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4 week challenge! Want to join me??

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Hi!  I am getting back on track and I think that a four week challenge would be an awesome way to keep me motivated!  I have my grad photos in four weeks so I thought that would be a perfect goal date for my challenge.

I was wondering if anyone would like to join me?  We can keep each other motivated and have someone/somewhere to keep us accountable by having a goal date to state our end stats!

My end goal is Nov 29 goal weight: 125, goal stats: 34/24/35 and clean skin!  I find that when I was eating really well and staying on track with exercise I had great clear skin and I def want that back for the pictures.  I have been my goal weight and measurements before and I want to get back there!

Anyone with me??!!

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I was horrible last night!  I didn't eat supper, replaced it with 4 Coors Light (they tasted awesome).  I was super beyond stressed.  Boyfriend received papers back from his child's mom, in return for him wanting to see his child she wants tons of money!  I am a paralegal, I deal with family law on a daily basis and I'm not surprised, but a little.  Nothing is ever good enough for her.  So the shock of it being so close to me really hit hard.  I thought I'd handle it far better, but I failed! So I cried, a lot, and drank beer.  Great decision I know.  Now that I'm over the shock and realize I'm not going to die and neither is he, I'll get back on the wagon. 

Just some friendly advice, if you're ever in the situation dealing with a man who fathered your child, don't try to take him for every dime he's got when he's being a great dad and spending time with your child and always willing to be there.  Be fair!  Agree on the money/daycare/expenses.  If he's being ridiculous, then you can fight, but when he's not be fair. 

Eek!  Sorry to hear that Langey!  I can't even imagine how stressful that must be.  Hope it all works out ok!

I'm not feeling too optimistic about weightloss right now.  I'm on the verge of just doing a stupid diet and losing the weight, then going back to this lifestyle to maintain my new weight.  I'm not happy with how I look and I feel like I could be doing more to lose weight.  I just wish I could run like normal.  I'm almost done with treatment for the shin splints, then since it's been so long since I've run long distance, I'll probably just re-do the couch to 5k program to avoid re-injury. 


Woohoo!  I'm down by 1.6 lbs today!  SOOOO unexpected especially after my lunch bingefest yesterday!  So happy!

So stats for this challenge are:

SW: 133

SW2: 130 (at the start of this challenge)

CW: 128.2

GW Total: 115

GW by 11/29: 127

Total lost: 1.8 lbs.  I may just make my goal after all!

I did lower my calorie count this week.  Last week I was eating 1500 and I decreased it to 1350 this week.  Seems to have paid off!

Good morning everyone!

Langey, sorry about yours and your boyfriend's trouble with his child's mom. Hopefully everything will work out and one bad day of eating/drinking isn't horrible. It is needed every once in a while.

I increased my calories for a few days in order to try to break my plateau. It was enjoyable because I got to eat more, but a little nerve racking because I saw the scale go up a bit. Yesterday I went back to my normal calorie range and I had time to go to the gym (I had been too busy for two or three days). This morning the slight weight gain went down and I am only .2 higher than last Friday. Hopefully a few days was long enough to help and I can get below 112 and stay there instead of hovering right around 112.

SW: 126

LW: 112.2

CW: 112.4

GW: 103 hasn't been as great of a week as I expected.  I realized it's really hard to work out when I'm home alone.  I find so many other things to do.  I do my best when someone is home hogging the tv or driving me crazy! 

I'm at 129.8 as of this morning. 

Not sure 125 is realistic for Thanksgiving.  Instead I'm going to push for a 3 pounds loss by then.  If I do four I'll be estatic with that.  But I'll just go for 3.  If I want to be down to 120 by christmas I have to lose 1.63 a week.  That might be difficult for me since I'm a healthy weight the way it is.  I will be ok with 122.  We'll just see where the wind takes me.  I have to make cookies and candy for our cookie bake next week for the 20th.  That's never a fun time!  Too much good stuff!

Original Post by asbandr:

I'm not feeling too optimistic about weightloss right now.  I'm on the verge of just doing a stupid diet and losing the weight, then going back to this lifestyle to maintain my new weight.  I'm not happy with how I look and I feel like I could be doing more to lose weight.  I just wish I could run like normal.  I'm almost done with treatment for the shin splints, then since it's been so long since I've run long distance, I'll probably just re-do the couch to 5k program to avoid re-injury. 


asbandr:  Don't give up!  If you feel like you could be doing more, then give yourself that push.  If you're used to long distance running I bet it's not easy to relax.  I would say what you are doing isn't so bad.  If you don't have a set time you can only spend, then just run 10 minutes longer.  Also, try some cross training if you aren't already.  I advise No More Trouble Zones from Jillian Michaels.  It's awesome.



