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Weightloss Challenge ~ 20 - 40 pounds by December 31, 2011

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I've been struggling with weight loss from when I was a kid and I'm sick of going up and down.

It was supremely difficult to get support from my family while I was growing up - my mum always said I'd not look as beautiful if I were skinny! But I guess every mom out there has that to say about her child! When I got married in August 2008, I was in really good shape - at my healthiest weight ever (135), but I had gotten there by literally starving myself day in and day out.

Once I was happily married, I let myself go: bad eating habits, little or no exercise, zero support from my dear husband (since he has never had a weight problem, he had no idea why I was trying to lose) I ballooned and I reached my all time high of 198 pounds. When we bought us a scale and checked my weight, we realized I needed to do something real fast or I was going down a very sad road indeed! That's when I decided to lose weight and since he realized the repercussions of not losing it were immense, my husband has been a pillar of support, helping me through my loss, helping me eat right, being there for me whenever I felt like stuffing my face with that doughnut and letting me reward myself with tidbits now and then :)

Since I started with a real dedication around March 6, I have lost around 28 pounds but I still haven't reached my goal of 150.

I have joined several threads on CC which eventually die out mid way and never really take off. I'd like to see this one to completion.

I'd like to start this group for people who would like to lose. Here we can support each other, make friends and have some fun along the way. People who are interested can start posting :)

Here are my details:

Name: Divya

Age: 27

Calorie Count Start Weight: 198

Current Weight: 170.5

Current Goal Weight: 150

Long Term Goal Weight: 135

Likes: Books, Music, Movies, Rainy Days, Chocolates

Hates: Being Overweight (!!)

Let us get started on this weight loss journey together and make it work this time round!

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Start 10/19/11 = 192.5

Target 12/31/11 = 180

Today = 197.8

Haven't posted in a while since I was just plateaued for the longest time!

I've hit a little snag -- I get my gym membership through work so it's at corporate rates (only about 1/3 of regular rates!) but I missed the deadline this November. So no gym for me. :/

However, I've finally broken my plateau! I was at 154-158 for the past 6 weeks or so, and today I was at 153. :) Not a big loss, but I'll take it.

I've also noticed that since I haven't been working out this week (due to the no gym thing), I've also been eating less -- I'm back at ~1400 calories/day, instead of the 1700+ (and occasionally getting up to 2000!) when working out regularly. Which feels promising to me because I was worried that I was eating too much, but I guess it was really directly due to the extra energy needed for the workouts.

So this month I'll try to focus more on my food intake. Hopefully I'll see more lbs go away.

Good to have you back on track Gaviota!

Congrats on the loss Roman you may be pleased with a focus on food intake and light excercise this month then getting back to the gym next month.

Pat, Teri & Murrill congrats on your losses as well keep it up!

Rancho- Whats going on with you, are you watching your intake? Not excercising? join the losing fun thats what we are here for, I saw in some of your previous posts you had lost some weight and were down around 180 what set you back?

The gym has been awesome this week been killing myself and seeing the changes in my muscle mass over the past few weeks is nice. I am thinking 228-232 is where my body wants to be right now and I'm happy with that. To be honest when I was in the best shape of my life in college I was 265 but cut going to the gym twice a day. Then I graduated forgot what a gym looked like dropped to 230 and then ballooned up to 295 over the next 7 years. I am hoping with my new weight training program I will continue down the road and see weight gain as a positive in the coming months as I see weight being added but my body becoming more defined.

Name: Kyle

Location: Washington, DC

Age: 28

Height: 6'7"

Calorie Count Start Weight: 295

Challenge Start Weight: 272

Last Week Weight: 229

Current Weight: 229

Challenge Weight Loss: -43 Total Weight Loss: -66

New Goal is to stay between: 220-235! (Original goal - 230)

Although I am late, I would like to try to lose as much as I can by then.


Name: Nick

Location: New Jersey

Age: 19

Height: 6'2"

Calorie Count Start Weight: 235

Challenge Start Weight: 206

Last Week Weight: 206

Current Weight: 206

Challenge Weight Loss: 0 Total Weight Loss: -29

My goal is to be under 200 by the end of the challenge. That's about a pound a week, which should be easy enough.

Start 10/19/11 = 192.5

Target 12/31/11 = 180

Today = 195.2


I just read your stats.  They are inspiring!  Way to go!

Pat here -

cc started weight : 183

challenge start weight: 181

last week : 178.6

this week: 177.2

total loss this week: 1.4 pounds

challenge end goal: 170

long term goal: 125

WOW.   I'm not sure what happened, but I'll take it.   My b-day was Sunday - with the restaurant meal out, with the b-day cake at work (we are a 2 person office - I told him he HAD to help me eat this!), the b-day cake at the bowling league, to the cookies given as a gift .... WOW.  I tried to be very mindful of my eating despite all of the treats, something worked.  Now if I can keep this going. 

