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Walkers wanting to lose 10-15+lbs by NYE! Join Us

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Hi! This group is for anyone who has 10 or 15 extra pounds to shed in about 4 months and loves walking with or without dogs, so we(and our pooches) will be looking fabulous for New Years Eve!!

Please join me(Leela) and my dogs Oliver & Sluggo on our quest to combine food logging and multiple walks per day to accomplish this goal. Of course one long walk/jog/run per day is just as great!

If you would like to join and support each other, please post your "Starting Weight", "Current Weight" and "Goal Weight" and the day you weigh-in so when we have a group of a few of us we can pick the ideal weigh-in day of the week. Also, any bio or pet stories you want to include.

Looking forward to meeting you!!



GreenEarthGirl & Oliver+Sluggo
SW: 150
CW: 150
GW: 135
weigh-in day Friday

SW: 195
CW: 164
GW: 150

SW: 59kg
CW: 59kg
GW: 50-52kg
weigh-in day : Sunday

SW: 153.6
CW: 153.6
GW: 135-137
weigh-in day: Saturday

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I live in Santa Cruz, central CA with my 2 dogs, One is a Basset Hound and the other a Mutt, probably part Lab. I also walk several dogs for other people, a Labradoodle, a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, a couple Dachshunds, a terrier mix and a Black Lab. I have always loved dogs and horses and held several jobs at animal rescue non-profits and Vet Hospitals.

I am 5'7" and at 150, I feel I could be healthier with at least 15 less pounds and more stamina than I currently have, so my goal is to quit seesawing up and down and keep track of my overeating, keep exercising daily with easy paced walking and also cutting down on excessive alcohol and poor sleeping habits.

I joined a group early this year and it was what finally motivated me to achieve my goal weight of 142, sadly after that point I became distracted with family affairs and without the group weigh-ins, I faltered. I am not back to 162 gladly, but I think I can maintain 140 if I relearn my previous habits and solidify them with the help of some friends. Laughing


I love pets but don't have one at this time. I also love to walk and have lost almost 30 lbs with a combination of diet, walking and biking. At this point I have lost the motivation to keep on walking, and dieting along isn't cutting it. I take two short walks to work every day (0.6 miles) and usually manage to walk about 6-7000 steps a day. I'd love to go back to 10-11,000!

I'M 5'4" and currently weigh 164 lbs. My starting weight was (ohmygosh) 195 lbs, and my goal at this time is 150 lbs by the end of this year.

Here's to good habits!

Hello nehajain! You reminded me I oughta find my stepcounter! I know I put it somewhere.... Thanks for joining, great to meet you and congrats on your wonderful progress! -L.


Great to meet you, too. Say hi to Oliver+Sluggo!

I find a pedometer to be a HUGE help. It counts and it motivates. Speaking of which, time to take a long walk today!



this looks fun..I want to join too..

SW : 59kg

GW : 50 - 52kg

CW : (post next sunday)

hope it works..

I'm in!

Height: 5'5

CW: 153.6lbs

GW: 135-137lbs

I weigh in on Saturday mornings.

Welcome! Thanks for joining! Laughing

How is your week going?

I had a tough time with some red velvet cake in my fridge (my bf's sweet brother in texas sent him one for his bday, and it's delish) but I've been busy at work and even better, my boy also got a new Wii! so I've been boxing, golfing, playing soul caliber and basically I'm impressed how that thing really makes you move around! I weigh-in tomorrow but I expect to be either the same or down 1/2 lb or so.

Also, I found my pedometer! Thanks nehajain, I will have to keep track next week and post up here.

I hope you are all having great weeks Cool

Ah, I hadn't realized the post had moved until I saw your email. Thanks!

Things have been going well- I got a long walk (by my standards- 3 miles) in on one weekday and have been doing my 1.2 mile to-work-and-back everyday. Also swimming twice a week and biking for 30 minutes on the rest.

Losing weight..yeah! I have lost at least 2 lbs, I think. I'm 161 on my old machine, but 164 on the new one. Since all my weight has been charted on the old machine I'm still going by that measure on CC, even though the new one is probably more accurate.

Red velvet cake! Keep strong, greenearthgirl, keep strong. The Wii sounds like a great idea- I've been debating getting one, but I'm scared it will keep me in the house even more!

Next goal- to reach 10,000+ steps daily. I weight myself every day, but will start posting on Fridays.

CW: 161 lb. Steps walked so far:3000.

Good luck to everyone!


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