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I am new to CC, but not new to dieting. I need someone to make me accountable. I have had my aha moment, and I am ready for a healthy lifestyle. I am not very good at logging my food, but I am working on it! I am 5'2" and have been as high as 150. I am currently bouncing from 132 to 135. My goal is to be at 115. That averages right at 2pounds a week to make it by Valentines Day. Anybody want to join me in trying to drop 20 pounds by February 14th? We can do weekly weigh ins and just support each other through the ups and downs. Thanks.

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Hey guys!!! Id really like to join this challenge, I was looking for something like this to keep me on task!!! I am a girl at 5'5 and 131 lbs and my gw is 115 just started my diet after the holidays and hope to reach 115 by valentines day

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Yay!!! I'm getting there!!!

How was this week for everyone?

CW: 100 lbs

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