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Week #3 of Slappy and MC's September Ab Challenge!!

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Okay everyone,
We are entering Week #3 of the Slappy and MC September Ab Challenge.
To recap, we have done standing ab work, and some ab strengthening exercises as well.
This week we are going to combine standing AND ground ab work and get a taste of Yoga and Pilates :)
Again, I am pulling from our very own video resources here on Health.

Complete with video AND clear instructions, this should prove to be a wonderful combination of what we have done already.

So, suck it in, and firm it up!

Yoga and Pilates for Abs
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Happy Friday night all!
Don't forget to check out this week's clip and review the previous two weeks' if you need :)

Have an AWESOME weekend, but make sure to try and find some time to commit to those abs!!!
It's a brand new week for the abs, already??  My how time flies when you are having fun Laughing
I try to give the new exercises early so everyone can check them out over the weekend and be ready to start on Monday :)

I did some last night......DANCING, and I incorporated the Week #1 moves into it :) (it was in my living room with my 8 year old, so looking a bit silly was no big deal :)

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!
Where are my challengers this weekend?
Are you ready for Week #3??????

Good Monday Morning everyone!!!!  Ok so who is still working those abs????

The month is almost over and we want inches and more inches lost!  Give us a shout if you are still in this challenge!

Anyone seeing or feeling results in their clothes yet?

My stomach feels better, still sore, but feels better in my clothes and I can feel those ab muscles tightening  more and more!

Come on everyone, you know you want to wear those fitted sweaters this fall/winter!

I'm still here!  I'll admit I totally slacked off over the weekend but I'm back on track today.

I've been mixing things up quite a bit myself, incorporating a lot of standing ab moves into my daily non-exercise routines.  Like while brushing my teeth, sweeping, driving...  A few minutes several times a day really keeps the old muscles activated.  I am noticing a difference in how some of my jeans fit but am planning to avoid the tape measure until the end of the month.


Remember that everyone is different and sometimes it takes longer to lose inches on certain people.
So, please don't be frustrated if you don't see it the fiest month.
The fact that you are noticing a difference in how your jeans fit is a wonderful indication however :)

How about the rest of the challengers?
Hiiiiiii I am still here too... Trying to keep on track with my abs... But weekends are also hard for me... I really need to get on that... But when Hubby is home it's just well you know...  But ya, I think I will be one of the few that wont drop the inches in a month... But I do feel my abs lot more... and well I put on my jean skirt and it sat lower on me then usual. So I am pretty excided.. But I will also measure at the end of the month... anyways off to work out my flab abs into fab abs! :D

Bump! anyone else around?  I know I havent been around but I have been working my abs! 

 a little over a week left before the end of the month so make it count!

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Wow.  Time flies!  I have probably only been doing my abs 5 days a week, but I do feel like I am getting stronger!  Its certainly better than before which was 0 days a week!!!  I am so glad I will have a reference point at the end of the month!

heres the link to week 4 and its a toughy!

If the link doesnt work....I know MC will help me out! :) 59.html

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