Everyone struggling out there .... If I can do it, ANYONE can.

Name: Teresa

Age: 47

Calorie Count Start Weight: 199.9

Challenge Start Weight (10/1/11):  191.5

Last Week Weight:  190.0

Current Weight: 186.25

Loss for the Week:  3.75

Challenge Weight Loss:  5.25

Total Weight Loss:  13.65

Current Goal Weight: 169

Long Term Goal Weight: 139

I'm finally in my 180's!!!!  And I'm on track big time.  Yippee!


Start 10/19/11 = 192.5

Target 12/31/11 = 180

Today = 195.2

Name: Teresa

Age: 47

Calorie Count Start Weight: 199.9

Challenge Start Weight (10/1/11):  191.5

Last Week Weight:  186.25

Current Weight: 184.0

Loss for the Week:  2.25

Challenge Weight Loss:  7.5

Total Weight Loss:  15.9

Current Goal Weight: 169

Long Term Goal Weight: 139


It's been a tough week with high job stress and I've been feeling a little sick, but it turned out to be a good week!  I'm planning to enjoy Thanksgiving, but not feeling terribly tempted to go off the wagon, so I hope to be a loser again next Saturday, too.  I was off to a slow start, but think I have a fighting chance to make the 20 lb goal by the end of the year.  Good luck everyone! 


152 this week, down 1lb from last week!  Maybe I can sneak down to 150 till the end of Nov, before getting back to the gym in December.

Kyle -- agree with the how going to the gym kind of... reconfigures your body. I've noticed though that in spite of my 6-wk plateau, when I was at the gym and doing weights, I've actually gotten a little definition -- my quads and shoulders have gotten nicer looking, even if the scale wasn't budging!

No loss to report...My eating has been good...with little cheating...however my exercise pattern needs to be more constant... :( Been finding it hard to maintain since it requires me to lose sleep... need to work something out... :(

Can you work out on weekends? This month has been a challenge for me too, exercise-wise (hard to squeeze it in when working 12-14hr days).  I've been managing to at least get a 5K run in on Sundays.

Yesterday was better after my 3-day sugar binge.  I still had a piece of carrot cake--does that count as a vegetable?--but I still had a calorie deficit for the day.  Also did 45 minutes of cardio, and I am feeling better.  This was a difficult week since I was out of town, exposed to too many sweet options--they were at my fingertips, for goodness sakes!  Perhaps just the reminder I needed that I am not immune, that I need to make full use of all my defenses, and that it would be way too easy to fall back into old, bad habits.

I'm going to weigh in in two weeks (12/03) because I'm just feeling stressed over it all right now.  I need to stop thinking about that magic number for a little bit and return my focus to wellness.

Pat here -

cc started weight : 183

challenge start weight: 181

last week : 177.2

this week: 176.4

total loss this week: 0.8 pounds

challenge end goal: 170

long term goal: 125

Start 10/19/11 = 192.5

Target 12/31/11 = 180

Today = 196.2

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate it!

I'm posting early because I'm probably going to forget tomorrow. 

Challenge Start Weight: 168

Current Goal Weight: 150

Long Term Goal Weight: 125

Last Week: 152

This Week: 150 YEAH!!!

Two more lbs and I'll have hit the minimum loss for the challenge. I'm also expecting minimal losses this December as I'll be heading back to the gym to do weights.  The holidays are going to be a challenge too!


Way to go romancoat...reducing over the holidays is always extra special! :)

One thing I'd like to tell people is not to get stressed with your weightloss if it ain't going as well as you would like...give it a break!

If you've taken time to put on all that weight, then it will take time to come getting stressed and worked up over it will make it harder mentally...accept your bodies and don't get all stressed over your slow loss...

Hello All!

I missed the CC community for the last week and a half or so as I was away visting my family and then the wifes family for the TDay holiday.

I hope everyone had a great holiday as I certainly did and I know I gained some weight but will be back at the gym this afternoon working it back off to get back to my maintenance weight and well see where I am at come Friday when I weight in again. My goal for the 10 day vacation was to get in 3 days of excercise (which I did by hitting up the local YMCA) and to gain 5lbs or less which I'm not so sure I did but well see come Friday!


Oops!  Forgot to log my weigh-in:  194.4 (-2.4 from two weeks ago)

I know I said I was holding off from weighing for a little while, but I was feeling good and decided I could withstand whatever damage I did over Thanksgiving.  Fortunately I made out OK.  I'm feeling good, and I'm back on track.

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