Thanks Langey.  I was shocked to see that I did lose weight this week, I lost 1.6 lbs.  It's just hard cause I want to be doing more, I just can't.  I am on a restricted running plan, created by the chiropractor that is treating my shin splints.  He said 4 minute walk, 1 minute run for now more than 30 minutes 3 days a week.  I do that M,W,F, and added a strength/cardio circuit for about 30 minutes on T,T.  However, today's run was pain free, so I'm hoping the doc will let me start running more.  Then I'll do the couch to 5k plan to make sure I don't over-do it and re-injure myself.  Plus, I have alot of friends that want me to do the couch to 5k plan with them, so it works out.  I was doing SUPER awesome on food today!  Until...  We went to my dad's for his birthday.  I did ok, only had one slice of pizza.  But I had the bright idea of bringing apple pie and ice cream.  I only had one slice!  One very LARGE slice...  And a little too much ice cream...  So I'm sitting on about 1700 calories today and just hoping the run I had today will at least cancel out the extra calories I inhaled!

Here's hoping for a better day tomorrow, though I'll be having a girls night out so I better eat next to nothing all day!  Lol.

Thanks for the encouragement Langey!  Me and ole Jillian don't get along so well...  I have the 30 day shred, but if my revised fitness schedule doesn't prove good enough, I may have to break down and try the other one you mentioned.

Good morning!  Here are my stats:

SW: 126

LW: 112.4

CW: 112.6

GW: 103

I am up a little bit from Friday. My weight has been fluctuating more lately though so I am hoping some of this is just water weight, especially because it is almost that time of the month.

I have been doing horrible!  The weekend was bad and so was yesterday.  Well, not too bad but not good.  I did not weigh in this morning.  I should have to hold myself accountable.  Saturday I had a slice of Grandma's homemade bread for breakfast, then Caribou Coffee and 2 Margaritas with 2 enchiladas rice and beans.  Then like 6 drinks on top of that.  Sunday, I felt like CRAP!!!!  I don't really drink because my body does not do well, so when I go a little overboard I pay for it.  And I did!  So I had 2 slices of bread, water, a powerade zero, mozzarella sticks and venison (they were cutting up deer) and potatoes along with some more bread.  Yesterday I had two slices of whole grain toast with a little butter for breakfast, chili for lunch, and I made chicken tetrazzinni for supper. Snacked on some chips and a swiss cake roll and popcorn.  I'm feeling a little plump after all that.  I didn't exercise cause I was helping my boyfriend go through his custody papers and then the Vikings were on! Can't miss football, though I would have been better off.  EMBARRASSING!  Anyways, I'll weigh in tomorrow and do everything I can to get back on track. 

Weighed in today like I said I would.  FAILURE!  132.0  Going to go with the thoughts that since last Friday I have not gained 3 pounds and it is probably a little extra weight on top of water weight and the fact that next week is my favorite time of the month!!!! NOT!  Hopefully I do a lot better the rest of the week.  Just so much going on.  I'll be baking cookies and making candies the next 3 days. 

I bet it is mostly water weight. It is difficult to gain three pounds in a few days. I am right there with you. Next week is my time of the month as well and I am hoping that some of my weight is water weight already, especially since today my weight is up again.

So after having a super cruddy week, with terrible food choices, calorie overages, and almost NO exercise, I'm shocked to say I weighed in at 127.8.  So for this week that's .4 loss which is pretty much right along with my goal.  I'm hoping this week I can focus and work harder and lose a lb.  I want to see 125, even 125.9 by December.  Lol.  I feel like this time is the real deal.  I'm losing the weight, and I believe I'll get to a happy weight for me, if not completely goal weight.  I am already feeling a bit more confident in my clothes.  One thing I've done differently this week is I started an organic cleanse from my healthfood store.  It doesn't make me, errrrr, go, so much as make me more regular.  I'm sure that's helped. 

Speaking of clothes though, I decided to go through my closet and get rid of the stuff that's too small.  It was stuff that I haven't worn in forever and I didn't really LOVE anyhow.  Plus, I like the idea of buying a new outfit at 125, 120, then a few new outfits at 115.  I think in finding new clothes (at resale shops, cause that's how I roll) will be more inspiration than seeing a bunch of outdated smaller clothes in my closet.

