that wish (a yeh but) and then think of a wish themselves.

for example

I wish I was a millionaire

yes but you got the money when all your family died.

I wish I didn't have to work.
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but then sweets would be addicted to you

i wish people knew how to spell (if they wanted to and couldn't)
then spelling bees would never end and go on forever and ever and ever

i wish my finger wasn't hurting
but then what would you complain about

I wish I could travel to Italy
You get first class fare and a stay in a 5 star hotel, but are wrongly accused of a horrible crime, due to your evil twin living in Italy, and put in front of a firing squad.

I wish I had a new car
But then you would also have a "new" car payment

I wish I had wings and could fly anywhere
If you had wings  too many others would want a free ride

I wish I were 20
you're 20 but you're american and it's no longer legal for you to drink or buy lottery tickets and since it sucks so hard you had a winning million dollar ticket.

I wish I wasn't shy
If you weren't shy then you would be bold and outgoing and make a fool of yourself

I wish I could drive a big truck
But then your big truck would hit a little car and you would have to live with the guilt of killing the little car people.

I wish i was a superhero and i could solve everyones problems and sacrafice my own happiness for theirs without getting bigheaded or becoming an ass...
yeah, but can you really take care of others without taking care of yourself first?

I wish I could achieve peace of mind by ensuring that all my kids would become healthy, happy successful, adults.
That would be lovely but then you would have absolutely nothing to Worry About!!  And you certainly couldn't have that!

I wish I the size I was when I was 20 years old.
yeah, but then you will have forgotten everything you have learned since then.

I wish I were a better conversationalist.
Yeah but then you'd probably never shut up!

I wish my mother and my son were still alive.
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Yeh they are still alive, but someone else has had to loose theirs.

I wish That Jem599 I could make your wish come true.
Yeah but then there's no more space for your new wishes, you already used the three blank spaces the genie gave you.

I wish I'd eat as much as I want and not gain weight.
yeah, BUT your body would be very unhealthy and it wouldn't function properly

I wish I was a professional figure skater.
But then you might get hit by your partner's skate when you're doing those spinyy things.

I wish i was a professional hockey player!
yeah, but you haven't trained enough to become a professional one, what will happen to your team?!

I wish some of my friends would stop feeling superior around everyone.
But then you wouldn't appreciate humility.

I wish I could meet Paula Deen.
Yeah but...  Then you might become as large as her

I wish I was 20lbs lighter

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