I failed at weighing in this morning.  I've had a ridiculously horrible week and am embarrassed by it.  I had no troubles sitting down eating out of a bag of chips, which I never do!  I did make a healthy dinner last night which was enjoyable.  Chicken Stir Fry!  Lots of green in it which was amazing.  My boyfriend didn't think it was such a good idea.  Lots of green freaks him out but I love veggies!  I didn't really make a sauce so it didn't have loaded sauce calories.  Made white rice over brown but oh well.  It was still tastey!  I guess I can weigh in tomorrow.  While my cookie dough in chilling in the fridge I am hoping to do a video.  We'll see what I have for time tonight.  Lots of cookies and candies left to make before Saturday evening...UGH!

Great job asbandr!

I am in the same boat as you langey and am not super happy about my weigh-in. It is that time of the month in a few days though so I think that is why my weight is high. It has been fluctuating like crazy all week. Hopefully I will see a big loss after my period is over.

I hate periods!  They make me crazy horrible about food and I can't control myself!  I'm going to try really hard to get back on track.  I have been looking for the best time to workout advice for a while but knew I read it somewhere.  As I am reading something taped to my desk I found it!  Haha!  In front of me the whole time. says it highly recommends putting your body in semi-fasting state before working out.  Have little to no food in your digestive system.  Drink only water!  Your insulin levels should not be high so that you are in fat-burning mode and burning fat stores.  if you limit your carbs before exercise and before sleep, you body has time to function as an effective fat-burning machine! 

asbandr:  Keep up the good work!  Sometimes eating more calories than what you want to allow isn't as destructive as you think!  Hopefully I can jump back on the bandwagon soon!

Just having the period right now... feeling really bad and really hungry! No chance to work out (I would faint) and food seems to be the only way to "survive". I have been sticking to fruit and salad (huge amounts of it) but I have finally been conquered by the desire of chocolate... Any suggestions on how to takle it? 

So far... I've dropped half the way I wanted to get rid of by the end of the month! It seems even realistic to achieve my goal! :) 

Thanks guys!  I'm trying to prepare myself for this Friday's weigh in.  So far I've done HORRIBLE on food.  Been gone most of the weekend and had alot of fast food/junk food.  I'm trying to plan for this week.  I think my focus needs to be on exercise.  I didn't get hardly ANY last week, so this year I gotta work around that instead of the other way around.  So that means that I will do my runs while pushing the stroller (with 2 kids and a combined weight of 75 lbs!) talk about a workout!  Usually I wait for my husband to get home so I can go on my own, but he's been working so much I never got around to it.  My weigh in is on Friday.  Yep.  The day after thanksgiving.  So my goal this week is to not gain!  Anyhow, hardly got ANY sleep this weekend so I'm off to bed for the next 18 hours.  Night! (at 1:30 pm!)

Planning the week around exercise sounds like the perfect plan! You've inspired me. Good luck asbndr, I guess thanksgiving is an imposing challenge! 

Since I didn't weigh in last Friday because of my horrible week with no workouts I decided to step on the scale this morning.  reminded myself that it's that time of the month so my body is preparing for that.  The scale...134!  EEEKKK!  I will be safe to assume that is water weight.  there's no chance in this world I gained 4 pounds in the last week!  I know I ate crappy, but not that crappy!  I'm going to exercise every day this week, except for probably Thursday and Friday, unless I get up early enough thursday.  Friday is black friday and I'll be shopping by midnight, then have the tot coming around noon, so there's not a chance to exercise.  Though shopping won't be anything too laid back. 

Goal this week:  Do either the 30 Day Shred with 20 minutes of treadmill or No More Trouble Zones tonight.  Tuesday and Wednesday the same.  Thursday treadmill for 30-40 minutes (hopefully i can convince by boyfriends mom to move the treadmill from the corner so I don't have to stare at the wall).  otherwise, I'll carry my dvd's with me!  Going to eat pretty green this week.  Hopefully I don't fail.  I have two huge containers of candy from our cookie bake and 6 dozen cookies in my garage right now.  UGH!

Since Thanksgiving arrives in 3 days, I sadly will not hit my goal weight.  So now I have to shoot for Christmas, which I am determined!  If i shoot for 1.5 pounds a week, I'd be down 6 pounds.  I'm not sure if someone my weight and height and age can really go 1.5 pounds a week.  Hmmm, Hopefully after this week my weight will be a bit more realistic.  I'll weigh in again tomorrow morning after a good sweat session tonight and see where I'm at.  Hopefully the bloating will be gone.  If I do 125 for Christmas I can shoot for 120 by the end of February when we head up north for a weekend with the tot and nieces and nephews.  Pool time!  Which I hate!  Pool time, snacks and drinking!  Sounds fun.  Might have to get into the boys basketball game again this year.

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